Monday, December 28, 2009

The Worst Of Week Sixteen Vol.III

An abbreviated version today because I am lazy. Hey, at least I'm honest. The wife has been sick all weekend and I've been playing the role of "world's worst nurse/homemaker". Seriously, I had to take all the Christmas shit down. That fucking sucked. Time for my tangent...

Tony Dungy was a pussy of a head coach. He really was. If the NFL didn't fix it so that the Colts got to play Rex Grossman in the Super Bowl, we would not be talking about Wade Phillips and Tony Romo. Because Tony and Pey Pey would be the biggest losers on the planet. But they "won" despite Dungy so now we just point and laugh at Dallas. The moral of the story is that Dungy's end of the year strategy is for pussies. Resting players? You already get a Goddamn bye week. These are fucking football players! They aren't made out of glass. This philosophy of coaching is retarded.

Jim Caldwell is also a retard. And the biggest and blackest pussy that I've ever seen. You are 14-0. You have a chance at fucking history. This does not happen often. The only other team to accomplish this is a collection of insufferable fucktards who you just allowed to celebrate at your expense. WIN THE FUCKING GAMES. You can't prevent all injuries from happening. They are going to take place. But what will DEFINITELY happen is the Colts collecting a shitload of rust. And I will never understand why they are the only people who don't get this. When none of them play much next week, that will be 3 whole weeks without playing a real, meaningful game.

THIS PRACTICE DOES NOT WORK. IT IS A PROVEN FACT. YOUR LOSER-ASS, SELF-RIGHTEOUS, HORRIBLE-FATHER OF A FORMER BOSS HAS PROVEN THIS TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Pey Pey has every right to be furious. He knows that he is now the captain of a sinking ship. It's going down and he knows it. He's seen it happen before.

Mark my words...the Colts are done. Book Norv Turner for the Super Bowl now. They are the better team anyway.

Other shitty players: Charlie Frye, my boy Vince Young, Shat Hasselbeck, The New York Giants were fucking awful, and throw in a little Drew Stanton (worse than commenter Drew).


Dustin said...

Peyton Manning owes me 96$ for costing me 3rd place in fantasy football. Never again will I draft that hillbilly.

GMoney said...

You should have known this coming into the season, dumbass.

SSReporters said...

Ian Furness on Seahawks Gameday:

"9 turnover, 8 interceptions in the last 2 games, that's not on Matt. Let's leave it there."

These guys are more blind than Helen Keller.

GMoney said...

YES! The Seahawks hate is back this week!