Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why Vets Are The Best People In The World

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably read this past weekend that I was asking for prayers. Well, I was. Below is the story of what could have been the worst weekend of my life and thanks to some vets who went above and beyond, it was just a really shitty weekend instead.

Saturday was supposed to be an all-day bonding experience between myself and the puppy. I had to work in the morning but was just biding my time until I could take the little dude on a walk at the park, give him a big bone, and hopefully tire him out enough so that I could watch the Yankees/Mets game that night. But that never happened.

She$ had a bridal shower/bachelorette party to go in the afternoon which was why I was on dogsitting duty. As she was trying to shimmy out the door with a big gift in her arms, Alex escaped between her legs. He was free in the backyard. Now, he had done this before and ran through our neighbor's yards, but eventually he stopped to lick a neighbor and we corralled him. This time, we weren't so lucky. He darted off again and I'm trying to chase him but I was barefoot and he is much faster than me. And then it happened and it sickens me to type this next paragraph.

He raced toward the road (a 45 mph road). The wife and I watched this unfold, both of us fearing the worst. And then the worst happened. We watched it happened. It was a scene that I wish that I could un-see. Alex got clipped by an SUV. Let me tell you, the sound of the impact and then him howling is a sound that will NEVER escape my mind. It will terrify me until the day that I die. It was awful. We helplessly watched our little puppy get hit by a car.

Somehow, we kept our heads. She ran to tend to him while I went and got a car. When I pulled up, a few of the people living across the street were helping as much as they could and I thank them for that. Alex was panting but you could tell that he was hurt and hurt bad. So I wrapped him up in a blanket, lifted him into the backseat of my car, prayed for this not to end this way, and headed off to the vet that was a few miles down the road. They took him in right away and started analyzing the damage. He definitely had a dislocated hip but nothing was broken amazingly. They were unsure of any internal damage which we were told was the real obstacle so they did what they could and sent the three of us up to an emergency room for animals.

Once there, they took him in right away while we waited for a few hours so that the doctor could let us know what she thought. He had blood in his urine so they were concerned about a torn bladder. His right lung was bruised and was filled with fluid. They let us visit with him but there was nothing more that we could do. They sent us home.

That was the longest night of my life. I cried. She$ cried. We were devastated. How could we let this happen? There were just so many unknowns at that moment and we were helpless.

In the morning, I called back in to check and see how he was doing. They fluid wasn't lessening at all in his lung and there was still the issue of what to do with his hip. Now, as any pet owner knows, vet bills are not cheap (by the way, thanks Obama for the homebuyer money...that really helped a lot). We were fully prepared to do whatever it takes, but in the back of my mind, I couldn't help but think that at some point we may have to draw the line. I didn't discuss this with the wife because we still didn't know anything, but just THINKING in worst case scenarios was eating me up inside.

Sunday afternoon, I had to umpire a doubleheader. I didn't want to be there at all but it was better to be doing that than sitting around the house making myself go crazy. But Alex was on my mind the whole time. I barely spoke above a whisper for those two games. They went fine though and when they ended, I was to meet the missus at the hospital to visit with him. This is when I started to get really nervous. What if the doctor tells us that our only hope is a surgery that costs 10K? We can't afford that!

We walk into a visitation room and they carry him in. He was so happy that he peed all over the table. That was definitely a good sign. Then the doc brought it strong. She told us that he was going to make it. I started crying as soon as she said it. I couldn't help it and I didn't give a shit. His urine was clear which meant no bladder issues. He had some bad road rash but they have antibiotics for that. His fluid was decreasing. The hip was still out but they weren't going to do anything until his lungs were stable. But things were looking good.

Monday morning, we find out that they were going to do the hip procedure that day. OUTSTANDING! We had three options: they could just pop it back into place but there was no guarantee that it would stay in, they could place a pin in there but also no guarantee, or they could fuse the bone back into socket in which, while more expensive, is never going to come out again. We went with option 3. And they did it. And everything is eventually going to get back to normal again.

Alex came back home to us last night. I was greeted with a wagging tail when I walked through the door. Eventhough I went without that for two+ days, I missed it. He has to wear one of those stupid cones on his head for two weeks before he gets his stitches out, but I'm glad he's back. It could have been so much worse. So SO much worse. But he's a tough little guy and now that I know that an SUV going 45 mph can't stop him, I don't know what can.

I do want to give all the credit in the world to all the people who helped us through this. The vet staff was just amazing. While I wish that they didn't have to prepare us for worst case scenarios, they truly do the Lord's work. I have so much respect for anyone who works with animals. They see people at their absolute worst every day yet still have to smile. It has to be hard. I could never do it.

The wife and I haven't really told many people outside of our families about this so I want to thank you for letting me get this offf of my chest. It has been a really rough past 4 days in our household. Eventhough we still have a way to go as far as being fully recovered (and for Alex's faggot dad to put up a fucking fence), things are finally going to be moving back to normal. I'm tired of not wanting to eat. I love eating!

Guys, I'm still not 100% ready to keep it tasteless in the comments (and I was thinking about closing them down today), so I just ask that you keep it clean today. This was really, really hard for me to write since it's something that I want to forget about some day. Thank you all.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know your pup made it. Dogs are the best. Hope Alex keeps healing well and stays that way.

