Monday, March 15, 2010

Bracket Breakdown

The NCAA Tournament field is set. Nothing too shocking here. The bubble was quite weak this season. Anyone that didn't make it should probably shut the fuck up. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg. I am writing this at 7:15 on Sunday night and he was just on ESPN whining that the Hokies are NIT bound. You know what, fuck you, dude. Greenberg bitched about not knowing what the qualifications were to be included like he didn't know. Buddy, it is simple and it has always been this way: PLAY SOMEBODY. Your conference schedule isn't good enough. It never has been. You have to play people in November and December. When your out of conference RPI is 339, that is terrible. You have no gripe. It doesn't matter if you went 10-6 in the ACC, when you play a MEAC schedule before the conference season, you have no chance. I am sick of hearing these whiny coaches who don't get it. The only team that Va Tech had a relative bitch about was Florida. But they actually, you know, won a conference tournament game.

Enough with the losers, let's talk about the Dance. We will go region-by-region and break it down. First up, the Midwest Region, or as I like to call it, Holy Fucking Shit This Is Loaded.

Initial Thoughts - If Kansas is the overall #1 seed, that means that Ohio State is the worst 2 seed. What the fuck? That is stupid. Northern Iowa was ranked for a good chunk of the year and they are a 9 seed?
Upset Alert - San Diego State over Tennessee, Steve Fisher, bitch!!!
Top 4 seed who won't make it to the second weekend - Ohio State. First of all, Kansas, Georgetown, and Maryland aren't losing this weekend. Second, Matta killed his starters to win the Big Ten this weekend and that's going to wear on them at some point. Third, Ohio State caught a lot of breaks to get to the Finals. I've got to think that eventually, it's going to run out. Georgia Tech could give them some problems if they meet on Sunday with Derrick Favors.
Dark Horse - Maryland. I really like this team but they got a tough draw. They could give Kansas a tough game in the Sweet 16.
Going to the Final Four - Kansas but they are going to get pushed

Initial Thoughts - This is really fucking dull. There are no stud players in this entire region. When the best player is on 7 seed BYU, that is weak. I can tell you one thing, Pitt makes the second weekend every year. I don't even need to see who they are playing, I know they are going to win the first two games.
Upset Alert - UTEP over Butler. Book it, this one is happening. Butler is way past due for a loss and Derrick Caracter will eat the Bulldogs alive in the post. UTEP is ranked #25 but somehow ended up a 12 seed. That makes no sense.
Top 4 seed who won't make it to the second weekend - Kansas State. Consider me a non-believer in Frank Martin. He just looks like an idiot. And yes, that is two two seeds that I have losing early.
Dark Horse - Gonzaga. Keep in mind, Syracuse is banged up. The Zags are still a solid team. I probably won't pick them to win, but I would not be surprised if they send the Orange home early.
Going to the Final Four - BYU. Yep, I'm sold. This bracket is weak. And BYU has the hottest cheerleaders on the planet as I've told you many times. That's all I need to know. And I really like the name Jimmer Fredette.

Initial Thoughts - Kentucky's path to the Final Four isn't that tough, but they will be in some slugfests. If Texas can ever figure their shit out, they could beat UK. But they won't and they won't. Temple won the A-10 and is a 5 seed? Cornell a 12? That's bad seeding right there. West Virginia got hosed. They should have been a 1 seed. Clemson/Missouri might be the worst first round game ever. Marquette/Washington might have something to say about that though.
Upset Alert - Missouri over Clemson. Why would you ever pick an Oliver Purnell-coached team in the tournament?
Top 4 seed who won't make it to the second weekend - Wisconsin. I think that Temple beats them. Although if the Badgers do go on to face UK, I could see their fundamental style bothering the young Wildcats.
Dark Horse - New Mexico. These guys are really good. They are the only team this year to KILL the RedHawks. That has to mean something, right? Right? Hello?
Going to the Final Four - Kentucky. I would love to see them play West Virginia though. That would be a fucking war.

Initial Thoughts - Ugh, any bracket with Duke leading the way is going to be terrible. Look at those top 4 seeds! The way that Purdue played this weekend, they should be in the play-in game. Notre Dame is either going to lose in the first round or win 3+ games. They are going to bust A LOT of brackets. Honestly, I didn't even know that Texas A&M was even ranked let alone 5 seed caliber. This is going to be awful.
Upset alert - Utah State over A&M AND Siena over Purdue. Spokane is going to get a 12/13 second round game. Mark it down. I like Utah State because they are coached by my boy, Stew Morrill, who I named the ugliest coach in college hoops awhile back.
Top 4 seed that won't make it to the second weekend - Purdue. Come on, 11 points in the first half?
Dark Horse - Baylor. I've only watched these guys once but they impressed me. I have very little faith in Villanova these days.
Going to the Final Four - Notre Dame. What would the NCAA tournament be without a Hansbrough in the Final Four? Honestly, I think the winner of the Baylor/ND team wins the region. It sure as shit it won't be Duke.

