Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Great Team Becomes Grand

I really had no intention of talking about baseball in December but when my favorite team and a couple of my readers' favorite team get together to wheel and deal, it must be discussed. So it appears that Curtis Granderson is on his way to the World Champs. Ian Kennedy and Edwin Jackson head to Arizona and the Tigers get Phil Coke, Max Scherzer, Mark Schlereth's kid, and Austin Jackson. With all of these all-stars and prized prospects on the move, it needs to be addressed by me.

First things first, and this going to sound weird saying this, I feel bad for Tigers fans. They went for broke the past two seasons and came up short. The economy in Michigan got ridiculously bad and now they have to sell off their good young talent as opposed to jettisoning off the old dead weight (Magglio). This is different than the Indians because Dolan doesn't open his purse. At least Illitch tried and he tried hard. But now his franchise is stuck in rebuild. And that is a harsh reality of baseball. A handful of teams can afford to pay Ordonez 18 million for a year, but not all of them. The Tigers are now one of those teams. That being said, enjoy your 75 win team, Mountain Dew chuggers.

I still don't understand why Jackson and Granderson were on the block. Their contracts weren't bad. I felt like Miguel Cabrera should have been dangled instead of these two. Granderson was the face of the franchise. A community-first guy who was a fan favorite. They basically got Edwin from Tampa last year for a bag of balls and he went on to be an all-star. Why flip these guys? They could have received the same package of prospects from Boston for Cabrera and keep their most popular (and affordable) player. That does not make sense to me.

Thus far, in the young offseason, the Tigers have lost three all-stars including Polanco. This is not good. These are good character guys, too. Do you really want your young players in a locker room led by a shitfaced Cabrera? Oh well, the haul that they got back was pretty good. Scherzer, when healthy, is one of the best young pitchers in baseball. I have no idea why Arizona gave up on him. Phil Coke is a serviceable lefty in the pen but he sucked ass in the postseason. Austin Jackson is the Yankees best OF prospect but he is still a year away. And he isn't a power hitter. Schlereth couldn't get ANYONE out this year. You know, for dealing two all-stars, this is a pretty weak return.

I'm still on a high from the World Series victory and this trade only made me happier. The Yankees made a point last year of getting great team guys who play the game like Brett Favre plays football. There aren't many better people in baseball than Granderson. He immediately steps into CF and the 2 hole behind Jeter to make the lineup even more potent due to his young legs. Coke became expendable once we all saw in the playoffs that Damaso Marte is a fucking stud. I have been waiting for Ian Kennedy to get dumped for two years now.

This also means that Matsui and Damon will probably not be back. Hideki wasn't in the future plans anyway. The best part about this is that Asshole Boras tried to play chicken with the Yanks and get Damon a 4 year about a zero year deal, fucko? Fuck Scott Boras. I am a Johnny Damon fan, but he's old now and the Yankees aren't in business to be loyal. It's about staying at the top. Granderson may not be an upgrade this year, but he's signed through 2013 for less than 40 million. For the Yankees, that is cheap ass labor.

This may come as a surprise, but I am not greedy. I don't want the Yankees to spend 300 million. I really don't. I have no interest in John Lackey or Matt Holliday or even Halladay. There is no skill involved in just buying everything in sight. Get me some glue guys. These are the kind of moves that I like. They have invested into their farm system the past 5 years and it's time that they use it. 5-tool, affordable, 29 year old All-Star CF don't become available everyday. When they do, you move on them. It makes complete sense and is a sound business decision by an organization that has been doing a lot right recently. It's a lot wiser than giving 13 million to 34 year old Marco Scutaro.

Welcome to New York, Curtis. Now let's just hope that you can be as popular in the Bronx as former Yankee great (and one of my sister's favorite players), Chad Curtis.

Oh, and Tigers fans...get fucked.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on this....

*Just about every "expert" has said that the Tigers did the best in this deal, the Yankees did very well and nobody has any clue what the Diamondbacks were doing.

*I do hate losing Grandy the person/the player. But, let's face it...he's not that great. Three years ago he averaged .302...then two year ago .280...then last year .249...and he loves to strike out. He is tremendous defensively though.

*I have zero problem trading Edwin Jackson. He fucking sucked balls in the second half last year and in two years his contract is up with Boras as his agent.

