Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Thursday Thump

Hey, I've got just a big ass melange of thoughts today. On Wednesdays, we get our inspiration for a post like this from Digital Underground. Today, we seek strength from the late, great Junk Yard Dog! THUMP, BITCH! By the way, Deadspin's weekly "Dead Wrestler of the Week" feature is fucking amazing.

***That was the best Strasmas ever - I wish that I wrote about this yesterday. How fucking good is this kid? You would think that there was no way that he could live up to all the hype, but HOLY SHIT. How do you throw that hard with pinpoint control? This guy is going to be soooo damn good. Granted, it was against the Pirates and he did have an electric home crowd supporting him, but still. And he gets to face the Indians on Sunday! I know where I will be at 1 pm...watching STO and seeing more Strasburg fans in the stands than Indians fans. I'm so fucking giddy about this guy eventhough he's weird-looking. Maybe it's because I know that in 2016, he's going to be wearing pinstripes.

***Speaking of which, how about an insane Nationals prediction - When you pick in the top 3 of every damn draft, eventually you are going to be good. It happened to Tampa. So I will say it: the Washington Nationals will be in the World Series by 2015. And I mean it. They have their ace. They have their closer of the future (Drew Storen). They have their 3/4 hitters for the next decade (Zimmerman/Harper). From what I've read, they will spend the money (and have it to burn) once they are ready to make the leap. Man, I wish that I was a Nats fan right now. Hell, I wear my Nationals hat every time I leave the house these days! There is so much to be pumped about...especially since Adam Dunn won't be around next year!

***Where "Derek Fisher is the MVP" happens - I freely admit, I've only watched the 4th quarters of the NBA Finals. I don't feel like I've missed anything. I mean, if the series was over today, Derek Fisher would win the MVP and he sucks. It sure as hell isn't Kobe who continues to jack up rotten shots. It should never take anyone 29 shots to score 29 points. The officiating has been shit (as expected). KG looks like a fucking corpse acting like a tough guy. Ray Allen continues to be the biggest enigma of the series though. When he plays well, the C's win. When he sucks (and 0 for 13 is the definition), they lose. People will say that Rondo makes them tick but that is wrong. It's all about the wetness of Ray Ray's J. I never made an official prediction but Lakers in 6 feels about right.

***"The Big 12 is dead" - I was at the gym last night watching ESPN when Chip Brown from came on and stated that this conference will cease to exist soon. We've talked about the rumors before, but I didn't expect it to go down this fast. Nebraska is already giving the Big Ten an HJ. Missour-ah appears to be next in line. If Notre Dame says no, then Rutgers will be quick to act as well. I couldn't believe that Texas got their administration and coaches together yesterday, decided that they had to move, and are ready to go Pac-10 already. I figured that it would take them months to decide. Damn...the face of college sports as we know it is changing. The days of the super-conferences are upon us. And if you think that this is going to lead to a playoff, you've got another thing coming. In fact, the BCS is just getting stronger. These guys, expecially now, are going to want to keep the big paydays within the mon-con's. But who I really feel bad for is Bill Self and the Kansas hoops program. Where in the hell are they going to go? That's the best (arguably) program in the country and they may have to settle for a Mountain West bid. Sad.

***The drought is over - What a great Stanley Cup Final game last night. I had no rooting interest at all (though I was pulling for the Blackhawks as I dislike Chrissy Pronger), yet I was on the edge of my seat. Good for the Blackhawks though. But it would have been funny if Marian Hossa had lost in the Finals again. You know, not everyone likes hockey and I get that. But goddamn are their playoffs not the best in sports? The NHL postseason is just fucking awesome. 2011 Stanley Cup Champs: the Scott Arniel-led CBJ!!!

***This is your 4 Week Warning - The best show of the summer fires up again in 28 long days, bitches. 7/8 marks the sexy return of Julie Chen! There has been nothing announced as far as the cast goes, but I assume that CBS will give us an eclectic bunch as always. I would kill to be on this show.

Ace runs the show tomorrow. Hopefully I didn't steal his topic today. I'm umping with Damman on Saturday (this is our first time as partners). I fully expect some Jim Joyce-like shitty calls out of him while I am respsonsible for calming everyone down.


Grumpy said...

Big Brother returns. The high point of my summer. We should start a Facebook campaign to get you on next year.

Super football conferences, and soon they will leave the NCAA, have their own networks and playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Gmoney - make the trip to Cleveland Sunday and join us for the game! It will be the last game of the year I attend and ONLY to watch Straus pitch. He might have 27 K's.

Agreed - I dont care if you dont know a thing about NHL players, teams, standings, whatever, their playoffs are incredible year in a year out. BTW the game winning goal and conn smythe players both being AMERICAN. Wow! Team USA will be even better in the 2014 games.

