Friday, May 07, 2010

A Bit Nervous Over Here

Now I'm not your typical Cleveland fan who believes that they are doomed to a lifetime of failure and being raped at a Holiday Inn by LT, but I will freely admit that I'm a little on edge. After Monday night's fecal plumb of a performance at home, the Cavs and Celtics are all even and Boston now has homecourt advantage for the remainder of the series. And the Cavs sure as shit don't look like the better team thus far.

LeBron is playing like a pussy. Mo Williams couldn't play in the MAC right now. For reasons I will never know, Mike Brown insists on playing Shaq for 20+ minutes per game eventhough they should be running the Celtics off the floor with their youthful legs. No one is trying to stop Rondo. Jamison has been a disaster trying to guard the guy who hates white people. Our 2 guards have sort of quit trying to follow Ray Allen through screens. Danny Ainge is a classless fuck-up (what a homo move that was).

To be honest, the Cavs are lucky to be tied right now. But all of that is meaningless heading into this weekend's games 3 and 4. This is the series. This is the season. A team as poorly coached as the Cavaliers can not afford to go down 3-1. They MUST win at least once this weekend. They MUST give a confidence-shaken fanbase some hope again. Because they fucking crushed that on Monday.

I expect a win tonight. And I think it will be their best performance. I mean, it almost has to be, right? Any team with any semblance of pride at all does not mail in back to back games. Boston isn't getting another big game from Rasheed and while Rondo is very good, he isn't as good as the Cavs are making him look. But I'm suffering through some fan-xiety right now anyway. Come Monday, I will either be content again or ready to jump off a bridge.

Consider this to be part 1 of my suicide letter if the shit continues to hit the fan. Oh, and the Spurs are done. Mark it down. VIVA LOS SUNS! The Magic and Lakers were given byes in round two it appears.

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Grumpy said...

On Sunday night, with the advantage of hindsight, I know the Cavs split in Boston. I'll be interested to see your frame of mind come Monday morning.