Monday, March 29, 2010

When Too Much Is A Bad Thing

This is what happens sometimes when we all root for the underdogs. Occasionally, they all pull through and then when you look at the Final Four, you say, "wait a minute, these teams aren't very good". This is one of those years. It was like the George Mason season when no one seeds made it and there was nothing memorable from that year. It happens. And we should have seen this coming. After Kansas got beat, we should have all stopped pulling for the dogs right then and there. We need the powerhouses. They give us someone to root against. We need the superstars. There aren't any still playing. When the best player still going is a guy named Gordon, that is NOT A GOOD THING.

So the Final Four is set. Butler/MSU and West Virginia/Duke. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that if Butler does not win, this is the worst tournament ever. Yeah, the games have been great, but the results do not meet those expectations. Today, I'm going to talk about each of the Final Four teams and a few of the notable losers. Ready, OK!

Butler - By far the biggest story of the tournament and rightfully so. I like to think that I nailed this call as I...had them losing to UTEP in the first round! Man, I'm smart. If you are going to sit there and tell me that them beating Cuse and K-State was not a stretch, then you are a fucking moron. That was some balls. They fucking locked down on those bitches. It's pretty unreal that they get to play the Final Four at home. Oh man, if a fucking mid-major won the national championship this year...holy balls that would be amazing.

West Virginia - How do you not make a 2 point shot in the first half and are leading at halftime? Bitches be crazy. I don't like this team. It has nothing to do with that bearded foreign fuck they have or that Mazzulla has raccoon eyes. It's all about Bob Huggins. That drunk prick. Put on a goddamn suit, dickhead! The Mountaineers are probably the favorites to win it all now. And since being the favorite this year is a kiss of death and remembering that their coach is an expert choker, I wouldn't bet on them winning shit.

Did you know that Bags Fly Free??? I hate Southwest.

Michigan State - It is so fucking frustrating to see this boring as shit team still around. THEY AREN'T GOOD! Why can't anyone knock them out? Their four wins have been by a combined 13 points. Unacceptable. Sparty has been catching more breaks over the past two weeks than the 2002 anOSU football team did. But I think we're in luck. Butler matches up MUCH better with MSU than they did with Tennessee. Sure, Sparty is big, but you win with guards in the tourney and Butler has the better guards (by far). Thanks, Tom Izzo, for already letting me know that Butler is going to be playing for the title next Monday night. Brad Stevens is better!

Duke - I was rooting for them against Baylor. I just want someone to root against next week. Actually, that's not fair. I would rather seeing Duke win it all than Fluke-again State and Bob Huggins. GO DEVILS! It's kind of amazing how quiet Duke has been this March. They have been kicking ass yet have done it without a ton of pub. Duke vs. Butler in Indianapolis could signal the return of white basketball dominance. Do you hear that, black guys? WE'RE COMING FOR YOU!

Kentucky - I'll be honest, I was rooting for them. Sure, they cheat and none of them go to class, but they are fun as hell to watch. 4-32 from 3. Awful from the free throw line. Yep, those are classic traits of Calipari coached teams. Did you see DeMarcus Cousins? He quit about 2 minutes into the second half. I hadn't seen a puss that sour since Porn Day here a few weeks ago. You've got to love it when your second best player just stops trying. Bledsoe, Dodson, Liggins, and all the other wings on that team should have their scholarships yanked for that stinkbomb. John Wall deserved better teammates on Saturday night.

Ohio State - They were lucky to even be in that game. Tennessee owned them. No one is going to believe me when I say this, but I thought at halftime that the Vols were going to win. They were able to do whatever they wanted on offense and were finishing at the rim constantly. Ohio State was making jumpers and struggled to create good shots and while it worked in the first half, you can't count on that for 40 minutes. I was just shocked at how improved Wayne Chism has gotten over the years. He may not have been the best player on the floor against the Buckeyes, but he was in the top two. He dominated on both ends. Now let's talk about that last play. I can understand how ignorant Buckeye fans may say that that was a foul. Clearly, as replays showed, it was not. If anything, the patented Evan Turnover push-off was the only contact on that shot. I respect that the refs did not bail him out. They have been giving him calls all year anyway. In conclusion, no team with Jon Diebler has ever made it to the Elite 8 and I like that stat. He sucks balls. Don't even try to argue that. He is terrible.

