Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BC-ACE Week 5: Beat The Fuckeyes Week

I drove over 1,000 miles this weekend and was in the car for damn near 20 hours, all to go to Camp Randall and watch Michigan completely and totally collapse, yet again, in the second half. I wasn't really surprised, so it's hard to be pissed about it. It's also hard to be pissed about it because 90% of the time I was on that trip I had one of Wisconsin's excellent local brewery creations in hand...New Glarus' Spotted Cow is one of the best beers I've ever had and Lake Louie's Tommy's Porter was pretty good as well. But our defense is a bigger joke than Cleveland being allowed to host a Monday Night game, what the fuck was Goodell thinking? It is time for heads to roll in Ann Arbor...but I'm not talking about Rich Rod. I'm not even sure that Greg Robinson should go, but I wouldn't complain if he was canned. Anybody who has any responsibility for any part of the defense that isn't the defensive line needs to get the fuck out. It's fucking embarrassing. If I can call out what plays Wisconsin is about to run from the 80th row then the defense should have a fucking clue. But they don't. They have no fucking clue.

Other things I took from Wisconsin: For the most part, Wisconsin fans are a fun bunch. Not fucks like...well, fuckeyes, not douchers like Sparty fans, and not annoying fucking pricks like ND fans. However, where they excel in good times, they fail badly in intelligence. I have never encountered a dumber population in my entire life, and that is saying a lot considering who we have roaming around this site. If Wisconsin took an IQ test, the score would come back Down Syndrome.

Also, what the fuck are Cheese Curds and why are people paying money for them? Disgusting people....I digress.

ACE'S BOTTOM BITCH: Alabama. They simply dominated Mississippi State, the same Mississippi State team that might have beaten the Gators if it weren't for a questionable ruling on an INT returned for a TD. Do people really still think that Florida is a better team?

2. Florida. I really thought the Ol' ball coach was going to pull of the upset on Saturday, but they just didn't have enough offense to get it done. Looking down Florida's results this year I just don't see a game that I am really impressed with...beating 6-4 UGA by 24?

3. TCU. I'm moving them up and I don't give a shit. In the last four weeks TCU has played two teams that were ranked 16th in the nation, one of which on the road, and they won those games by a combined 58 points! This team is legit.

4. Texas. The Big 12 sucks. I don't care. Texas has only played one team inside the top 15 and that was Oklahoma State. TCU could beat Texas.

5. Cincinnati. I said a couple weeks ago that I wouldn't talk about Cincy in detail until after they beat WVU. They beat WVU. Now I won't talk about them again until they play Pitt...other than pleading with Brian Kelly to please not go to Notre Dame because you will lose your soul.

6. Georgia Tech. Same old story for Georgia Tech. I love this team. Only Georgia left on the schedule for them. If they beat Georgia by more than 24 I might move them in front of Florida.

7. Boise St. Well, they finally blew somebody out. Too bad they got outgained by fucking Idaho.

8. Pitt. Pitt's defense held ND to three points in the first three quarters Saturday. ND would rally back but Pitt had enough to hold them off. They also managed to virtually guarantee that Charlie Weis' fupa would no longer walk the ND sidelines after this season...which I hate them for. How the fuck did this team lose to NC State?

9. Oregon. They ran into a buzzsaw at Stanford. Coming of the huge home domination of USC, Oregon simply wasn't ready for what Stanford was bringing. They are still the best team in the PAC 10 which means they definitely belong in the top 10.

10. Stanford. Yes, I am fucking serious. Have you watched them the last two weeks? They soundly took it to then number 8 Oregon and then turn around the very next week and annihilate USC at the fucking Coliseum! Don't tell me this isn't one of the best 10 teams in the country right now. And I fucking hate Jim Harbaugh's faggot ass, but he deserves some credit.

I know I am going to take shit for not having the Fuckeyes in the top 10, but the truth is they don't deserve it. Compare any of these teams resume's with theirs and they just don't stack up. Sorry...not really though.

Also, much to your pleasure, I will be back tomorrow with a preview for THE GAME! This will be an honest prediction of what will happen on Saturday...something you Fuckeyes around here are incapable of doing without looking back to 2002 and claiming you are one of the top 5 programs in the history of the earth. So suck on that for 24 hours and bring your A game tomorrow. BITCHES.


Mr. Ace said...

Are we getting a "Brown Out" in the comments section today?

GMoney said...

"If I can call out what plays Wisconsin is about to run from the 80th row"--Everybody loves that douche!!!

I think we are getting "Brown Stains" in the comments today.

Cheese curds - fried cheese...they will make your heart stop

Nate B. said...

I'll compare resumes...

