Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What A Snatch

For the 42nd year in a row, the biggest pussy in Detroit, Joel Zumaya, is headed for some season (and possibly career) ending surgery.  One might say that he is Zoom Zooming his way to the DL again.  I think that this is funny because I hate the Tigers and their Busch Light-swilling fans.  They suck.  At least there is one pitcher less effective than AJ Burnett these days.

The real issue here is, how does this effect his Guitar Hero play???  Will he ever pitch again???  Fuck the Tigers?  Yeah, fuck the Tigers.


Drew said...

He's not getting any surgery moron.

That being said, I was waiting for his season ending injury to come. It was only a matter of time.

I figured we were guaranteed a LeBron blog today since he will offically not be a Cav at midnight tonight.

GMoney said...

Coming tomorrow and nothing will be official until 7/8 anyway, moron.

Do you idiots finally think that the league is figuring out A-Jax yet???

Mr. Ace said...

The White Sox are fucking back, bitches.

Drew said...

Nothing will be official until 7/8.....fucking laughable. These guys make their decisions usually in 48-72 hours once the clock strikes midnight. Even if it's not "official" he should have a deal agreed to by the end of the weekend...then again he's a drama queen so maybe he will drag it out.

Yeah..the league is really figuring him out...still batting .309. Terrible. Tell Granderson and his .243 average that I said "What's Up".

GMoney said...

They sat him against RA Dickey because they knew that he would embarrass himself!

He hit about .250ish in June. Granderson is playing on the best team in baseball, too, by the way.

GMoney said...

.253 to be exact. 45 points lower than he hit in May which was 70 points lower than he hit in April. Come September, he's going to be hitting about .060 based on those splits.

Drew said...

He's batting .253 in June and that's still a better average than Granderson has in June. He also plays a better outfield than Granderson. Shove your splits up your ass...batting over .300 into July is no fluke.

We should be talking about the greatness that is BRENNAN BOESCH anyways.

Anonymous said...

G$ just got pwned by Drew! When are you going to admit that the Tigers got the best of that deal? Also, what does Granderson playing on the best team (who got beat 3/4 by the Tigers) have to do with anything? If anything, it makes it even more pathetic that he's hitting .240.

Your hatred for Zumaya is only because he carved up the "greatest Yankee lineup ever" in 2006. Get over it, queer.

Brennan Boesch is my Tiger.


GMoney said...

I like Brennan Boesch because I prefer white people and he is currently sticking it to Dut's fantasy team.

I'm not going to say that the Yankees got the short end of that deal because they are better than they were at this time last year and Curtis has been very solid defensively. The stick hasn't come around yet but he has a knack for getting clutch hits.

The only thing that Zumaya is good for is mowing my lawn.

Drew said...

No team is better when they no longer have Phil Coke in their bullpen! He's the man.