Monday, March 01, 2010

Fuck You, Sidney Crosby

I never really understood the hate for Sidney I do. What a douche. Fucker. I hate his stupid smile and his name and the fact that he still lives with Mario Lemieux and that he is a little bitch. Everything about this kid screams "asshole". He's not even the best Sidney in sports. Sidney Ponson was at least knighted (for reasons unknown). BEAT THAT, QUEERBAIT!

The Olympic hockey tournament is now in the books and, again, the Americans and Canadians delivered a classic. Man, that was a lot of fun. It truly was a great showcase for a sport that needs all the good publicity that it can get. Hopefully, this can carry over but I'm setting the line on Gary Bettman fucking this up at about a week and half. A few things about the Gold Medal game:

*Who the fuck designed those medals? The look like they were put on a train track, were run over like I used to do with pennies, and then given to the winners. Those things looked retarded. I don't even think that the Special Olympics would give those out.

*The person I feel the worst for is Ryan Miller. He was fucking nails all tournament long. He was MUCH better than Ratface Luongo between the pipes. If the NHL were smart, they would put the Sabres on TV every week so that the public can watch Miller play and, you know, grow their audience. My guess is that they will not...because Gary Bettman hates gaining new fans.

*I love the guy but Rick Nash was terrible all tournament long. And if he hugged Crosby one more time, I was going to burn his God damn house down.

*The worst player on the ice yesterday was Brian Rafalski. He is a mediocre player in the NHL and I have no clue why he was even on the team. His turnover in the first set up Canada's initial goal and his shitty defense led to the game winner. He sucks. Drew is used to watching this loser, I'm interested to hear what he thinks of my scorn.

*Mike Babcock looks like the biggest asshole on the planet. He reminds me of a 24 villain that Jack Bauer would kill within three seconds of crossing his path.

I think that's all I have. I've always said that Olympic hockey is one of the better sports around. It did not disappoint. I am already looking forward to the Russia games 4 years from now. Hopefully, Bode Miller and Shaun White will be dead/paralyzed by then.


Grumpy said...

That winning goal was a simple give and go, the oldest play in hockey (and basketball). How can an NHL player leave his man on that simple play?

Anonymous said...

I thought it was an epic game, but I am still dissapointed that the OT period was played 4 on 4, for just this tourney......but a great game.

I am sure Red Wing and Americans have seen enough of Crosby this year....


I know I am in the minority here, but a part of me, wanted the US to win yesterday, but I think it is kinda like the '72 Dolphins.....The 1980 Miracle on Ice team was something special, and it just seems right that they are our last Gold medal winning hockey the fact that they won the Silver was OK as well.


Anonymous said...

My hatred for the Penguins/Crosby is at an all-time high. I was in PA this weekend and the drunker I got the more sure I was that I was going to spit or punch someone I saw in that gear.

As for the game...

*Crosby is indeed a huge fucking douche.

*Miller has been a pimp all year for the Sabres. I think he was just as mad at losing as he was for the type of goal he let up...he should have saved it, but he bailed their asses out enough.

*I dont' mind Rafalski. He was the oldest player on the team and his play hasn't been that good for the Wings...but he was also very good for America. I believe he had two goals and two assists for us when we beat Canada the first game. He's a very good puck moving defenseman which is what that team needed since they were short on offense.

*Bettman's already fucked it up by making the Red Wings and Avs play tonight. They knew before the season that Babcock was going to coach Canada. There is one game why not pick the Red Wings to play in it. Babcock and Rafalski haven't even seen their team for three weeks...and are now expected to coach/play tonight? Stupid.

*As for Babcock...I fucking love the guy. He's a prick that gets results...much like Scotty Bowman was. Plus, in the off-season each Summer he goes to Africa and kills lions and other big wild game...that's cool.


GMoney said...

He kills lions? That is awesome.

I remember Miller from his CCHA days at Sparty and he was a freaking stud.

MUDawgfan said...

Let's hope the US drops Rafalski and that chotchball Drury and puts some Miami University Redhawks on the team for the Sochi games.

I do think that the US should retain their Coach for 2014.

Actually - Drury played pretty well, but he'll be 58 in 2014 so he should be still be cut.

Canada is gay.

derek said...

Fuck Sidney Crosby, I have you to thank for turning the image of hockey players from toothless goons to dickless, ropesuckers. Fuck Canada, and Vancouver, Whistler and Cypress mountains, actually fuck BC. The Olympics should've been in Pyongchang, ROK. Gary Bettman is a complete fucking tool and if he had any sense Ovie would be the "Face of the NHL" considering his superior skill, grit, and personality. I have been a lifelong hockey fan and I swear I will never watch another NHL game if they let Crosby win another cup this year. As far as living human pieces of shit go, Crosby ranks third behind Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke

Anonymous said...

You all are douches for hating Sidney Crosby. He's better than anyone else who is playing hockey right now! I'm cheering for Crosby to win the Stanley CUp again!

Anonymous said...

If you truly want a douche, talk to Ovi. He is the dirtiest player ever.

Anonymous said...

You all are douches for hating Sidney Crosby. He's better than anyone else who is playing hockey right now! I'm cheering for Crosby to win the Stanley CUp again!

Anonymous said...

crosby haters are nothing but a bunch of fatass wannabes who dnt have half of the talent sid has in his big bulging ball sack

Anonymous said...

Sidney Crosby is a douche bag for sure.He is a little narcissist who thinks that everyone else in the world should pay a price for his indiscretions.I was a big fan after his gold medal goal. I went to a fan board for him and received a Browser Hijack file. It contained a bunch of search terms and web pages that apparently Crosby and his PR firm decided the rest of us will never see on the Internet. When I told them I had it they hacked my computer. I traced his PR firm to a Czech web board where one of them was saying that he is "a PR nightmare waiting to happen worse than Tiger Woods as he is a drunk , he makes heavy use of escorts and he abuses women". This is what Sidney Crosby does not want the world to know and he is prepared to destroy the property of others so that nobody finds out just what a real douche bag he is.

Anonymous said...

I hate this little whining sorry bitch. He is one of the sneaky dirty players in the nhl. But since the heads of the nhl decide we need him to be the face of the league we can let him get away with murder on the ice and not call Shit on him. Watch him in any game and you'll see him give dirty hits, slew foot kicks and cheap cross checks all game long without penalty calls. I can only hope the league starts to notice before players take it in their own hands oh wait no I don't I hope ever team goes for blood against him its worth the game misconduct.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked ovechkin is the best player not that little prick but of course all the so called fans of that Dick are too busy sucking his Dick to see any other players in the nhl. Put the crack pipe down and open your eyes.