Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rich Rodriguez: A Real Life Jack Bauer

(Rich Rodriguez saying his final goodbye and thank you to Chloe and Tony Almeida's Cubs coffee mug)

24 closed down shop on Monday night after an up-and-down, yet strong finish to season 8. I loved the first four seasons of the show, hated seasons 5-7, and came back full circle for Jack's final stand this season. What was different? Oh, I don't know for sure. Maybe it's because they let him be a cold-blooded killing machine again? Maybe it was that Steven Root is STILL rotting away inside the walls of CTU? Maybe it was Hassan's hair that added 18 inches to his height? Maybe it was an appearance by Don "The Matador" Everest from Tilt (AKA Michael Madsen)? Whatever it was, the show was usually entertaining and will be missed on Monday nights in the Money household.

But it got me thinking, for as awesome as Jack was and is, rarely did anyone believe in him. He was ALWAYS right yet only 3-4 people ever trusted him. You would think that after all he did and all that he sacrificed, no one would ever doubt him. All he wanted is for good to prevail and for his family to be safe. What he got in return was the government, in which he worked so hard for, putting a shoot-to-kill order on him. The President was after him. A former President was after him. The Russians were going to eat his face off. Somali pirates were OK with him though. He basically had to take on the world by himself. And you know what, in the end, he still won.

And I kind of see some of those same parallels with RichRod at Michigan. While some of it is deserved and self-induced, he is getting dumped on by EVERYONE. Everything is his fault apparently. Now I'm not even close to being an expert on Michigan football, but from what I gather, all the guy is trying to do is to do what they brought him in to do: win football games with his style of play.

From what I can tell, he hasn't made excuses for his shortcomings. It is still a work in progress. Regardless of what the fanbase may want, you don't go from slow, plodding, outdated Lloyd Carr shit to quick hitting, big play Rich offense over night. You can't even do that in one season. It takes time. When he was hired, everyone said this and knew this. Yet for some reason, he isn't getting that time anymore. It's quite evident that he is on the hot seat. For what though? Bringing a dying program into the 21 Century and breaking a few minor rules (yes, they are very minor).

It appears that no one in the athetlic department seems to back Rich. The Free Press fucking hates the guy and has no problem making the smallest little story into a national disaster. The fanbase is buying into all this shit, too. It's laughable to me that Rodriguez took the blame for the "over-practicing" debacle in which UM has recently tried to punish themselves for. Yeah, he's the fall guy. Why aren't people blaming the real assholes here? Every athletic department in the country has a fucking NCAA COMPLIANCE DEPT.! Making sure that coaches and players at the university follow the rules IS THEIR FUCKING ONLY JOB. They should punish themselves for allowing this to happen. They knew about these long practices on Sundays yet they did nothing. Fire those fucking people!

Is Rich the cleanest guy in the world? Of course not. Who could forget about his outstandingly awkward break-up with West F'n Virginia? But is he to blame because Michigan's entire athletic department is a divided joke? Hell no. He's a football coach, not a rules interpreter. His job, much like Jack's, is to get the job done. Sometimes, in order to get the desired results, you may need to turn down a dark alley or two. It's part of the job of being a successful coach. Now, he hasn't been getting the job done so far and he would probably be the first person to admit that. Two straight seasons with no bowl game is unacceptable for that program. But they appear to be trending in the right direction and isn't that what you want to see? It's not like this program was racking up national titles before he got there.

So consider me the lone crusader on the RichRod bandwagon. It's getting old watching the man take the blame for every little thing that goes wrong in the state of Michigan. You know, maybe it would be for the best if they fired him so that he could move on to a place with less fuck-ups running and supporting his program. Maybe that dickbag from Domino's will call him up after the season and let him know that he needs to disappear since the university, the media, and the fanbase are all after him. And they will destroy him if he sticks around. Give him the Jack Bauer ending. Let him know that you appreciate everything that he did but it's time for him to disappear into the shadows. They won't do that though. There is no chance in Hell that these people will let Rich out of town without one last smear campaign.

Michigan fans...can't live with 'em and they can't pee standing up.


Anonymous said...