Akron Paul

Grumpy said...

Glad to hear Alex will be fine. It's amazing how attached we become to our pets. When we lost our little buddy in Dec. the vet tech who had always given him shots, cut his nails etc., cried along with us. People who care for animals are truly amazing and compassionate.

Alex was meant to be your dog because you gave him a good home and took care of him when he needed you.

Daniel said...

That's one tough dog. My dog Tank took off one day towards the street but luckily he turned 90 degrees and started running down the sidewalk. I ran after him but he kept distancing myself. Then I remembered a trick, he thought it was a game so I turned around and ran away from him and sure enough he chased me down and I snagged him.

I can relate to what you are talking about with vet bills. Seems like I drop $100 every time for a little ear infection, I can't imagine what this cost you. I'm very thankful that this had a happy ending for you and the little man.

Did the driver stop?

Daniel said...

I would also like to add a warning for all dog owners on this blog. Be sure to keep Commentor Dustin away from your dogs. I believe he would be found guilty for molestation in 75% of the United States for the things he did to my Tank.

Grumpy said...

Daniel is right. It is counter intuitive, but if your dog runs away from you, run the opposite direction so that the dog will chase you.

GMoney said...

The driver stopped and was generally upset about what happened, I'm told. I was getting my car at the time though.

Puppy is on campus at anOSU today with his mom. I am hoping that he drops a huge shit on The Oval.

Tony B. said...

I'm glad Alex is doing well, G$. My best friend's dad is a Vet, and you're right- I don't know how he does it every day.

Drew said...

Nice to see a happy ending.

I let my dog loose to go swimming in a big pond on Sunday and all of a sudden a humongous swan raised her wings and started squawking. I thought I was gonna have to fucking swim in the thing and break the thing's neck if she got a hold of her, cuz' the dog is a horrible swimmer....but, the dog turned away and pounded the water enough to get back to shore.

My best friend's dog got loose and killed by a car a few years ago. The lesson was learned then...pretty much always keep a leash on those fuckers. Never know what might catch their interest. When you have taken the dog out to go to the bathroom is he scared of outside now? How about cars?

I feel we need an extra raunchy topic tomorrow due to today.

GMoney said...

I'll see what I can do about tomorrow. No, he's cool riding in cars and going out now. It's like nothing happened.

Drew said...

That's interesting. Maybe it happened so fast he really didn't even have a clue as to what happened.

Anonymous said...

I consider myself to be a manly man. I like to kill stuff, cook with fire, etc. But the day my dog took off out the door and was ran over by a car coming back home, a car that couldn't stop bc of the icey roads here in Ohio, was the worst day of my life. He had his head ran over, and when I got to him, his tongue was out, and he was bleeding badly. I had a towel that I was using to try to stop the blood, but unlike you, we couldn't get him to the vet in time. I'll admit, I balled like a baby that night. I was in full blown tears as I dug the hole to bury him in. That dog was 12 years old, and still to this day, I miss him. I still have his choker hanging on the wall of collectible stuff I have. I know we come here to read funny shit, and to bash Mr. Ace for being a homo, but this is something you just don't joke about. A man losing his dog is much worse than the nastiest break ups, getting fired, or losing a championship b/c your stud closer can't get an out, fucking Mesa.

Sorry, hope all is well G$.


GMoney said...

M, a little more graphic than I wanted to read, but I feel for you all the same.

On a lighter note, a couple of other things that happened over this long, shitty weekend:

My dad, trying to make me feel better, reminded me that A-Rod had hip surgery last year and came back to win a title. I hope my dog is ready to win the Westminster Dog Show this year because he's getting entered whether he likes it or not.

On Saturday, while we were waiting in the Animal ER, this fucker comes up to me (I am very obviously in shock and nervous as hell) and says "Man, you look really I know you?" WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! Did I look like I was down for some small talk at that time? If I knew who you were, wouldn't I have said hello? Die in a fire, asshole!

Mr. Ace said...

I'm glad everything turned out well.

I feel your pain when it comes to dealing with animals. I had to put down my two favorite pets in the last year or so. After reading your post I actually went back and read a couple of my old posts at the toolshed about those pets... I am such a fucking pussy when it comes to animals.

Is it considered insensitive if I say that I would have bought you a Mike Vick jersey if Alex would have died?

Drew said...

One other thought....before owning a dog, I always thought any person that told me that if they were driving a car and had to either swerve left and hit a dog or swerve right and hit a person and would choose the person...that person was an absolute nut. But, now...I see their point. I probably don't like about 98% of the people in this world. So, most likely I'm hitting a person that sucks. I couldn't choose to run over the nice dog sitting there.

GMoney said...

It is sort of refreshing to see that all of you vagrants have some type of soft side. Not for the human race though because, you know, fuck them.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well w/ Alex. I'm interested to hear how the cone works out. I had to have one of those things on my dog after he got fixed. One day I came home and he had apparently taken a shit and smeared it on every wall in the house with that thing. Must have been his way of getting back at us for have no peripheral vision for 2 weeks.


GMoney said...

Rexy, the missus knows someone who we are hoping can watch him during the day next week before it comes off to hopefully prevent a shitstorm in the house.

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff G$. Im happy for you 2.. As pets are part of the family!! I know where your coming from.