Sunday, April 04, 2010

Now THAT Is How You Ruin A Weekend

Fuck this. This is just stupid. The Redskins just dumped their 2nd rounder this year and either a 3rd or 4th in 2011 for Donovan McPuke. I assume that the 2011 pick is based on performance and since McNabb sucks and is joining a rancid sewage pool of a team, we can safely assume that it will be a 4th rounder.

My dad likes the pick because the Skins didn't give up much. We didn't? That is short-sighted. First of all, Joe Morgan is a Donovan McNabb fan so you know he blows. We just lost out on either a much needed offensive lineman or Colt McCoy this year for a guy with a decade plus history of choking. And he sucked playing on good teams! Now the Skins have no choice but to extend this barfbag for 4-5 more years. This is not good. Not good at all. Chris Cooley just had ankle surgery so we sign a guy who appears to aim his throws at his receivers' ankles? Weak sauce.

Are they better this year with McNabb? Sure. Is this a great move for the future? Abso-fucking-lutely not. This is why teams like the Eagles and Pats are always good. They take advantage of the stupid franchises like the Raiders and Skins. You know it's an awful move when fucking Browns fans are ripping it. And if they actually knew anything about football, they wouldn't root for the Browns.

I wanted to believe in Mike Shanahan. But those days are already over. This is still Dan Snyder's team supported with Dan Snyder's money and managed by Dan Snyder's ego. Larry Johnson. Willie Parker. And now Donovan McNabb. This is going to fail and fail epically. We might as well just contract. I hope that FedEx Field has a good vomit drainage system.


SSReporters said...

I don't know how to feel. McNabb is close to done and chokes/barfs when it really matters. He's got too much Andy Reid in his system to ever win a Lombardi Trophy.

Or, OR.....Snyder wanted McNabb to properly demonstrate to Jason Campbell how to suck and be injured half of the year.

Something tells me neither team wins here.

It could be worse, your team could've traded for Charlie Whitehurst.

Anonymous said...

McNabb can get you to the playoffs. Jason Campbell specializes in giving games away and leads the league in "who the fuck was he throwing to?" questions that are yelled at the TV after picks or incompletions. Obviously this isn't good for the long term future of your team, but won't it feel good to get into the playoffs again? Look at it this could've done a lot worse. Like Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson or Jake Delhomme...fucking Jake Delhomme. Please excuse me...I have some physical abuse to administer to my body.

GMoney said...

At least this means that they will be going after Russell Okung in the draft. There is one thing that I'm happy about.

SSReporters said...

"McNabb can get you to the playoffs."

He just won't ever win you a Super bowl.

GMoney said...

I didn't fall asleep till damn near 3 am last night because of this. I tried to talk myself into it over and over but I kept coming back to the same thing:

McNabb is a loser.

Grumpy said...

When that scrolled across the screen, my first thought is that G$ is poised on a bridge somewhere.

Mr. Ace said...

Greatest Trade Ever!

Anonymous said...

If you guys were in teh market for a washed up slow black QB, you could have gotten Daunte Culpepper for a much cheaper price.


Anonymous said...

If you guys were in the market for a washed up and slow black QB, you could have gotten Daunte Culpepper for a much cheaper price.


Anonymous said...

Mike Greenberg loves the trade for the Skins! He says not to sleep on the Skins this year!

I heard the Skins wanted to give Haynesworth instead of a 2nd rounder. What a waste of 100 million dollars!

I think the Eagles are destined for last place just like pre McNabb.


Mr. Ace said...

Wow, Mike Greenberg loves it...that is the biggest indictment of a deal ever.

Dut, you're a browns fan, your football perspective is irrelevant.

Haynesworth is a $100 mil turd.

Mr. Ace said...

It still hasn't sank in yet... DONOVAN MCNABB IS A FUCKING REDSKIN!

Tony B. said...

I don't hate the deal for the Redskins. Donovan is an upgrade at QB and he'll have a huge chip on his shoulder to beat his old team.

I'm just disappointed that this pretty much guarantees no PT for the Sex Cannon.