Big Brother - best show on television. Gmoney - think your boyfriend Jesse will make an appearance for a 3rd season in a row??


Drew said...

Hitting on your bullet points...

*Stras was indeed impressive. I was playing basketball that night and when I got out of the gym and heard he had 14 K's I was shocked.

*I don't think your Nats prediction is insane.

*I've found these NBA Finals to be excellent...with the exception of Game 1 which wasn't too sweet.

*I'm very pleased with the Nebraska addition. This Chip Brown fucker is starting to annoy the shit out of me.

*I was rooting for the Flyers, but an excellent game it was indeed.

*The best show on TV this summer will be Jersey Shore.

GMoney said...

Seal, didn't Toews win the Conn-Smythe? He's a Canuck, right?

I would be all for some stupid FB page that gets me on Big Bro. But it would not end well when I repeatedly talk about sodomizing Julie Chen.

Drew, I have a feeling that The Situation and Company will disappoint in season 2.

Anonymous said...

Yes - he is indeed a Cannuck - my apologies


Mr. Ace said...

Big Brother is super gay.

Strasburg looked really good...but he did give up a dong to some hack. I don't know how everybody just dismisses that. But his control was amazing. And I'm with you on the Nats.

I didn't watch a single hockey game this year.

The Finals have sucked. Maybe one of these games both teams will actually show up.

Anonymous said...

How about USC receiving a 2 year postseason ban in football?

-Lil' Strut

Drew said...

Lil''s a great day to be a college football fan. How about the fact that the Juniors and Seniors on USC can transfer anywhere without penalty immediately due to the two year bowl ban? Those SEC schools are finding ways to kick kids out of their programs as we speak to get some USC kids. Matt Barkley is fucked...he either stays there and possibly sees a bowl his Senior year or he transfers and sits out next season.

Lane Kiffin is a faggot so I'm glad he has to deal with this mess. It will take a decade to recover or perhaps even longer.

GMoney said...

The funny thing about that homer that Strasburg gave up was that it was on a 91 mph CHANGEUP!!!

I am shocked that the NCAA came down that hard on USC. I was under the impression that they had no balls at all.

Drew said...

Another part I love is that Kiffin was a coach at USC when all this shit went down. So, while he is dealing with Petey's mess....he also turned a fucking blind eye to it. So, fuck him...time to pay the price fucker. I really think it will take a decade to recover. I hope UCLA bars are already packed with people celebrating.

Tony B. said...

One of the morning guys from the Bay Area sports radio station is a UCLA grad and he was already celebrating on the air. I've got to believe the rest of UCLA is following suit. Ironic that UCLA is running a "clean" program with Rick Neuheisel at the helm.

I couldn't agree more about the Stanley Cup games. Amazing game last night. Even Jeremy Roenick was getting emotional after the Blackhawks' win!

GMoney said...

By the way, WFNY got SLAUGHTERED by the major sites yesterday for the Izzo reports and now all of them come out today saying that Izzo is leaning toward the Cavs.

Drew said...

G$...That dumb blog said that Izzo told his team he was taking the Cavs job. That was proven to be a completely false claim.

GMoney said...

They say that have been told this by three separate sources. And like I said yesterday, if you know anything about the site, they don't just post rumors for hits.

Let there be no doubt, one of the "sources" is definitely Delvon Roe.

Drew said...

Delvon Blanton, the father of MSU junior forward Delvon Roe, told the Lansing State Journal that Izzo did not say he was taking the Cavs job.

"To sum it up, (the players) told him they want him to stay, he told them he feels the same way about them but also that a decision has not been made," the State Journal reported.

Mr. Ace said...

After that meeting the players said they came away thinking the Izzo was going to Cleveland. So Izzo may not have directly said he is taking the Cavs job, but his players obviously got the idea. I don't think Izzo is the kind of guy who is going to call a meeting and tell them how much he loves Sparty and plans on staying there just to leave. He is gone, he has been for a couple days.

Drew said...

If he told them he was gone, then at least one of them would have lit up their facebook or myspace pages about it. That's how it works...your coach leaves...kid gets pissy...complains to world about being abandoned. There is no reason to cover for the guy.

GMoney said...

Either way, this is verrrrry interesting and the way that all these asshole writers at ESPN and SI and Freep and Sparty fans are behaving, I hope fucking leaves just to taste their sweet, sweet tears.

Anonymous said...

"This Chip Brown fucker is starting to annoy the shit out of me."

Chip Brown is everywhere. I didn't know Frank Beamer had an illegitimate retarded son.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on the NHL. I love playoff hockey. It lasts forever and each round gets better. This series did not disappoint.

I hope to God that ND doesn't join the Big Ten (is it ok to wish against The Big Man's university?)