Friday, May 14, 2010

How Did It All Go Wrong?

This roster can not be stopped! Look at how deep this fucker is! I'm so excited that I'm about ready to piss myself. If there was any doubt that it would be the Lakers/Cavs come June, it's a guarantee now. The drought in NE Ohio ends this year, my friends. It's destiny for this Cavs team. Seal/Beanie/Rosenberg, where do you want to meet for the parade? Get your minds out of Cleveland and start thinking like a winner, dammit. That trophy is OURS.--I said this in February after the Jamison how things change.

You know how Rocky IV is awesome? How it features the greatest soundtrack in the history of cinema? How it ended the Cold War? How it showed the end of Apollo Creed's life? Well let me tell you something, the Cleveland Cavaliers are Apollo Creed. They are all talk and no follow through. They come up small in the biggest moments. And in the biggest moment/challenge of their lives, they fucking die miserably in an embarrassing fashion.

Think about it. We start the original Rocky and we never see Creed win the title. We're just told that he's the champ and a great fighter. This is like the Cavs after being swept in the Finals by the Spurs. We continue with Rocky I by playing the eventual champs (Boston) about dead even with them winning in the end (which is a reversal of my analogy but hang with me). The following year and movie (II), we vow to never let that happen again. Rocky Balboa was a one time lucky chump! But we lose again to him (Orlando) because it was a bad matchup and we weren't tough enough. Forget that III never happened because I could not relate Apollo's role in that movie to anything the Cavs did. And that led us to IV. What people have deemed to be potentially the Cavs last go 'round. This is it. It has to be. Same thing for Creed. He had one fight left in him. But neither Apollo nor Cleveland took it as seriously as they should have. In the end, they both died in the fucking ring to a rugged opponent with plenty of experience dominating on the big stage. All talk, no results/rings.

Look, I don't want to just spew all of the venom inside of me because you don't have the time to read it all. This is disappointing. The future is unclear. We all know the ramifications. Whatever. If this was the last game with this core, they made a run and it didn't work out. This isn't the first team who fell short of expectations and it won't be the last. It isn't easy to win a title. Personally, I'm fine. It sucks because everything seemed like it was going to happen, but it didn't. A few things:

Mike Brown is gone. He did a rotten job in the playoffs every season. He never coached on the offensive. And he never made adjustments. Whether LeBron stays or not, there will be a new coach in Cleveland next season. This much we know. I will never understand why he never went small with JJ Hickson and ran more. That decision was appalling.

Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison just don't have it. They can show flashes of greatness but can't do it consistently. And when they don't have it, they are worthless.

LeBron. There is plenty of time to discuss the future, I'm going to quickly discuss the present. That was not pretty. I definitely think that he was more hurt than he let on. He isn't the best shooter but he isn't THAT bad. And please stop talking about how he never had players alongside him. That is bullshit. He has all-stars around him including one of the best players in NBA history. We can't forget that his diva behavior regarding his free agency cost them free agents. Everyone wants to play with LeBron, but if he isn't willing to commit to staying there, then why would Charlie Villanueva, Trevor Ariza, etc. sign if he could bolt after one year. Everyone thinks that they know what he's going to do, but no one truly knows. I'm sure you all have your opinions, too, but I don't really care. I could give my opinions regarding the potential departure now, but I'll wait until late June to do that. There is plenty of time in between and things can change quickly. Like, say, if the Cavs hire John Calipari to be their next coach, you know he's coming back. It's going to be an interesting offseason for sure.

It was a nice career, Z and Shaq, but you guys are done.

Normally, I would hammer the Celtics because I hate them but they were great. They dominated. I give them all the credit in the world. Every single weakness that the Cavs had, they exposed it.

So now we play the waiting game. Is the Cavaliers franchise over as we know it or do they reload in the offseason and go for it again? I don't know. You don't know. I'm 100% positive that Colin Cowherd does not know. Apollo never got up off the mat after Drago put him down, but will the Cavs be able to after the most disappointing playoffs series in team history? At least Rocky Balboa himself (Steve Nash) is still hanging and banging in the playoffs fighting the good fight and trying to rid the world of shitheads like the Lakers, Celtics, and Dwight Howard.

Two final things: 1. You won't be reading about the NBA again for awhile (you're welcome). 2. I'm writing this thirty minutes after the final horn and my analogy makes all the sense in the world. That just shows that I will never back down in the face of adversity. I will always show up in the big moments. You will never have to worry about throwing the towel in for me.


Anonymous said...

We'll be batting you for the eight seed next year!

--The Detroit Pistons

Grumpy said...

You're the only one to show any heart the last two games.

Mr. Ace said...

I'm tired of people shitting on Mo Williams. He didn't have the best series, but the Cavs don't really have an offense other than hand it to Lebron and stand around. It's not his fault there is no rhythm or he doesn't put up 20 a night.

Antwawn Jamison is fucking terrible. Holy shit. He looked older than Shaq. But if Brown is such a great defensive coach why did he let Garnett own Jamison the entire game. That was stupid.

Are the Cavs dumb enough to pay Varejao in the offseason? Probably.

As far as Lebron. I have never seen an NBA star so happy after losing a series. It's one thing to be a good sport and show some love to the other team, but he did much more than that. And then he is running out of the tunnel and he is high-fiving fans!!! Fuck that.

Anonymous said...

Pay Verejao? Isnt he signed for the next 5-6 years?

GMoney said...

Yeah, something needs to change with this offense. But saying that Mo didn't deserve to be shit on is stupid. He gave up directly and indirectly at least 40 per game this series because of his shit defense.

