Monday, January 04, 2010

I Will Remember Youuuuuuu...

Pretty shitty weekend. On the drive back to Columbus on New Year's morning, I had to pull over and have the wife drive as I was still drunk and was more than certain that if I had stayed behind the wheel, we would both be dead right now. About ten minutes after the switch, I asked She$ to pull over in a cemetery for some good old-fashioned dry heaving. I really wanted to vomit away all the bad decisions from the night before, but nothing came. Then I had to see Mr. Ace. Then I had to listen to Dut talk about spraining his ankle on the dance floor. Then I saw the Blue Jackets lose a head-scratcher to the Avs on Saturday night. Then the Redskins couldn't even beat the Goddamned Chargers scout team. It sucked. It was the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

But there was one saving grace. One shining beacon of light in an otherwise dreary and gloomy weekend. One final glimpse of greatness from a man who always brightens our day.

Thank you, Tim Tebow. Thank you very much. Did you WATCH that butt-raping on Friday night? Holy shit. The final chapter in the Tebow/Florida story was out-fucking-standing. I think his completion percentage was over 100%. 500 some yards. An annihilation the likes of which an undefeated team does not often receive. That was epic. UC was a fraud all season long. They kept getting lucky and kept on winning, but Tim Tebow had seen enough. He would not allow the bogus charade to continue. Oh no. It was time for him to remind everyone that he is the best college football player of the decade and that UC is UC (not a good football program).

Now here is what I don't get. Why is everyone so quick to write him off as an NFL QB? I would take him over 6-8 of the guys who started this week. Just because he has a strange release that automatically means he's going to suck. Have you seen Philip Rivers throw a football? He throws like a girl. But it gets there. Now, I'm not guaranteeing NFL success for Tebow, but I'm not stupid enough to already call him a bust. And if you are already, you are a fucking retard.

The Rose Bowl was played, too. Don't worry, you won't remember who won in a week anyway. I don't remember anything about the game because I think someone slipped cocaine in my sloppy joe. I'm not pointing fingers here...actually, yes I am. Terrelle Pryor is still a loser. Keep telling yourselves that he isn't. I think it's funny.


Dustin said...

Ohio state= 2010 national champions

Pryor= 2010 Heisman

What a great bowl season for the Big 10, and especially OSU!

F Tebow. Would you really want the Skins to draft this guy?

Anonymous said...

Fuck Tebow indeed.

Get ready to be nauseated next year with the pro-OSU hype. Lock to be pre-season top 3.

I can't wait to read things from Mr. Ace about how people would still rather have Forcier than Pryor.


Mr. Ace said...

I would still rather have Forcier, thank you.

If Pryor actually puts in the work in the offseason then maybe I will change my tune...but he won't, and we will see that next year when you fags lose to Miami.

I am actually thrilled that the Fuckeyes are going to be hyped like crazy because then the disappointment will be so much more enjoyable.

GMoney said...

3-3 is a great postseason?

Yes, I would love it if the Skins took Tebow in the second-third round.

Ohio State will lose to Purdue again. Way to get schooled on the hardwood yesterday by the way.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I would call it a "great" bowl season, but it was pretty good. Three wins over top 15 teams in Oregon, Da U and LSU...if Iowa beats GT, it will be a pretty damn good one with two BCS bowl wins too.


Dustin said...

If Iowa wins this week, the B10 will have taken down the PAC 10 champ, ACC champ, SEC 3rd, and ACC 3rd place team. I would call that a great bowl season. Who did better?

Ace- you might be the only moron in the world who claims that they would rather have Tate over Pryor going into next season. You might as well just admit that you're wrong now, because its only going to get harder to defend your asinine comments moving forward.

Let the 2010 hype begin!

Mr. Ace said...

Pryor has one good game and all of the sudden he is Tim Tebow?

Oregon gave up a ton of points all year, I'm not gonna blow my load over 26 points against a less than average at best D.

Tate has one more year of eligibility than Pryor and I think Tate had a better freshman year than Pryor had despite how terrible our defense and offensive line were.

Pryor is still the best WR in college football.

GMoney said...

The Mountain West is 4-0, I believe. Statistically, yes, they are much better.

Even if Iowa wins, it's not like the Big Ten is vindicated. The country still thinks it's a turd.

GMoney said...

Oregon gave up over 50 points to Stanford. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

G$, you and Ace are not the country. Therefore do not speak on behalf of it. You sound like a fucking idiot.


Mr. Ace said...

Seal, that was the dumbest fucking comment ever commented at the money shot.


Anonymous said...

the Redskins couldn't even beat the Goddamned Chargers scout team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHARGERS

GMoney said...

Seal, you grew up in the Hee Haw south, correct? Tell me, does anyone respect the Big Ten down there. Exactly, you fuck.

Anonymous said...

Tebow was at his best. I agree, I think he could be a solid NFL QB. Id take him over anyone on the Redskins,Raiders,Jags,Carolina,Tampa Bay Rosters.. Probably a couple others as well

Anonymous said...

The Big 10 could go 100-0 in bowl games in the next 15 years and G$ and his hillbily SEC friends would not respect the Big 10

Since when does it matter what the
South thinks?


Mr. Ace said...

Easy JS, you wouldn't take anybody ahead of Bruce Gradkowski.