Friday, March 26, 2010

Urban Meyer Is A Horse's Ass

Seriously, who the hell does this guy think he is? Meyer is a fucking football coach and he acts like the God damn King of England! There is no gray area with this fucking guy. Either you suck his dick or you are his mortal enemy. It is a tired act.

By now you have all seen the video and/or read the article about Meyer not being too happy with an Orlando Sentinel writer posting a quote by a receiver that wasn't really a slam on Tim Tebow but could have been seen as one. I read the article and absolutely nowhere in it does the writer imply that he is anti-Tebow or anti-Gator at all. But it doesn't matter to ol' Urban Cowboy. He went off the deep end throwing empty threats at the guy and making sure that he knew that either he stop slamming the team (which he didn't) or he would get his practice credentials pulled. Oooooh, you mean he can't watch guys stretch or hit the sled??? What would he possibly do instead that can rival the waste of time which is watching a football team practice?

Someone needs to put Urban Meyer in his fucking place. It's getting really old and the bullying act is nothing more than chickenshit posturing done by a liar. Yeah, we haven't forgotten about your "retirement" that lasted for a day. What an asshole.

I hope that I'm watching the day that this prick gets his comeuppance. I really want to see that. Now that my boy, Tebow, is done in Gainesville, I can go back to hating this man. I like this feeling.

Wait a minute. Wait one damn minute. I know when Meyer is going to get it stuck up his urethra. I know exactly when his walls are going to come down. It's going to happen on September 4th, 2010. That is the date. Confused? You shouldn't be because all of my posts have some sort of angle. That is Florida's first game this coming season as they welcome to The Swamp...the Miami RedHawks. Take a few minutes to laugh about that, regroup, and finish the post.

Seriously, how great would that be. Urban Meyer. Pompous ass. Due for some embarrassment. Miami University. 3 wins in the past two seasons combined. HOW GREAT WOULD IT BE FOR OUR SHIT TEAM TO BEAT HIM!!! Keep in mind, that fucker has never beaten Miami. Never. The streak will continue this year as well. It has to. It has to because Urban Meyer is a bag of diseased dicks.



Grumpy said...

The Sentinel should demand an apology. The reporter used a direct quote. Maybe dickhead Urban should school his players on dealing with the media. Butler to the Final Four.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate that guy. Other than him being a complete arrogant ass-hole, do you know what this boils down to? It's him being incredibly touchy about Tebow right now. Why? Because for his whole career people wondered out loud how Tebow would do transitioning to the pros. Urban always said that he wouldn't have a problem going from his offense to an NFL offense. What happens? Tebow goes to the Senior Bowl and throws like fucking Denard Robinson They have to hire a whole group of coaches to completely overhaul his throwing motion in a month before his pro that would actually work. So, really his atrocious throwing motion falls on the shoulders of Urban who just never fucking worked on it with him because it wasn't necessary at Florida. Fuck him.

Go Bucks.


Ace said...

Drew, Tebow is still going to be a second round pick...I never thought he would b much more than that.

Urban is a cock stain. That reporter should have Called his bluff and ripped his shirt off and said let's rumble. That would have been awesome.

GMoney said...

Exactly. I would have to. You wanna go, let's go. Urban would probably have an anxiety attack and die before a punch is even thrown.

Tony B. said...

"If that was my son..."

You'd what, Urban? Throw another pussy tantrum? Your players are like your sons- or at least that's what you tell them when you recruit them.

Go Miami Ron Harpers!

MuDawgfan said...

One big weekend at a timg G$ - Redhawks gotta take care of bidness on the ice this weekend.

Also - John Diebler fucks children. Confirmed.

MuDawgfan said...

Everyone one Ohio State's team is gay.

GMoney said...

If all of his players were like family, shouldn't he be treating them like shit and lying to them like he does to, you know, his REAL family???

It is going to be a great day when this fucking guy keels over on the sideline.

Dawg, you are right and you are right. Go IceHawks.

Anonymous said...

Listen...if Appy State can waltz into the Big House and beat the third ranked Wolverines in the home opener than why can't the Hawks take it to the Gators in the Swamp in the same fashion? I will now go punch myself in the dick until I pass out for having brought that up.