Thursday, June 17, 2010

So Sparty is Still Legit...

Fuck you, Tom Izzo. I have never been so excited about anything in the history of Sparty sports as I was to see Izzo walk out the door. Why did you have to lead me on? Two fucking weeks to say "No thanks." Unacceptable. I mean, you couldn't really expect Lebron to give a definite answer about his future, right? Why can't you just get the fuck out of my college basketball life?

I've said this before, but let me say it again; Tom Izzo gets more out of his players than any other coach in the country--and it pisses me off.

Look at these recruiting rankings over the years:
2010: Looks like a Top Ten class coming in.
2009: Outside Top 25
2008: #22
2007: #14
2006: #18
2005: Outside Top 25
2004: #11
2003: #13

Tom Izzo has maintained one of the best programs in the country without ever having a recruiting class ranked in the single digits. That's impressive.

So thank you, Tom Izzo, for ruining my college basketball seasons for another decade. Dick.


Anonymous said...

Ace- Izzo isn't ruining basketball for you.. John Beilein and your blind support for him is.


Tony B. said...

You pretty much just recapped everything you've been talking about in the last week or two. This post was just an excuse to put up those boobs, right?