I'm not going to kill Andy. He does the dirty work and doesn't need shots to be effective.

What do you want, Ace? He got killed last year for being a sore loser and this year he wasn't sore enough for you?


Mr. Ace said...

I guess they did extend Varejao last summer... so they are dumb enough to pay Varejao.

Without Mo the Cavs would have been swept. Rondo pwned him, but Rondo would have done that to anybody this series.

I would prefer Lebron walk straight to the locker room rather than join the party with the Celtics and fans.

GMoney said...

Did anything that LeBron do in this series make sense based on what we've seen from him the past 7 years???

Andy was second team all-defense this year by the way.

Mr. Ace said...

You know who else made the second team all-defense? Thabo Sefolosha. That means nothing.

Anonymous said...


Why all the Andy hate? Its not like he was the reason the Cavs sucked in the playoffs. He swoop your girl or something?

Drew said...

At least the Cavs used their first round pick last year on that garbage dude from Africa. I'm sure he's waiting in the wings to take over for LeBron.

Something real interesting happened behind the scenes in the last 10 days. My $$ is it involves Brown, LeBron and Shaq.

I would have more respct for LeBron if he chose to go to NYC over Chicago. Bolt for a division rival? That would be real gay.

SSReporters said...

Cavs should have traded for Amare. Shaq is 38 and has nothing left. Kobe had Pau Gasol and a healthy Bynum and won the title in two years. LeBron never got the "Pau Gasol" to go with Varejao and has inconsistent flakes like Mo Williams and Jamison as his "support".

Ferry and Gilbert have no idea how to help him.

GMoney said...

You don't need LeBron when you have CHRISTIAN EYENGA.

GMoney said...

Kerr pulled out of that deal even with Hickson on the table so I don't blame them for that not happening. And as we can see, Amare is still playing anyway.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
GMoney said...

Any comment trying to compare LeBron to Jordan will be deleted due to it's stupidity.

SSReporters said...

I don't know why Hickson doesn't get more playing time.

Cleveland needs a faster offense and not the "win 90-86" style Mike Brown inconveniently implements during playoff time.

Anonymous said...


I wasn't trying to compare the two, I was just stating that fact for those who are still trying to find a reason to compare them.....

There is no comparison, IMO, but some of the LBJ/Cav fan slappies want to....


Tony B. said...

It's pretty tough to compare the Cavs to any character from Rocky IV as I'm sure no one on that team has listened to "Training Montage" in quite some time. It's obvious by the way they played.

Mr. Ace said...

I just hate Varejao. And the fact that people call him Andy makes me hate him even more. He is getting almost $10 mil a year to put up 6 points and 6 rebounds per game.

Drew, are there really division rivals in the NBA?

Everyone is talking about Phil Jackson to the Cavs... is that really a possibility? I can't see it, but the zen master seems like one crazy fuck so who knows.

Drew said...

Ace..good question...I don't know if there are anymore. I would say the Pistons and Cavs USED to be. Of course if LeBron would go to Chicago then they would instantly be rivals..I guess all it guarantees is he'd be going to a team where he would play the max amount of road games in Cleveland that he could play.

I also agree with you on Varejao. Fuck him for the money he earns to flop all over the place and be annoying as fuck.

Anonymous said...

Dont skew ANDYs stats. For 09-10: 8.6 PPG & 7.6RPG.

Also he doesnt make 10 mil a year...yet:

2009/10: $6,300,000
2010/11: $7,000,000
2011/12: $7,700,000
2012/13: $8,400,000
2013/14: $9,100,000
2014/15: $9,800,000 (Team Option)

MuDawgfan said...

Mike Woodson is available - enjoy!

GMoney said...

AND SO IS MIKE BROWN!!! Damn, that was really fucking quick.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have fired head coach Mike Brown, two league sources told

Brown, who won the NBA's Coach of the Year Award last year, compiled a 272-138 record in five seasons leading the Cavaliers. He also led the team to the playoffs in each of those seasons, including a Finals apperance in 2007.

Cleveland's inability to return the championship round in the last two years, especially after nabbing the league's best record in both seasons, drew criticism of Brown's ability to manage his team and wining rotations.

A source also told that GM Danny Ferry will be retained by the team for the forseeable future.

Tony B. said...

Mike Brown is the Marty Schottenheimer of basketball.

Drew said...

Windhorst is saying he hasn't been fired yet.

GMoney said...

Gilbert says that they are sticking with Brown??? What the fuck is going on here!!!

Drew said...

He didn't say that. He just said they haven't looked at it yet. It's a typical end of the seaosn presser..he just hasn't fired him yet.

Speaking to the media Friday afternoon, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert said a report published by stating Brown had been fired wasn't true.

"We are right now just going through the evaluation process, getting all the information, talking to Coach Brown, talking to [general manager Danny] Ferry, talking to everybody and anybody," Gilbert said. "You have to do that because you're not going to -- as ownership during the playoffs -- you're not going to go in and ask a thousand questions."

GMoney said...

Oh they are still going to fire him at least.

Anonymous said...

Throw the damn towel!!!!


Anonymous said...

I can understand your passion even though I'm not a BB fan. FB is my game. My college football coach, Mike Leach, was fired one day before the season ended. Still waiting for the outcome.

Anonymous said...

You really didn't want me on your team. Ask any Detroit fan. I pretended to care when it was painfully obvious I was strictly there for a paycheck. Oh! Also, in my head I'm the greatest 3 point shooter since Tit Gibson and I'll shoot them until you believe me.

--Charlie Villanueva