Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Future Kyrgyzstan League MVP!

Nothing too thought provoking today as I am focusing my energy on the two part MLB preview tomorrow and Friday. Let's just say that there will be some special guests stopping by for that. And by "special" I mean full blown Simple Jack's. When I checked the site yesterday morning and read what Ace wrote about, I was surprised that he ignored such a juicy topic coming out of Ann Arbor.

Manny Harris has decided to turn pro. The Free Press says that he has hired an agent and everything! It's official. He is gone from the Wolverines basketball program. First of all, who in the Hell is advising this kid to leave school early? Second, who is advising this kid that he actually has a pro-level skill set? Third, WHAT THE FUCK IS HE THINKING? Harris is about as average as they come. He can't play in the NBA. He probably will need a few more years to be ready for the NBDL! A guy with no hands could count the number of great games Harris had this year on none of his fingers. He was awful.

Don't believe me? Here's something to chew on. Draft Express has Manny rated as the 26th best Junior. In their top 100 list of prospects, he checks in at an impressive #96! So unless David Stern adds two more rounds to the draft this year, HELLO EASTERN BLOC BASKETBALL LEAGUE!!! Other than Raymar Morgan, has anyone got consistently worse as they got older? Not since Money Shot mascots, BJ Mullens and KoKo, has anyone been less ready to play with the big boys.

Congratulations, Manny, I consider you to be better than the Mullens' and Koufos's of the world. That might be the worst complement that I've ever given.
Also, it's time for Charlie Coles to step down as head coach at Miami. I've seen enough. We are already going to be shitty next year anyway and it doesn't help matters that 2 of our four better returning guards have decided to transfer to shit NAIA schools. Basically, they would rather pay thousands of dollars to play in front of a handful of fans as opposed to playing for free in front of...two dozen fans. Rumor has it that a third player is leaving as well. If you are counting at home, this is TEN players that have left Oxford via transfer over the past five years. That is a full fucking roster that has left the program. One a year? I can live with that. TWO per season, unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.

Over the past ten years, this program has remained stagnant. They win anywhere from 15-18 games per season, always play a tough schedule, fail to beat any of the big opponents, earn a first round bye in the conference tournament, and lose in the semifinals. It's the same goddamn thing every fucking year. It has to end. Let's not confuse consistency with mediocrity. This proud program is being flushed down the toilet before my eyes and very few people see it happening. They will never fire Charlie because he works for peanuts and everyone likes him, but something needs to be done. And it needs to start at the top. Charlie must go. Actually, if we're cleaning house, our horseshit AD who continually ignores the basketball team should be catapulted out of town first.

There needs to be a new voice, a new face of the program. I'm tired of looking at the schedule in the preseason and being able to predict our end of the season record within a few games before the first tip. It's bullshit and I'm tired of it.
OK, then. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I suppose since I'm not talking college hoops the rest of the week, I probably should get my Final Four picks in. Damman, consider these my picks for your pool: Butler to win by 4 and Duke to win by 11.


Ace said...

I knew Manny was gone when the season started. He and Beilein didn't get along very well this year so I think he would rather go get paid.

You're right though, I don't think he gets drafted. I think he will get a sniff in the Association and then head overseas...but eventually I think he can make it back to the NBA.

He's as ready as he is going to be. There is really nothing left for him at M. Obviously, I wish he would return, but I think both parties are better off in the long run if he leaves. M needs to move on because Manny really didn't fit Beilein's scheme well and Manny isn't going to improve anymore with another year in the system.

As far as the least you're not Toledo. I have no pity for you.

GMoney said...

Who is that Polish fuck that you guys just hired anyway? Is he ready to father the next great class of Ottawa Hills basketball players?

Grumpy said...

I've been using the same word, mediocre, to describe Miami basketball for years, but Charlie's apologists think hovering around .500 and making a run in the MAC Tourney every few years is good enough.

Anonymous said...

