Friday, March 12, 2010

I Admit...That Was Impressive

(DURRRRRRRRRRRR...I like to eat ribs with G$! True story, I was at a rib joint with this bricklayer one night)

I'm man enough to give my enemies credit when it is due. With the Big Ten tournament underway, I'm willing to dish out some props. This isn't going to look right but I swear that it is legit...

Ohio State had a hell of a season. I'm not sure how it will end up, but you can't deny that anOSU has exceeded everyone's expectations. I could see them getting upset by a 14/15 seed or getting into the Elite Eight. I don't think that they have the horses for a Final Four run though. That is just my opinion though. Eventually, you would think that the lack of depth would catch up to them. Let's touch on a few things about this year's Buckeye team (I promise, this is not going to be a bunch of shit-talking).

Evan Turner - He is really, really good. Even when he has an off night, he still controls the floor on both ends. You don't find players like this everywhere. I've heard some people complain that he was not the unanimous Big Ten player of the year this season. To that I say, get a fucking hobby. Who cares? He has a real solid shot at the Naismith Award this year, although if I had a vote, I would have a hard time not voting for Grievis Vasquez. But they are both deserving. Turner is also being considered as the possible #1 pick in the draft now. Very impressive for a black kid with the whitest first name ever.

David Lighty - You know, when he came in with Oden and Conley, he was terrible. Just an awful jumper. But he really has blossomed into one of the better glue guys in basketball. Nice example of sticking with it and reaping the rewards of it later.

Jon Diebler - Still sucks. Just stop, Drew and Damman. This guy blows. In the 70% of your games when he is off target, he gives you nothing.

William Buford - What do you think? Does he leave early? I was surprised that he came back this year actually. He has been playing well but he does seem like a guy with a Drew Gooden Hoops IQ. That is not a compliment. I am growing quite fond if his dinosaur head though.

Dallas Lauderdale - Good shot blocker but that's about it. Anybody can average 7 and 5. You give me 25 minutes and I'm dropping double/double's, bitch.

The Bench - HAHAHAHAHA! Other than Titus, they all suck. How can you be a school like anOSU yet have no one decent coming off the bench? This also helps to explain why Diebler starts. Actually, I believe that the bench is thin due to my boys, KoKo and Byron "D-League" Mullens.

Thad Matta - I won't lie, I have never thought much of Thad's coaching skills. He always came off like a spastic buffoon to me. Sure, he can recruit with the best of them, but I never felt that he got the most from his players until this season. Thad did an amazing job this season especially when Turner was destroyed by Eastern Michigan. And he really should be getting some love for national coach of the year. I don't know how smart it is to have a 6-7 man rotation, but it's worked so far.

I guess if I have one major negative about anOSU hoops this season (other than the worthlessness of Jon Ribsler), it's with the arena. Value City Arena is a fucking awful basketball arena. It's way too big. The students are too far away. They can't fill it. The college basketball experience isn't supposed to resemble an NBA game. There is no intimacy there. It sucks. God dammit, go back to St. John's Arena. That place is bad-fucking-ass.

That felt awful to say all those nice things about my mortal enemies. That Sullinger asshole seems like a guy that would be easy to hate next year though. So at least I've got that to look forward to next year. And more Diebler missed open looks, too! In closing, let me make an early prediction for you. I mentioned Maryland stud homo, Grievis Vasquez, earlier. Mark it down, either the Terps or Wisconsin (another sleeper for me) will be in the Final Four this year. I really like both of those teams. And with that, enjoy conference tournament weekend and Selection Sunday, bitches.


GMoney said...

I wrote this on Wednesday. I don't care about it now. You see, because two old rivals meet up at The Q this evening. I fucking hate Ohio U. So, so much.

They will be beaten. Miami is going to win the MAC and earn a spot in the tournament with a robust 16-17 record.

Anonymous said...

Great post G$...To jump on some of your points...

*ET -- Best player in the nation and a good kid. The only solace I get out of the abortion that is the Pistons season, is that there is a chance ET could be on their team next year.

