Friday, June 18, 2010

How the Big 10(12) and PAC 10(12) Should Be Divided

(SFW? Who cares! Tommy Lee definitely banged them.)

Well, it looks like all of the big moves are done for the year in the conference realignment. The Big 12(10) magically made money appear from thin air and showered it all over the Longhorns to keep them from going west, or north. I expect more realignment to come next summer. So with an eye towards the future, how should the conferences break themselves into divisions?

The Big Ten commish already stated that the divisions would be formed by; 1. Competitive balance, 2. Retaining Important Rivalries, and 3. Geography. Jim Delany obviously doesn't give a shit if Nebraska has to fly all the way to Happy Valley so neither do I. Here is my proposal:

Division A:

Division B:
Penn State

I don't think there is any other way to get more balanced divisions and maintain the important rivalries. I don't think you can keep PSU, M, and Fuckeyes in the same division and you certainly can't separate M and Fuckeyes, so there you have it. PSU has a little more travel, but teams also have to travel a little longer to play them.

Also, I suspect Notre Dame to come to the Big Ten in the next three years so you have to consider their addition to Division B and an addition of an east coast-ish team to Division A when making out the current divisions. Division B has the potential to be a buzzsaw, but you can't throw ND in with the other two big dogs.

Now what the hell they call these divisions is a whole different problems. Land and Lake? That's seriously the best I've got and it's fucking lame. There has to be something better.

The PAC 10 is a little easier, and doesn't really matter. How pissed are you as a PAC 10 fan that just last week you thought you were landing Texas, TAMU, Oklahoma, OK State, Texas Tech, and Colorado and now you end up with Utah--a nice pick up but not a big splash--and Colorado--Denver television market but irrelevant athletically. I'll take Nebraska, thank you. Breakdown:

South Division:
Arizona State

North Division:
Washington State
Oregon State

Pretty damn simple. I have seen a couple reports where Colorado and Utah are swapped with Cal and Stanford, but I don't like the idea of breaking up the Cali teams.

...It's Friday, that's all I got. What would you change?


Grumpy said...

Big Ten makes sense; it's just that Penn St. looks so out of place geographically.

Anonymous said...

With 8 wins in the last 2 season, Michigan is not a "big dog".

Mr. Ace said...

Listen Anon, anybody that knows anything about college sports will tell you Michigan is a big dog. The past two years doesn't change their history. Michigan is going to be back, whether it's next year or five years from now.

Grump, I agree but I don't know what else to do. Maybe swap Sparty and PSU...but I don't like that idea really.

Anonymous said...

You have to agree though, unless Michgan turns it around fast, your division A is going to be a laugher every year. I would say, if/when ND joins, put them in Division A, or move PSU to division A and ND to B when it happens.

-Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

Congratulations, you just gave anOSU a cakewalk to the Big Whatever title game every single season. There is no one on that side that can beat them. NO ONE.

You have 6 relatively big-to-big dogs there. PSU, anOSU, Michigan on one side. NEB, Iowa, and Wisky Dick on the other. It isn't hard.

Being at work right now fucking suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

GMoney said...

By the way, do some alone-time research on Melissa Midwest there on the left...she's solid.

Anonymous said...

There's no way the B10 would do that to Penn State. The divisions will look like this, guaransheed:



There's no other way to slice it.

As far as the PAC 10, how weak is that 2nd division!!


Mr. Ace said...

Iowa and Wisky aren't consistent, which is why you have to put PSU with them. I do agree Division A looks soft, but can you really have the Fuckeyes with M , Sparty, and PSU? I don't think so. Division B looks tougher, but you don't want to break up Wisky-Iowa-Minnesota and none of those teams are ever serious threats to win a NC. I think this is the best way to balance it.

Mr. Ace said...

Really Dut? The north division of the PAC 10 is full of up and comers--Oregon, OSU, Utah, Washington. Once USC falls back I think the divisions are pretty even...especially after Harbaugh heads to the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Ace- your argument for PSU travel is just ignorant. Yes, teams will have to travel to PSU ONCE a year. PSU would have to do that every road game.


Mr. Ace said...

I didn't say it was even fuckface. I don't think travel is that big of deal, at least for's not like PSU will be taking a school bus to Wisky.

I had no idea I had a porn star in my picture...Good eye, G$.

Drew said...

Ace...I knew you had a porn star in that picture. Mellissa's got a smokin' bod.

They should just rename the conference "Ohio State and it's 11 bitches".

Mr. Ace said...

At least soccer is about to officially be dead in the USA.

GMoney said...


Iowa and Wisky are about as consistent as any other non-anOSU program in the conference. They are light years ahead of Sparty.

Mr. Ace said...

Iowa the last five years:
2009: 11-2
2008: 9-4
2007: 6-6
2006: 6-7
2005: 7-5

Wisky the last five years:
2009: 10-3
2008: 7-6
2007: 9-4
2006: 12-1
2005: 10-3

Iowa is having a nice run right now but they won't stay there. Wisky is a little more consistent. But I always think they are overrated.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are interested, this is what ESPN's Adam Rittenberg thought about how the issues should be divided.

Personally, I think it kicks the shit out of Ace's proposal.

-Lil' Strut

Mr. Ace said...

Rittenberg is a toolbox. His Delany division is softer than Dut's ass after a trip to Vegas.