So there you go. It doesn't matter who else makes the Final Four. We ARE going to get a Kansas/Kentucky championship game which would pop a monster rating. I do think that this will be one of those weird years where we see some Cinderellas and thus I am picking the Mormons (BYU) and the Catholics (ND) to be in Indy on April 3rd.

Once again, we have a bracket challenge set up that I invite all of you to join. Last year's winner, Bruns, was finally given his reward over Christmas (I'm timely!) and it was a History of the Cleveland Browns DVD. We'll give something away this year, too, or you can write a post here. I guess I will have to wait and see who wins and then determine the prize (I would mail a box of shit to Beanie). Either way, click HERE to join the group. The league ID is: 56552. And the password is: evanturner. I didn't create it as you can imagine.

I can't wait for this thing to begin. I'm off Thursday and Friday. I'm having people over on Thursday afternoon so if you live in central Ohio, let me know if you want to come over to the mansion. I am providing no food and no drink but I do offer a large HDTV, ample parking, daily Who concerts, two couches, and two recliners (although no one but me is allowed to sit in mine). I am an awesome host.


Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

Anonymous said...

I agree that teams 66, 67, and 68 need to to shut up. They had their chances all year to prove themselves. Win a couple more games next year. Every year they spend 2 hrs on ESPN talking about who got left out. It doesn't matter because those teams would be out after the first round anyways.

The Buckeyes got jobbed. They probably got put where they did because the comittee gave them geographic preference, but I would have rather had the better matchups as opposed to playing close to home. The Buckeyes will make it out of the first weekend but might have trouble against G'Town in the Sweet 16. They are big and black. I would have loved to have been put in with Duke.

The Buckeyes lack of depth won't be there downfall. Everybody says it will cost them, but it hasn't all year. Why would it all of the sudden come back to bite them? Plus, PJ Hill is ready to pounce when needed.

As long as Diebs is raining threes, nobody will touch the Buckeyes though.


Grumpy said...

ND & BYU? Just send me your bracket so I can pick the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago somebody asked me who my super dark horse was for the Final Four. I said Ga the Buckeyes are staring right at them in the second round. Go Cowboys.

G$...I'm off on Thursday and Friday. I may stop by early one afternoon when my blood alcohol level still permits me to drive an auotmobile. No promises yet though...cuz' I don't want you to get your hope up...and by hopes I mean your boner.


GMoney said...

Hopes and boner are already through the roof!

I still don't get how WV and OSU were considered the two worst two seeds. That makes no sense.

Grump, it sure as hell is a reach but I just don't like the way most of the teams in those two regions are playing right now. BYU is definitely out there, but Notre Dame has been playing great the past month.

Anonymous said...

G$...It sounds like they didn't consider WVU and OSU as the two worst. They thought of them as the two best and rewarded them with staying close to home...which makes no fucking sense to me. If somehow we make it to face off with Kansas, those extra couple thousand Buckeye fans in attendance won't mean two shits. Give me easier teams and throw our asses out West for all I care.


Mr. Ace said...

I'm liking WVU. I think they are a lock for the elite eight and have a good chance of knocking off UK.

G$, what time do the festivities begin officially thrusday? Now that I actually have a job, I have been anxiously waiting to say I'm taking a half day.

I'm gonna get drunk and piss all over ur toilet seat.

GMoney said...

Any time after noon but I'm kicking everyone out after the first two games. My wife doesn't need to walk in on a gay orgy.

Mr. Ace said...

I'll bring my sleeping bag...and gerbil.

Tony B. said...

I loved V-Tech's coach crying about not getting in. His example of a strong win? Beating NC State at their place. Great, coaches have resorted to pumping their team up by beating the 9th best team in their own conference. Do we really need a 96 team tournament to accommodate these assholes?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else find Kentucky's celebration after hitting the bucket to send the SEC Championship game to overtime a little bit excessive? Not that what they did was bad or tasteless, I just thought it was excessive and immature.

-Lil' Strut

MuDawgfan said...

If I win can I write a 2500 word essay on why the Big 10 eats shit compared to the SEC in football?

GMoney said...

You better fucking win, Dawg.

SSReporters said...

Marquette/Washington will be exciting provided Marquette bothers to play exciting basketball.

Clemson will lose in the first round and Oliver Purnell cements his legacy as the worst tournament coach of all time.

Anonymous said...

Pay attention to my picks...then pick the exact opposite. I'm currently working on a pretty nasty streak of my mom beating me every year in these brackets. Mary Lou knows her shit dude!!!