*Lighty -- He was captain of Seth Davis's all-glue team this year. It's wild how he's turned into a good three point shooter. He'll be a tremendous Senior next year.

*Diebs -- Get off your hate for him. He's a 40% three point shooter and that's all I could ask for.

*Dallas -- He's really improved in the second half of the season. He really needs to become a better rebounder though. He'll never be a good foul shooter.

*Buford -- I love his game and his IQ is much better now than it was in December when it was atrocious. He's actually pretty decent at defense these days and grabs a surprising amount of boards. Unless he goes buck in the NCAA, I think he comes back to be the man next year.

*Bench -- It is horrible. Simmons was good early in the year, but then had a nerve problem in his eye and has never been seen again.

*Thad -- Very underrated as a coach. He's won a conference championship with shitty O'Brien players, with one and doners and now with a team of his own guys that have stuck with it.

*Arena -- I had season tickets so I can bitch about everything and the conclusion I came to was that it's just too damn big. They should have made that fucker 16,500. I think that would have been the perfect size. It's something we are stuck with.

*Sullinger --Feel free to hate him. He's coming in with the # 1 class in the country. It's weird to think that after losing Turner, we will actually have more depth next year.

I couldn't be happier with the state of OSU basketball right now. Assuming ET wins the Naismith...Sullinger just won the high school Naismith. How many other schools have had the current Naismith winner along with the incoming high school Naismith winner? Thank you Thad.


MUDawgfan said...

How many teams does the Big 10 get in this year? 3 or 4 right?

OSU, Mich State, Minny, and NWU correct?

Anonymous said...

I admit, I have never been high on Thad's coaching abilities either. But, like you, I have come around this on him. He's done a great job.

For the Bucks to make a serious run to the Final Four, I do think the bench has to do something. Whether, it's Simmons knocking down a couple threes (Drew, you're right he has fallen off a cliff since the early part of this year) of Kyle "Mad Dog" Madson knocking down a couple of his wet J's from the corner. We need SOMETHING off the bench.


Anonymous said...

MudDawg, are you drunk? Minnesota and NW have no chance. Purdue and Wisconsin are getting in with OSU and MSU. Maybe you were posting that as a joke. Or maybe it was just your SEC brains at work.


Jeff said...

MUDAWG, B10 will get 4 for sure, maybe 5. Ohio State, Mich State, Purdue, Wisc. Maybe Illinois or Minny if they make runs in the tourny.

MuDawgfan said...

NWU is 20-12, so it isn't that far of a stretch.
Having not watched a second of Big 10 basketball - I didn't think it was a dumb question.

GMoney said...

Fucking garbage. I say all these nice things about anOSU and they need Turner to make a prayer to beat a terrible Michigan team.

Jeff said...

An underachieving way too white Michigan team. Manny Harris got hot like he should have been all year.

Anonymous said...

Dude, cut them slack. They haven't had a bad game in about two months. Aren't they entitled to one not so good perfomance? Kentucky is struggling with Alabama, do they suck too?


GMoney said...

They made me look like a fool! A fool, I tells ya!

Whatever, my dream here is that OSU stays as a 2 seed and has to play a plucky RedHawks team in the first round. WE WON THE LAST MEETING IN THE 1991 (I think) NIT!!!

Anonymous said...

Evan Turner is GOAT. That shot was fucking unreal.


Anonymous said...

I recall that NIT game well as we were in attendance (it was '93, the year after JJ left). Jamie Skelton and Lawrence Funderburke were not able to rescue the Bucks that night. But if we get matched up in tourney this year, I like our chances.


Anonymous said...

Michigan is playing like a bunch of armless nuns. They have been all year. There is zero excuse as to why they were even within striking distance in that game. I'm just saying the only team that is worth a stream of unicorn piss in the tourney any year is Sparty. The rest of the Big 10 usually folds early..with the execption of a few surprises sprinkled in every so often. I would b surprised to see the Bucks in the sweet 16.