Thursday, April 22, 2010

Put Up Your Dukes

Let's be honest, the two biggest assholes in the NBA are KG and JoNo here. There is no debate in this. They are awful people. They deserve nothing but bad things to happen to them and their family. Basically, I would like to begin a discussion on which one is worse. Who would you rather drop with some brass knucks?

The case for Noah: He looks like an asshole. He's half French. He probably smells. He just insulted the most poverty-stricken city in America by complaining about the lack of nightlife eventhough he is a multi-millionaire. His hair is awful. He shoots two-handed. His name is Joakim.

The case for Garnett: He is a poser. His intensity is nothing more than show. He likes to scream obscenities at fans in opposing arenas. He has sucker-punched every white teammate that he has ever played for proving that he is a racist. If it weren't for Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, he would be the biggest loser in sports history not named Marino. He just started a brawl eventhough the Heat were doing nothing but checking on drama queen Pierce. He is the 4th best player on the Celtics yet thinks he's still good.

My vote: Garnett. Someone needs to teach this fuck some humility and put him in his place. He is a first class asshole and thug. You would think that he would soften his dicktitude with age, but Saturday night proved that it's only gotten worse. HE IS A THUG. I hate Kevin Garnett and would pay handsomely to watch some guy tougher than me send him to the hospital with one shot (like Ronnie from Jersey Shore--"YOU GOT KNOCKED OUT WITH ONE SHOT, KID!").

I'm curious, who would you want to see get dropped out of these two malcontents? Enjoy the Draft tonight...I'm thinking about getting a couple of 40's for the big event.


Grumpy said...

Absolutely Garnett.

R.W. Emerson said...

Garnett in a landslide.

MuDawgfan said...

Garnett - only because he's the better player. Noah really hasn't developed yet.

What if "Z" shook his hand at the opening tipoff of a game and said to him "I must break you" like in Rocky 4?

Add that up with Z hitting him with a furious elbow as he tries to fight through a screen and that would be appointment television gentlemen.

GMoney said...

Duuuuuuude, Big Z has nothing in common with the great Dolph Lundgren. I wish that he did though. Actually, I don't. I wouldn't want him to choke Dan Gilbert and scream to the fans that he's playing for himself.

You guys are smart though, Noah is the easy answer because he is a douche. But KG deserves it more.

Anonymous said...

G$....Didn't you like Noah when he was at Florida?

MuDawg...Noah is better than KG now. KG is a shell of what he was two years ago.

My vote goes to Garnett in a landslide too. He sucks now, but he acts like he's still some elite player and nobody should dare look at him the wrong way. Did you see Quentin Richardson's comments about KG and Pierce after that game last Saturday? They were priceless. He basically said both were pussies and called them "actresses". Noah has actually turned into a damn good NBA player. If it wasn't for the dreaded Plantar Fasciatis he would have finished in the top three of rebounding in the NBA this year.

Cleveland is not more poverty stricken than Detroit.

I like the idea of 40's tonight. I assume you will be drinking malt liqour 40's? If so, what type?


GMoney said...

Cleveland finished #1 this year on that hot list, my man. Toledo and Cincy were are also in the top 7. GO OHIO!!!

If a loser like Quentin Richardson is talking shit about you, YOU ARE A PUSSY.

I liked Noah in college but he wasn't running smack at Bron back then.

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate Noah, my vote has to go to Garnett. Noah doesn't act like a jackass punk on the court as much as KG does. Noah is more of a clown to me, I don't really take him seriously. Who hasn't ripped Cleveland at some point in their career?

Drew, yes, G$ was a huge fan of Noah while he was at Florida.


Ace said...

I actually like Noah because he called out Bron for being a fuck. I think I agree with just about everything he has said.

I would like to write in Jason Kidd. What a fuck.

Anonymous said...

Damman....Three years from now G$ will be asking, "Who is a bigger douche bag Tim Tebow or the aging but still annoying Philip Rivers?"...and then I'll ask him, "Didn't you like him at Florida?" and he will say, "Well...sort of...but he wasn't beating up the Redskins then".

G$.....You didn't answer my question on the 40's and I demand one.


Tony B. said...

Garnett is a little bitch and I hate the Celtics. My Bulls-fan-ness doesn't allow me to talk shit about Noah. It's kind of like the Chappelle's Show sketch where he's on the stand and won't admit that OJ, Michael Jackson, or R Kelly have ever done anything wrong because his blackness won't allow it.

Anonymous said...

I hate Noah with a passion. I have hated him since he played at Florida...before he beat OSU. The guy is a straight up faggot. I think he is a little bitch who feels he is entitled to everything he has, because his parents were rich and famous and because he won two national titles at UF. I would love for someone to put him in his place with one shot.

At least KG used to be a dominant force in the NBA and, therefore, has earned some of his attitude.

-Lil' Strut

Anonymous said... question. I think any hatred I have towards Noah is strictly due to the fact that he visually reminds me of Anderson Varejao...who I fucking dispise. Noah has actually turned into a pretty decent pro which is shocking since I've seen girls with better shooting form than he does. Garnett is a loud mouth baby fucker.

GMoney said...

I'm sorry, Drew, I completely glossed over your question. Probably just a regular 40 as malt liquor gives me explosive shits.

Phil Rivers has the most punchable face on the planet.