Monday, May 17, 2010

Lame Or Cool?

So this vehicle parks near mine at the office every day. The first time that I saw the plate, I thought that it was the most awesome thing ever. I mean, A TRIBUTE TO SLATER! That's badass, mama. My car is better than yours, preppy!

But eventually, I noticed chinks in the armor of this car (even with it being a GA). First of all, the anOSU license plate holder is weak. It also features Cincinnati Reds emblems on the seats (yes, I did some spying). Finally, I saw the driver last week and he is a white trash asshole with a chin strap beard. The kind of guy who would wear oversized plain white tees. It was heartbreaking. I wanted the owner of these plates to be Lark Voorhies or Ed Alonzo, not Johnny Dickbag.

I should have known better. If you want a Saved By The Bell-related vanity plate, you don't go with "A C SL8R". You go with some thinkers that are way cooler like "M NEDICK", "HT SNDAE", "L CAROSI", or my favorite, "MR DEWEY".

You guys decide, is this cool or lame? Buke and Paul (only Boston fan that is remotely likable) both found it cool and funny. My vote is for lame but I do appreciate the effort.


Mr. Ace said...


Drew said...

I think it's lame as well, but I pretty much always think vanity plates are lame. You gotta bring it for me to respect it.

GMoney said...

I saw one on Deadspin a few months ago that was something like:

"2 N TH PNK"...hilarious.

Drew said...

There was a girl with really big tits that lived in my apartment complex a few years ago and her license plate was "DBL DZ". It's the best I've ever seen.