Xavier - Their game with Kansas State was one of the best games that I've ever seen in the dance. That was some top notch drama. The backcourts on both of those teams could play in the NBA. You know, X has been doing the right things for years now, I truly hope that they get to go to a much deserved Final Four like Butler.

I'm writing this before the times for Saturday have been announced. Who wants to bet that Duke gets the late game while Butler/MSU is first? I would bet my life on that. I want a Duke/Butler championship. Badly. Since I am awful at predicting games this year, Expect a WV/MSU snoozer. I will not watch that. That does not interest me. Oh well, at least Ohio State is out and their fans are probably out of excuses by now. I guess that some good did come from this tournament chock full o' upsets.


Mr. Ace said...

Remember when all you retards were saying you would take a team full of one and dones to win a title over Michigan State? That was a great fucking post G$!! You tool. 6 Final Fours in 12 years.

This final four doesn't suck because there aren't any elite teams in it, it sucks because none of the underdogs made it through. If UNI would have made it through then it wouldn't seem so bad. At least if they make it through I actually have a team to pull for. Now, I guess I cheer for Butler but only because I despise something about every other team involved.

All I ask for is no Duke...that is all.

rstiles said...

Jon Diebler is a douche bag...

GMoney said...

I stand by my statement that MSU is boring as fuck and repetitive. Their weird luck this March does not diminish my point in the slightest.

How about that hockey game last night??? RedHawks send Michigan packing in double OT and are headed back to the Frozen Four!

Grumpy said...

Anybody but Huggins.

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for the teams in this order...

1.) Butler
2.) Sparty
3.) Duke
4.) Huggins

I think the only way I would root for Duke is if they were playing Michigan, Kentucky, Florida or a Huggins led team. I think I might have to claw my eyes out if I see him bring back a national championship to the trash that lives in Morgantown and be treated like he's Jesus Christ, when in reality he's the devil.

That Buckeye loss was a fucking tough one to take on Friday...and I don't know anyone who thought that was a foul.

Michigan got royally fucked in that hockey game last night....which makes me happy. They definitely should have won that game, but the refs fucked them with the early whistle. Are you going to Detroit for the Frozen Four? You can go to Greektown Casino and sit at the same table that Iverson used to sit at every night when he was faking his injuries with the Pistons!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't recall any Buckeye fans making excuses or saying that the last play was foul. Not sure who you are referring to.

I'm all for whites taking back basketball. It's our game!


Anonymous said...

How can you say in one paragraph that it is bad that the powers aren't in this year's Final Four, but in the next say that its great that Butler is there?

After Ohio State lost, one of he first thoughts that popped into my head was "Holy shit, spring ball starts this week." Yes, football season has started for Buckeye fans.

-Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

Drew, it was a GREAT early whistle by the refs! Just a great way to spend four hours last night. I was exhausted. If we beat BC, I will be in Detroit for the championship. I already have my ticket/seat at a Greektown blackjack table ready.

I had the news on after the game on Friday and Matta was whining as was the sports guy on WBNS.

I had this great text exchange with Dut after the game Friday night:
G$: Did OSU win?
Dut: No.
G$: I know. I watched it.

CLASSIC GMONEY!!! I also did the same thing to commenter Jeff but he went nuts on me. If you think that that was a dick move, Dut did the same thing after the Lions beat the Skins (and he isn't a Lions fan) and Jeff did it when OU beat the RedHawks in hoops a few weeks ago. I never forget.

Ace said...

G$, that was a great Dick move.

Being at Varsity Club when the fuckeyes went down was great. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. The mood immediately changed and fights were brewing. I also got to watch washed up drunken high school coaches challenge each other to two on two bball games. Unfortunately, a ball could not be located.

GMoney said...

Oh, please tell me that one of those drunks is the current coach at Stryker.

Anonymous said...

Ace- I got a feeling that's not the first time you've said "that was a great dick move" to G$! BOOM ROASTED!


Tony B. said...

As far as morning entertainment goes, this comment section ain't bad.

Anonymous said...

The Redhawks got fucking lucky, but since they beat the best team in the tourny they better win it all.

Naptown Wolverine

Jeff said...

Yes you got some classic drunken rage as I was about 15 beers deep by the time you texted me. From one asshole to another, Fuck you very much!



Anonymous said...

Can we please get a transcript of the texts between G$ and jeff from Saturday? I read some at the bar but sometimes when I drink I don't remember things.


GMoney said...

I deleted them once Jeff started sending me Chatroulette-esque pictures of himself.