"Beilein's scheme"...Is there something more overrated than "Beilein's scheme"?? What is his scheme? Is it to recruit classes of mediocre players and hope that for a full season they can shoot the lights out? His fucking scheme sucks. That brilliant A.D., Bill Martin, should get a statue at OSU for his bonehead hirings of Beilein and Rodriguez...or did they fool him with their "schemes" too? Plus,he gave Beilein an extension on his way out...what a smart dude. Michigan and Iowa are going to be battling it out for last place in the big ten in basketball next year. They are both going to be horrendous.


Ace said...

Drew, look at Beilein's track record!!!!! That's fucking retarded to say his scheme doesn't work. It fucking worked in the Big East!!!! Beilein builds his program on experience. When we have Juniors and Seniors on the floor(that he recruited) instead of walk-ons, frosh, and sophs it will be a different story.

Did you see who Michigan recruited before Beilein got here? They were terrible. Last year we got Darius Morris,4 star PG. This year we have Evan Smotrycz, 4 star wing who is the perfect fit for the system. Also in on Trey Zeigler. Next year have Brundidge, 4 star top 100 guard.

I wish Beilein would do things a little different but saying his scheme doesn't work is stupid. You can't say that when you look at what he has done as a head coach.

GMoney said...

I think it's funny that Iowa brings in Siena's coach who likely has never set foot in a midwestern high school and has no ties in the area. That hire is doomed to fail.

Ace said...

Toledo hired some dolt who went just over .500 in the Horizon...Great move. I guess he was an assistant at Marquette when they had Wade. He can't be worse then the fuck that just left.

Anonymous said...

Damn straight I don't believe in his system. He doesn't recruit the athletes needed to keep up with the upper echelon teams that recruit NBA athletes. He could never win a national championship. It's like watching Jim O'Brien coach again...sans the buying of Serbian basketball player thing. The best you can hope for is that maybe one year the tourney sets up well enough for you to make the final four. You say look at the his five years in the Big East he finished 6th, 8th, 7th, 3rd and 7th. In his first three years in the big ten he's finished 9th, 7th and 7th. So in the last 8 years he's finished 6th or better in a conference once....what a system!

Spare me the Darius Morris stuff...he sucks. I know about the Wing from CT and he's going to be Michigan's best player next year. They are going to be horrible.


Ace said...

Well, first of all, the wing is from New Hampshire and he is going to pwn. Morris struggled, but again frosh PG in new system.

In Beilein's last three years at WVU they were NIT Champs(nothin special, but still), Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight. YES FUCKING PLEASE. I'll take it.

Beilein doesn't recruit great, but we can't pay our players anymore so we're at a huge disadvantage.

How about the Bassett kid from OU going pro? I was kinda looking forward to seeing what him and Cooper would do next year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Beilein beat Duke and Uconn! Just give it some more time. He has a system to run people. How many more years does this excuse work? Its almost like you're saying these years don't count because he doesn't have the right players for his system.

Ace- are you really bragging that Beilein won the NIT!? HAHAHAHA

I can't wait for these two losers have their players for their system. When their system fails (it will), you have to get a new coach with a new system. You might as well kill yourself now while you're in denial.

I agree with Byron Mullens' decision to go pro more than Manny. Byron knew he sucked but there was first round money on the table. If he would have played another year everyone would know that he's a phony and hed be in the european league with Manny.. Only with less $$.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see that Bassett is going pro. There are going to be a lot of retards going pro with the threat of the 2011 NBA Lockout. Unfortunately, as I said they are retards so they don't realize that there still are only so many spots out there.


GMoney said...

There will be no talk about NIT titles around here without mentioning KoKo...the KING of the NIT!

Bassett left OU and is going straight to Europe (not even fucking around with the NBA). Apparently, he never went to his classes and his grades were God awful anyway. Probably would have been ineligible. But what else would you expect from someone who went to three schools in 4 years.

Tony B. said...

Breaking News: I'm also announcing my eligibility for the NBA draft. If these assholes are going for it, then I am as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost embarrassed to tell people I'm a Michigan fan now. It's like admitting to being related to the drunk balding pervert with a crustache grabbing all the high school girls tits at the family barbecue. That entire sports program needs to un-fuck itself and in a hurry.