Thursday, December 03, 2009

I Didn't Forget About College Hoops

Without a doubt, the worst part about being married now is that I had to give up on my bachelor paradise of having three TV's set up in the living room. I am now downgraded to one HD beauty. The problem is that I have to miss out on a lot of great sports action that I used to watch all the time. That means less time for the Cavs and Jackets and one of my favorite sports, college hoops. Eventhough Sparty and the Heels were playing the other night, I sure as shit wasn't going to watch that over the amazing Sons Of Anarchy season finale. BUT, I think it's about time that we talk about college basketball since the season is almost a month old now. Better late than never, right. The same thing can also be said about the people who bought the wife and I a clothes hamper and salt and pepper shakers for us off of our registry. WHY HAVEN'T YOU GIVEN THESE THINGS TO US YET, ASSHOLES!

Anyway, enjoy the picture of the BYU cheerleader. The Cougs have, BY FAR, the hottest cheerleaders that I've ever seen. Trust me. Big Love makes it seem as though every broad in Utah is ugly...that is not the case.

So. I'm writing this about an hour before heading down to Value City Arena to take in the Florida State/Ohio State game. She$ managed to snake some floor seats for free. When she initially asked if I wanted to go, I gave her a quick no. I called back about 30 seconds later changing my mind. When you have the chance to watch Leonard Hamilton work his magic, you don't pass that shit up. He looks exactly like Bunny Colvin for chris'sake. Maybe seeing a game live will get my college hoops juices going again. I hope so. I do have a few thoughts on the young season though including a Final Four prediction at the end.

*It may not look like Kentucky is playing all that well this season (as evidenced by their buzzer beating win over the RedHawks which was followed by an all-timer of a press conference by the great Charlie Coles), but don't be fooled. This is the most talented team in the country. I predicted after the Calipari hiring and the John Wall signing that they would be in the Final Four and I meant it. The best part is that when UK gets busted for paying these guys in four years, Miami will get that win anyway.

*Dude, Evan Turner is sick. What the hell happened to this Uncle Tom in the offseason that turned him into a superstar? I thought that he should have went out early after last season and be a top 15 pick but clearly I was wrong. He's staring top 5 in the face next year (he IS going this time around). It's a shame that he has no point guard, center, or consistent outside shooting surrounding him. That last line will get the comments a-firing.

*I don't get the love of Kalin Lucas. Everytime I watch him play, he seems average. He was named preseason Big Ten POY yet the other four guys on the first team are all better than him. I don't understand it. And he got punked (again) by the Heels on Tuesday. Someone (Drew) please explain why Lucas is so revered.

*UCLA sucks. Holy shit, this fall from grace has been quick and painful. This team has lost to CS-Fullerton, Long Beach State, Butler, AND scored 47 fucking points in a loss to PORTLAND. Yeah, you can forget about these guys in your brackets this year.

*Syracuse should not be respected. Jim Boeheim is a whiny bitch who never schedules anyone. They lost to fucking LeMoyne! I don't care if it was an exhibition, that should not happen. Remember when Ohio State lost to Findlay a few years ago...that was great.

*Some things just stay the same. I just looked at the rankings and noticed that Clemson and Georgetown are both ranked. Who wants to bet me that both of these teams actually just suck, are poorly coached, and are destined to get upset in the first round of the tournament if they make it at all? Actually, that last sentence should be on Oliver Purnell's tombstone.

*I did a little research today. To some people around these parts, it's a big deal for the Big Ten to finally win the ACC/Big Ten challenge. They have not won it ever. As I write this, it is tied at 3-3. But you know what, if the Big Ten can't win it this year, they never will. Do you know how many players from the Big Ten were drafted last year? 2. BJ Mullens and Goran Suton and neither of those two will be in the league 3 years from now. Do you know how many players were drafted from the ACC? 9. SEVEN in the first round. The Big Ten is returning nothing but veteran teams while the ACC is young, dumb, and full of cum. For the record, this isn't just a bunch of Big Ten bashing because the conference truly is stacked this year.

*Final Four Picks!!! We're giving 3 favorites and sort of an off-the-radar pick to make it:
-Kentucky (to win it all)
-Kansas (Self hasn't choked in awhile)
-Purdue (these guys are LOADED)
-Cincinnati (they are starting to look like Chuggy's old teams now)

That game was absolutely awful. I should have just stayed home and played with myself. Florida State might have the worst guards of all time. William Buford should never shoot again. I spent a good chunk of the game watching Ed Hightower be an awesome referee. It was outstanding. For some reason, Drew Poopson was holding a TV camera underneath the basket. Does anyone know why?


Anonymous said...

Evan Turner = NPOY


Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that BYU girl is crazy hot. She reminds me of Sara Jean Underwood, who was Playmate Of The Year a few years ago and one of my personal faves...although she recently got some tittie implants that I feel are unnecessary. I've long thought the hottest cheerleaders in the country are Oregon's group...I'll have to investigate these BYU chicks as I like what I'm seeing.


