Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Pieces Are Finally In Place

It took seven long years, but the roster is finally what it should be. Danny Ferry has finally built a roster for the Cavaliers that has no weaknesses. Think about it, there really aren't any at all. Antawn Jamison, a player coveted by the Cavs for years now, was acquired for a pick that was wasted on Christian fucking Eyenga last year. That's it. In 30 days, Z will be back and then Jamison will have been stolen away for nothing. Amazing.

I said this two days ago at TSP:

Do you think maybe that the Cavs could be using these Amare talks as leverage? I mean, Jamison is probably a better fit for this roster but the Wiz have been asking for too much. The problem is, the Wiz have nowhere else to send him and could get stuck paying him 28 million for the next two years on a sure-fire lottery team. I think that there could be some gamesmanship here. One of those, "we've got other options, assholes" scenarios to get Washington to come down on their asking price. What do you think?

It played out EXACTLY like that. I'm going to pat myself on the back for a great call on that.

What a fucking home run by Danny Ferry though. I've hated the guy for a long ass time but he turned spare parts into Shaq and Jamison over the past 6 months. That is some good stuff. I can't believe that he was able to do this without giving up JJ Hickson either. Holy shit, I'm still in shock.

C - Shaq and Z
PF - Jamison, Varejao, JJ, and Powe
SF - Our King
SG - Parker, Moon, and Hot Wad
PG - Mo, Delonte, and Boobie

This roster can not be stopped! Look at how deep this fucker is! I'm so excited that I'm about ready to piss myself. If there was any doubt that it would be the Lakers/Cavs come June, it's a guarantee now. The drought in NE Ohio ends this year, my friends. It's destiny for this Cavs team. Seal/Beanie/Rosenberg, where do you want to meet for the parade? Get your minds out of Cleveland and start thinking like a winner, dammit. That trophy is OURS.


Anonymous said...

I see by the lack of comments that nobody gives a fuck about the NBA. Please let the league fold in 2 years after their strike!

Before you get too excited, just remember that you play in Cleveland. The curse will find you.


Mr. Ace said...

Was Hickson worth not getting Amare?

This almost guarantees the Cavs are a lock for the Finals, but I don't think it does that much in improving how they matchup with the Lakers...which was the whole point.

GMoney said...

Dut, will you kill yourself in 2 years and do us all a favor?

Ace, the Suns were dragging their feet and while I like Amare, Jamison fits much better into the Cavs rotation.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Ill see you in June!!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget...........You are talking "CLEVELAND FUCKING OHIO" which is the biggest loser city in America!!

Jeff said...

Amare would've been nice too, but he's a cancer in locker room especially for the Cavs who have some of the best chemistry already. Signing Amare would've also helped try to keep Bron for a newer long term deal as they could lock him and Amare up together, but Jamison should help with that too, but Bron won't sign a contract for nearly as long with an older Jamison. That being said, the time is now and the Cavs did what they had to do and gave up nearly nothing for it.

Grumpy said...

A really great move. I hope they win it all for G$. Seriously.

Grumpy said...

Could you also explain how Z ends up back in Cleveland? Wire reports have him headed to the Mavs.

GMoney said...

The Mavs WANT him as does Denver. But Z has a family in Cleveland, is likely to retire after this year, is one of the most loved athletes in NE Ohio, and knew this was coming. There is no ill will. And he knows that the Cavs have a better shot at a ring than the Mavs do.

Tony B. said...

While working at a Golden State Warriors basketball camp, I met Jamison. By met him, I actually mean I was leading a group of kids to through the weight room and I said "what up?" and he returned the pleasantry and also said, "what up?"

The kids asked me, "Are you friends with Antawn Jamison?" I told them I was and that we hang out all the time. They were impressed.

I say it was a great trade for the Cavs and they're looking like the favorites at this point.

Ekali81 said...

Still not better than the Magic though Orl 101 Cle 95