Tuesday, December 08, 2009

BCS Bowls...OF SHIT!

(A couple more reasons for TCU to play in the National Title)
First of all, allow me to pat myself on the back and remind all of you that I said Alabama was the best team in college football and Nick Saban is the best coach in college football from day one of the season. I never wavered in that opinion...I saw that Gator dismantling coming from a mile away. I'm awesome.

Now to the bowls...I'm outraged. Fucking outraged. Do you see what the BCS is doing? They did everything in their power to make sure that their National Championship game winner will be the only undefeated team to appear worthy of the distinction of National Champion. Seriously, look at the match-ups.

First of all, that Orange Bowl is fucking garbage. That's all I have to say about that.

Second, they set up Cincy for epic failure. I am 99% sure that Brian Kelly will not coach that game. I am 100% sure that Jesus Christ himself will suit up for Florida to insure that the Tebow child goes out on top. Out of all the teams playing in BCS games, Florida is clearly the last team that Cincy wanted to be matched up with. Florida's offense is going to run wild. Cincy's offense will be stymied by the super athletic defense of Florida that matches up perfectly with Cincy's spread. The BCS did everything they could to make sure Cincy doesn't finish undefeated. Bullshit. Nobody has talked about this aspect yet, but imagine if there was a playoff... Brian Kelly is staying at Cincinnati and coaching for a National fucking Title. Instead, we have the BCS and Kelly is leaving Cincy to get slaughtered under the guidance of an assistant coach because Cincinnati winning the Orange Bowl is worth a sack of dicks. The BCS simply fucks everything up.

When the match-up of the Fiesta Bowl was announced, it immediately ruined my weekend. I was, and still am, fuming. Do you see what is happening here? What is the one thing that all the fucktards say when arguing to keep non-BCS teams out of BCS games? That they don't play anybody. They don't play as tough of a schedule as the big boys. They don't beat any of the big boys. So the BCS gives us this shit and everybody will look at it as the JV Bowl. This was the perfect opportunity to give TCU and Boise State shots at the BCS elite, and validate their programs in the process. But that would make sense, wouldn't it! That would show the BCS for what it is, an incredibly stupid and bias system that cripples real, meaningful competition.

Nobody wants to see this fucking game! I watched them play last year in the Vagisil Crusty Taco Bowl, I don't want to see it again this year. No good can possibly come from this game. Now what are the BCS bitches going to say after TCU annihilates Boise? TCU didn't beat anybody this year! No way they should be allowed to play for the National Title. They can't be the best team in college football. To these BCS bitches, I say FUCK YOU.

Here is what the bowls should look like...The BC-ACE BOWLS.
National Championship Game: Alabama vs TCU. I know TCU is better than Texas. TCU deserves a shot at the title just as much as any other undefeated team.

Rose Bowl: Oregon vs Texas. Fuck tradition. I think the Rose Bowl is killing potential BCS games and it is time for a change.

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs Florida. This is a game that everybody wants to see. Give Boise a crack at one of the big dogs because they deserve it, goddammit.

Sugar Bowl: Cincinnati vs Georgia Tech. Who wouldn't want to watch this game? The final score would be 100-99.

Orange Bowl: Fuckeyes vs Miami. No, I don't want shitty Iowa anywhere near a BC-ACE bowl. And I sure as shit don't want Penn State either. The Big Ten doesn't deserve to have two teams in the BCS or BC-ACE. I want to entertain. How could you not be entertained with this match-up? A chance for Miami to get a little revenge for that phantom pass interference call.

Look at that line up of BC-ACE games. Fun for everyone! What would your BCS match-ups be? Let's all rally together and bash the BCS in the comments.


Grumpy said...

Mr. Ace > Genius.

GMoney said...

Your post's biggest flaw is that you blame the BCS when the BCS did nothing wrong. Blame the bowls themselves because they are the ones who picked these games. Dumbass.

Brian Kelly is a fucking asshole. I hope that when he talks to ND today, they see who he really is and tell him that they aren't interested anymore.

Anonymous said...

As G$ said...the BCS didn't do anything...the bowls did it. I also have zero doubt that if there was a playoff, Kelly would still bolt from the team to go take the ND job. He's that much of a slime bag prick. Speaking of ND...how funny is it that it sounds like their top two choices after obviously getting turned down by Stoops and Meyer, turned out to be the Stanford coah and an overweight "offensive genius"...it's like they just want to get one of their last two hires right.

Oh...and matching up OSU with Miami? I could already hear your whining next year and the year after when you bitch about having to see these schools match up for the second and third years in a row.


Mr. Ace said...

You don't think the BCS committee has any ties to what match-ups actually get picked? They are the fucking Mafia, they have their hands on everything.

Drew...I get tired of ripping you so I'm just going to leave that last statement alone.

95% of head coaches are assholes, deal with it.

MuDawgfan said...

How about an extra large FUCK YOU to Notre Dame for refusing to play in a bowl game this year?

I wanted to see Notre Dame play Nebraska simply to watch Ndamagkong Suh rip Jimmy Clausen to pieces.

GMoney said...

I wanted to see Notre Dame play Central Michigan for further embarrassment.

Sorry, Ace, but I don't believe in your conspiracy theory that the BCS made the Orange Bowl take two utterly awful teams.

Sorry again that you were taking to the hospital this morning from Tiger's house.

Mr. Ace said...

I do play a middle aged blond woman when the sun goes down...

I would have loved to see ND get rolled by CMU...but I don't have a problem with them not going to a bowl.

Jim Delany, Big Ten commish, owns the BCS committee.

Dustin said...

Does miami even qualify for a bcs bowl? I didn't think they were in the top 12. Why does miami deserve to get in over a 2nd big 10 team? Miami will get their shot at revenge next year in Columbus.

I hope the fiesta bowl loses their ass on their bowl selections.

GMoney said...

"I hope the fiesta bowl loses their ass"

Your uncle has tickets to the game?

You are the worst fantasy commish ever.

Mr. Ace said...


You are a terrible FF commish.

Anonymous said...

G$....Did you see Boise is no longer coming to Oxford to play next year? Not sure if that is new news or not.


Mr. Ace said...

My Toledo Rockets are very thankful that Miami of OX isn't play Boise the next two years.

Anonymous said...

You gave Miami a home game in your BC-Ace. That sounds fair. Also, that was not a phantom pass interference. Look at the bigass picture on the wall at Spenglers. That picture proves pass interference. Hook 'Em!

-Lil' Strut

Mr. Ace said...

Lil Strut, you are a queer.

I forgot all about this. But I was back up in Toledo at The Distillery Saturday night with Lil Strut and some others watching the Big 12 Championship game. LS gay ass is cheering for Texas!!! Because he respects their program--aka was molested by Mack Brown. So Nebraska gets jobbed and LS is going around the bar "hookin em" all by hiimself because NOBODY IN OHIO LIKES TEXAS! You're a real asshole.

Anonymous said...


Dustin said...

How am I a terrible commish? At the end of the day, there was no funny business going on.

Did anyone see the previews for jersey shore? "The Situation" knocks a bitch out! YES!!!

GMoney said...

It's not The Situation. It's a The Situation impostor.

Li'l Strut is a faggot. Way to root against the underdog, queer.

Anonymous said...


-Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

Granderson is a Yankee...more on this tomorrow.

Dustin said...

Haven't people learned not to deal with Dave Dombrowski? Austin Jackson and Max Scherzer= superstars. Granderson and ejax= on their way down.

TC said...
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TC said...

Fuck Texas!! The only thing to come from there are steers and queers. Do us all a favor and secede already, you cocksuckers!