Ohio State (9-2)

Quality wins: #13 Iowa, #14 Penn State, #16 Wisconsin

Losses: #18 USC, unranked Purdue

Stanford (7-3)

Quality wins: #11 Oregon, #18 USC

Losses: #19 Oregon State, unranked Arizona, unranked Wake Forest

Please explain why Stanford has a better resume than Ohio State. Simply saying Stanford's playing the best right now doesn't change the fact they've lost twice to unranked teams. Playing two straight weeks of great football doesn't define a season.

GMoney said...

Aren't you doing the same thing with OSU from the last two weeks, Nate?

Stanford has a white running back = they are better

Grumpy said...

Having Mr. Ace insult our IQ's is actually a compliment.

Anonymous said...

I am actually starting to come around on Georgia Tech. They might be the real deal.

Nate, we should all know by now that Ace doesn't like stats or actual facts. That's just not his style. Ohio St. could be undefeated and Ace wouldn't have him in his top 10

We are all on the edge of our seats for the big honest preview tomorrow, Ace. Hopefully, it is as accurate of your breakdown of Michigan after they were 4-0. Can someone pull that post again? That was great stuff.


Nate B. said...

G$ -

If I were to compare nothing but quality wins in the past few weeks, then yes.

The quality losses both take into consideration each team's performance over the remainder of the year as well.

Ohio State played and defeated another quality opponent in the beginning of the year - Navy. I see Stanford's early loss to Wake Forest worse than what a loss to Navy would have been for OSU.

If you look at the entire year as a whole (which what a team should be judged on), OSU has a much better resume.

Mr. Ace said...

Nate, BECAUSE THE BIG TEN FUCKING SUCKS! Iowa is garbage and it took you OT to beat them and their backup redshirt freshman QB. Wisky is garbage. Penn State is garbage. You're a fool if you think the Big Ten is on par with the PAC 10 this year.

Grumpy, they probably didn't even develop IQ tests until you were 90. You old angry bastard.

Mr. Ace said...

Damman, you stay away from my fucking Yellow Jackets. Don't you dare jump aboard and jinx them.

Mr. Ace said...

Also G$, how about that tough loss from your Redhawks? I have to give them some props though, they looked solid.

GMoney said...

It is our MO. We play good teams close but get tight at the end and fall short. Nick Winbush dropping 8 treys was a pleasant surprise. They are really young but the future looks good.

Nate B. said...

What's your reasoning for the Pac-10 being so mighty this year? Oregon shit the bed against Boise State, despite playing at Autzen.

Yep, OSU lost to USC, but Iowa also took down Arizona.

Purdue nearly took out Oregon as well.

Don't give me any bullshit about the better teams in the Big Ten losing against the worse teams. See USC vs. Washington, Stanford vs. Arizona, etc.

Hell, even look at the lower half of the PAC-10 against the lower half of the Big-10:

CAL, UCLA, ASU, Washington, WSU

Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana.

At the height of your argument you could call these teams a wash. I think the B10 bottom five could easily take the PAC10 bottom five. But then again, Michigan's so awful that maybe you are onto something!

I think I've thrown enough out there. What's your basis in saying the Pac-10 is a better conference than the Big 10?

Anonymous said...

Your site blows when you let this fucking idiot make posts.

Mr. Ace said...

Nate, I stopped reading after you said Oregon lost at home to Boise. After reading that the rest of it really isn't important.

rstiles said...

Ohio State blows my hairy balls

GMoney said...

Give it the eye test. If you can't see how much better the Pac-10 is than the Big Ten (at the top, where it matters), then you should start watching the LPGA.

Stanford RAN UP THE SCORE in the Coliseum...you couldn't even beat USC in your own house.

Nate B. said...

The "eye test" - WTF?

OSU played a terrible game against USC - I will give you that. They played an even worse game against unranked Purdue (who almost pulled it out against Oregon).

Stanford lost to two unranked opponents. One of which was beaten by Iowa.

If OSU and USC were to play again today, I'd expect an entirely different result.

GMoney said...

If OSU played USC again, they would lose again. Because you don't win out of conference against similar talent. Period. The only difference would be the score differential.

The Iowa team that you beat on Saturday is not the same Iowa team that beat Arizona. Stop being foolish.

Mr. Ace said...

Thank you G$ for doing all the dirty work today.

Anonymous said...

OSU would most definitely take out USC right now. OSU is getting better in November (which is a traditional Tressel trait as he's only lost 3 career games in November at OSU), while USC is gettting worse...much, much worse.


Nate B. said...

Agree to disagree I guess.

Let's wait until bowl season to see what the B10 is all about.

GMoney said...

The same as they always are...awful.

Grumpy said...

Nate, you're counting on the Big 10 to prove itself during the bowl season? What historical basis is there for that?