*You say Phil Coke sucked in the post season..he gave up zero runs in teh first two rounds. It was in teh World Series that he get beat up.

*Trade Miggy...are you crazy? They better have gotten a ton more than this haul to trade a stud like that.

*As you said, it sucks that the Tigers had to do this but I think they could have done a lot many teams do. They got a great young pitcher in Scherzer, one of the Yankees top prospects, a very solid middle reliever in Coke and the D-Backs first round draft pick from two years ago. They scaled back some money and seem to have gotten three solid players and possibly a stud...and they control all of their salaries for the next five years.

*If it wasn't due to money do I think they would have made the trade? No way. But, all things considered I think they did well if it's something they had to do...and like the talking heads say, I think the Yankees were smart to go after it too.


GMoney said...

Coke started out well but sucked balls in the second half. But at least he's better than Bobby Seay.

How can you do the best in a deal in which you dump two all-stars for a handful of unknowns?

Anonymous said...

You're using the all-star game as your measuring stick these days? Come on. Yeah, Edwin Jackson had a damn good first half...would he have made the all-star team if they did it again after the year? Hell for one year he's a first half all-star. But, I guess that gives him instant cred in your book. Inge was a fucking all-star, I guess we better hold on to him at all costs. Oh, Jason Marquis was an all-star as well...he's got to be on the official Rockies do not trade list.


Mr. Ace said...

Fag off both of you. You won't know who "won" this deal for another five years.

Can't we talk about Terrell Suggs pouring bleach all over his fiancee and child?

GMoney said...

Ace, you better believe that we can. Baby violence is always a welcomed topic here.

I can see why you are getting so defensive. It must suck seeing your 135 million dollar team executing an epic fire sale/rebuild.

Anonymous said...

Trading two one-time all-stars is one hell of an "epic fire-sale".

I also have no problem with talking about bleach babies.


KPietsch said...

Hendry is an idiot for walking away from a second chance to make Granderson a Cub. We'll just wait until he's out of his prime and then sign him to a multi year deal that will help us forget about the Bradley or Soriano contracts. For now, we'll eat a big contract in Bradley and in return we'll sign 36 year old Mike Cameron. He's the center piece to breaking the 102 year old curse.

GMoney said...

Pietsch, that was an epic rant. The Cubs are clueless.

Tony B. said...

Speaking of the Cubs, there was also talk of a Bradley for Carlos Silva deal. Oh, that would be wonderful. Trade a sinking ship for an actual anchor- I'm fairly certain this comment board could run the Cubs more effectively.

I think both the Tigers and Yankees did fine (I'm high on Scherzer and the other players will do fine in Detroit) but I don't like the D'Backs haul. Not one bit (Edwin Jackson is a fraud.)

Anonymous said...

Granderson is too good of a person to play with all those assholes and cheaters in the bronx. He will hate it.

Sucks having to hate one of my favorite players in baseball just because he is now wearing pin-stripes.


Dustin said...

I don't like losing one of my favorite players (grandy), but with what we got back I'm fine with the deal. If you take emotion out of it, we just unloaded a .249 hitter who has been worse every year since '06 and a big unknown in jackson for 4 solid prospects.

The tigers were going nowhere in '10 even with these guys because they have about 70 mil wrapped up in AWFUL contracts that come off the books next year.

When the tigers trade away miggy for a bag of dicks (like the indians with cliff lee and spictor) you can call this a fire sale. This was a solid move trading 2 players who were on the decline.

I have my A-Jax jersey on order already.

Mr. Ace said...

So we can all agree that my Chicago White Sox are front runners for the toughest division in baseball...the A.L. Central if you didn't know.

Dustin said...

2010 AL Central = BAD

At least it will be an interesting race. Every team but the Indians has a chance.

GMoney said...

Ace has already ordered his Andruw Jones and Omar Vizquel jerseys.

Austin Jackson hit 4 homers in AAA...good luck waiting for him to figure it out.

If this was your way at getting back at the Yanks for giving you Gary Sheffield, well, thanks.

KPietsch said...

I agree... but try being a Cubs fan.

CUBS-----Silva from Seattle
TB-------Milton Bradley

I'd rather be the team getting the cash.