Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Because Shaun Alexander Worked Out Soooo Well

Follow me here because by the end of the week, this shit will be true.

The Chiefs released shitty malcontent RB Larry Johnson yesterday.
Clinton Portis is doubtful this week (and probably longer) with a concussion and the Redskins are looking at signing another RB.
Complete fucking failure by overreacting and signing this shithead.

Yeah, like Larry Johnson is the answer to all the fucking problems on this team. He'll certainly come in right away and use everything he learned in Kansas City to make the Redskins a winner again.

God dammit. This hasn't even happened yet and I'm already pissed. I would rather have the other Larry Johnson. You know...Grand Mama. I bet that he could start at tackle tomorrow.

This organization just keeps getting worse.


Tony B. said...

Don't do it 'Skins. Guys like Johnson need to sit out a few months to begin to understand what they were doing is damaging to a team. Only then can they be productive (see Cedric Benson.)

GMoney said...

Well, if LJ is a Ced Benson in waiting, BRING THIS FINE CITIZEN IN!!! He just needs a Boating DUI first.