GMoney said...

I just wanted to say again that watching Ed Hightower oversell every call that he made was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I can't see the picture of the BYU cheerleader and I assume she is hot, but I have never gotten your obsession with BYU cheerleaders. We were like 70 rows up in Lexington, not sure how you got such a good look at them. They all looked good to me.

I'm with you on Lucas. He stole Turner's player of the year last year. He was overrated last year and he is even more overrated this year. He is no Al Anagonye.

Poopson is taking some sort of class so he has to do that stuff sometimes. He was up in the press box for some football games and was even a football analyst on some university TV show. Drew Poopson > Mark May. I'm sure that was a great watch.

Hightower is actually a really bad ref and none of coaches like him. I'm surprised he still works every single Big 10 game.

No love for the shooting exhibition that Diebs put on last night?


Anonymous said...

I understand the comment about UK's shaky start, but you have to understand how young they are. They have one senior on the entire roster and they start 3 true freshman. Plus that game against Miami was a joke. Miami will NEVER shoot the ball that well again. EVER. They shot like 70% from three and some joke on their team came off the bench to hit like 10 or 11 three's.
John Wall and Patrick Patterson playing well together is going to be very tough to beat in March.
Big game Saturday against UNC. I honestly think they lose because of immaturity in a big game, but it will help in the long run.

Thanks for jinxing my team - your predictions are never right.


Dustin said...

Did anyone else waste 2 hours of their life watching Michigan? WTF happened to them? Their offense consisted of passing around the perimeter and launching 3's. I think they attempted more than 30. Every time they tried to go inside they got stuffed. Michigan=BAD

Anonymous said...

Here is the problem with college basketball.... NO MORE TYLER HANSBROUGH!!!!

-- Soulja Roy

GMoney said...

I am trying to decide who I hate more: Deibler (who will now not make a shot over the next 3 games) or Zack Novak.

For those wondering, Mark Titus's jumpers during warmups were as wet as ever.

Mr. Ace said...

How dare you say that you hate Novak. That kid is a grinder. He's the fucking leader of our team and he's a sophomore.

Michigan will be there at tourney time, don't you worry.

Jeff said...

Where's the real G$ at?? "The Big Ten is truly stacked." Since when do you give out love to the Big Ten?? The conference is good, but not stacked like everyone thought it would be. You are right that if they didn't win it this year they never would. The had home court advantage too, 6 out of the 11 being at home for the Big Ten, but it still took 3 road wins to do it.

Anonymous said...

--I almost texted you last night, when I saw Ed Hightower at the game.....I had the over under at 3 times pleasuring yourself to EH's overselling every call.....was I close????

--I can't believe how much Buford struggles in his shooting, I don't think I have seen him hit a three yet this year, but I've seen him, shoot about 20 in the three games I've watched.


Anonymous said...

G$...Diebs is shooting 49.2% from tramp land this season....he'll be pouring in buckets over the next few games..count on it.

Mr. Ace...Michigan better win a fucking decent non-conference game this year if they "will be there in tourney time". Their last two decent non-conference games are at Utah and at Kansas...I think you're looking at Not Invited Tourney. It's a shame they don't have something like that for football too, huh?


Tony B. said...

Amazing about UCLA- they were too good so all their players left for the NBA. It's hard to believe how bad they are now.

Mr. Ace said...

Drew, you moron, we play UConn at home as well. Why do you even comment? I just blew a load, watching Shyla Styles toss a guys salad, that was more intelligent than you.

Mr. Ace said...

We are still crazy young and have a true freshman at PG, it's easy to understand why we might not be clicking early in the season(Yes, I know this sounds like exactly what I would be saying about the football team.) If we can sneak in a win against any of our 3 big OOC opponents left I think we will be alright. We should be in full swing by the time Big Ten play rolls around.

Or we will continue to shoot 20% from 3 point range and 60% from free throw line and play uninspired defense and lose to Indiana.

Grumpy said...

If your son was kidnapped by a guy on a boat, wouldn't you just call the Coast Guard and describe the boat and the direction it was headed?

Mr. Ace said...

If my son was kidnapped by a guy on a boat it was probably because I paid the guy on the boat.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ace...I got that info off your fucking MGoBlog that you like to steal pictures from for your own posts.

And nobody would take your child on a boat, because life preservers can't even save children with Down's Syndrome.


"After the disappointment in Orlando, Boston College appeared to be Michigan's lone chance for a signature out-of-conference win. Now the Wolverines face the daunting task of winning in Salt Lake City against Utah or in Lawrence against Kansas for their resume booster."


Mr. Ace said...

Do you think that makes you sound more intelligent because you took some blog's WRONG information and then regurgitated it on here? Nice WRONG information fucktard.

You are the Arnie Grape of this blog.