Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best Story Ever

Notre Dame (sucks) quarterback Jimmy Clausen was punched in the face by an irate fan outside a South Bend restaurant (male review) early Sunday morning and has a swollen eye (twat), a person (his same-sex lover) briefed on the incident said.

That person
(his sugar bear) said Clausen (faggot) was "sucker-punched" (queer beat) by a fan (guy playing Smear The Queer) as he left an establishment after having dinner (intercourse) with his parents (Lou Holtz).

The fan (American hero) allegedly said something (You are a fucking homo) to Clausen and/or a female acquaintance (not a female).

This news really helped me get over my fucking TIE to Damman in G$FL tonight. And since I'm too lazy to punch him to break the tie, I will settle on Clausen getting lit up instead. KEEP CHARLIE, KILL JIMMY!!! Speaking of which, who wants to play Smear The Queer???

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