How can you possibly say the program is trending in the right direction? Maybe, if you count 1 more win than last year as a step in the right direction. He has done nothing positive, constructive, or good for the Michigan program since he got there. He is the textbook example of why you hire a coach to win games, not to run a razzle-dazzle, gimmicky system.

-Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

By definition, they are moving in the right direction. The team last year was much better than the team from two years ago.

All I'm saying is that he gets dumped on for everything eventhough he gets no support from the fans, media, and especially that snake Lloyd Carr in the athletic dept. trying to make his life difficult.

Drew said...

I don't think that team last year was much better than the year before.

The facts still say he has majorily sucked. Tressel has won more Big Ten games in Michigan Stadium in his career than RR has in his two years...think about that fact for a second.

Off the top of my head, here is what he has done wrong...

*First off he ran off the # 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft in Ryan Mallett. I understand that Mallett was a punk and that he didn't fit RR's offense. I don't give a fuck. That was dumb.

*His recruiting in the first class was pretty good, since he didn't have much time. The second class was decent..last year...meh. He's picking up the guys in Ohio that don't have OSU offers and the top kids in Michigan are going to Michigan State (outside of Gardner).

*What's going to be his downfall? Not his gimmicky offense. It's his atrocious defense. His first defensive coordinator was just horrible and they were never even on the same page. Then Greg Robinson came in and was terrible last year. Now they are going on some just terrible defensive idea this year...a 3-3-5. What the fuck is that? Wisconsin and Ohio State are going to rush for 1,100 yards in their games against that abortion of an idea.

I actually think they are going to be worse this year than they were last year. It's a bad team this year.

MuDawgFan said...

"You know, maybe it would be for the best if they fired him so that he could move on to a place with less fuck-ups running and supporting his program"

There are a couple of programs in the SEC that would love to have him. Tennessee probably the clubhouse leader if Dooley doesn't right the ship.

My main critique of RR is not the wins/losses. I understand it takes time to implement a new system. But it appears as if he doesn't give two-shits about defense and that is garbage. No matter how conservative LC used to be - the UM defenses were really tough. Not anymore.

GMoney said...

Mallet would have been awful in the spread yet RR should have never let him leave???

Drew said...

G$....If he's such an offensive genius, then you find a way to use Mallet. Do you remember that first year? He had fucking Nick Sheridan and Steven Threet running that offense. You don't think there is any way that you just maybe you think..."Well, these guys fucking suck balls. Maybe I'll try to find a way to use that NFL arm that's here."

The reality is that losing out on Terrelle Pyor FUCKED the whole program. He gets TP and he's got his QB right out of the gate.

Mr. Ace said...

G$, I have been saying basically exactly what you just said since RichRod showed up. Look at the fucking roster we had in his first year...we had walk ons, freshman, and sophomores all over the place. The talent level was the lowest it has ever been at Michigan.

Mallett was gone. RR certainly didn't make him leave. Mallett wasn't sticking around to see if he could fit into the offense, he made his own decision and left...and he was a fuck.

The defensive problems aren't the system, it's the players. Our LB's were a fucking joke last year and so were our DB's outside Warren. Michigan won't be running a true 3-3-5 either, but I don't expect fuckeyes to understand that.

Sparty lands one 5 start recruit and now all of the talent in Michigan is going to Sparty...interesting.

Our schedule doesn't set up great for us, but there is no way we are going to be worse than last year. Our offense is going to be lights out and our defense will finally have two consecutive years under the same coordinator. Expect improvement.

Drew said...

Ace...your offense won't be "lights out".

Also, yes they did get Gholston. They are also going to get 5 star lock LB Lawrence Thomas and that WR Arnett. Those are the top two players in Michigan and neither of them even have Michigan in their top five.

GMoney said...

Instead of talking about faggot high school kids from Michigan, would anyone like to add to my assumption that Lloyd Carr is poisoning the athletic department and causing a divide with RichRod and boosters???

Anonymous said...

Carr needs to step up and back RR. He left the team with nothing, his recruiting classes his last two years where horrible. This is as much Carr's fault as it is RR fault.

Naptown Wolverine