Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BC-ACE Week 4: Is The Season Over Yet?

(Alright, who is the white guy who dressed up as Sammy Sosa for Halloween?)

Yes, fucksticks, I know Michigan lost and looked terrible doing it for the third week in a row...and this time I actually stayed sober and was able to make it into the game, worst decision of my life...other than not lobbying harder for an abortion when I created Dustin.

Does the Big Ten really have to send anybody to a BCS game? I'm tired of getting embarrassed as a conference. It's bad enough being a Michigan fan right now, I don't want to have to defend the worst conference in football anymore. On the bright side, the Fuckeyes have put themselves right back in the drivers seat to get BCS bitch-slapped yet again--I can't wait. On to the rankings.

Ace's Bottom Bitch- Alabama. Pretty obvious. LSU has a really good defense and Bama was able to put up 24 points on them, the second most by an opposing team this year. The passing game is starting to click at the right time and everybody got to see what Julio Jones can really do. Oh who am I fucking kidding, Nick Saban isn't losing. Period.

2. Florida. They played Vanderbilt and they won, because it wasn't a fucking Quiz Bowl. Did Brandon Spikes actually sit out that entire game? How fucking stupid is that? People are actually praising this kid for sitting out for the ENTIRE game against Vandy. Bullshit. He volunteered to sit out of a game where he easily could have blinded three skill players. Pussy.

3. Texas. I do not give two shits about this team. Awesome, they have some white guy who had 300 yards receiving against UCF. The Big 12 sucks Sammy Sosa's pale balls.

4. TCU. I really hope that somehow they end up playing Texas because they will curb stomp Colt McCoy. I'm dead serious. I like TCU more and more every week.

5. Cincinnati. They allowed UConn to mount a comeback in the fourth quarter but they were able to hold them off, and they were still without their number one QB--but Collaros has been great. If there is a god, please do not let Brian Kelly go to Notre Dame. Whatever is left of my soul, I will give it up to see Charlie Weis walk their sideline for the rest of his miserable life.

6. Georgia Tech. I was really hoping to move them up into the Top 5 this week but you just can't be rewarded for needing OT to beat Wake Forest. But again, that run game is sick. But if they have to pass more than 12 times a game then they are in trouble.

7. Boise State. Now that Oregon win doesn't even look that good. Boise just isn't that good this year. They will get exposed in their bowl game...if not before.

8-10. Pittsburgh is at the top of the heap of the tier two squads, with a chance to jump way up if they can run the table the rest of the regular season. Everybody else doesn't matter.

Fuck, I can't believe I am actually driving up to Madison this weekend to watch Michigan get stomped out at Camp Randall. I wish I had a funny comment to make after that, but I don't. The joke is I am driving nine hours to watch my team get their shit pushed in. What the fuck am I thinking?


Anonymous said...

I still think your obsession with GT is very strange and you made the point yourself...they needed OT to beat WAKE FOREST and you have them sixth.

The Buckeyes are knocking on the door of these rankings and should crack them after they destroy Iowa Saturday.

Maybe Brian Kelly will come to Michigan but I hope to get to see DickRod aimlessly roam the sideline for the rest of his miserable life.

Notre Dame=Michigan


GMoney said...

You're right, the Big Ten is awful. Even more so than usual. Is it possible to have a decent QB play in the league? The best QB from the conference in the past 4-5 years has been Curtis Painter. That says it all.

If you want to see shit get pushed in, just stay home and head up to the Plugged Nickel. Nate B is performing two shows a night.

Anonymous said...

Damman...good comparison on ND to Michigan. I actually want him fired in two years...then he will have a full stable of smurfs on the team and they will definitely go back to a pro style set, which won't work. Their recruiting class is horrendous this year as well. I bet Mr. Ace is still happy "with the direction of the program".

I liked how Mr. Ace says he's happy that OSU will be back in a BCS bowl. Yeah, I'm always happy when my rival wins the conference FIVE years in a row and looks set up to do it six and seven years in a row too....what a moron. And no PAC-10 team can bitch slap this OSU defense...it's sick.

G$...Troy Smith and Chad Henne played in 2006. Also, your boy Tebow shouldn't even be invited to NYC this year. Pryor has more passing yards, more rushing yards and more touchdowns.


Mr. Ace said...

Damman, if you look down the rankings you won't find one team that has not had its struggles with inferior opponents. Florida has struggled several times in SEC play and even Bama needed two blocked FG's to beat Tennessee. Good teams will sleep walk through games sometimes and that's what happened against Wake.

Michigan is not ND, its not really even close. Michigan is starting 100 freshman and 50 walk-ons right now, Weis has his players and his system and he still sucks. DickRod needs some time still.

In the last 5 years Chad Henne is the best QB to come out of the Big Ten. Curtis Painter fucking sucked...only you and Mel Kiper would say some stupid shit like that.

Mr. Ace said...

Drew, The Big Ten is fucking terrible! Great, you won the Big Ten. That is like being the smartest kid in the retard classes...something I'm sure you are familiar with.

I would rather the Fuckeyes win the Big Ten and get destroyed in a BCS game then be second in the Big Ten and get the opportunity to play down against some other conferences 2nd or 3rd best team.

Yeah, that defense is sick...tell that to Purdue's 280 passing yards a couple weeks ago.

Nate B. said...

I'd say Troy Smith in 2006 was probably the last solid season put together by a Big Ten QB.

Thanks for the promo way out of left field, G$. I'd expect nothing less from you.

Nate B. said...

Ace - let's just say the OSU defense happened to sleepwalk through the Purdue game, and has been solid the remainder of the year. We'd hate to have a double standard, right?

Anonymous said...

Ace...so OSU got destroyed in a BCS game last year? They lost on a last minute TD to the school most thought should have been in the national championship game over Oklahoma.

And yea...the OSU defense is sick. They had a bad game against Purdue, but they were also coming off a game against Wisconsin where they were on the field 90% of the game and scored a few touchdowns. The defense is currently top five in scoring defense, yards per game and number three in interceptions. It's sick.


Mr. Ace said...

The Big Ten sucks, I don't give a shit about your stats against terrible competition. And don't even try to bring up stats against USC as if it is even relevant.

Nate B, you guys "slept walked" and LOST to Purdue. GT "slept walked" and BEAT Wake...you see the difference right?

Sorry Drew, congrats on your last minute loss last year...it totally makes up for your recent performances in bowl games. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Guys, let's give Ace a break. His team and his program are garbage and he is frustrated. When one of the great programs in college football is your biggest rival, it can't be easy. Although, it's really not much of a rivalry anymore since we kick their ass every year.

Hang in there, Ace, it will be ok.


Anonymous said...

Fuck giving Ace a break and fuck Michigan. After Tress wins this year, he will move to 8-1 over Michigan...that's fucking beautiful.

Oh..and Ace...if you don't give a fuck about the stats the OSU defense is putting up on the Big Ten, then I don't give a fuck about the stats that TCU and Cincy are putting up...cool?

I like how you judge others performances in bowl games, when your school can't even make one!


Dustin said...

Ace- uhhh why would osu's defensive stats vs USC be irrelevant?

so since OSU is "the smartest kid in a retard class," michigan is what? You have 1 fucking big 10 win, and it was a struggle to get that.

And if you want to talk about getting bitch slapped in the BCS, look in the mirror. Michigan is 1-3 in BCS games. Lowly ohio state is 4-3, which is the 2nd most wins ever. God damn you're a retard.

Dustin said...

G$- will you post Aces post about michigan after the 4th week? Back then they were the greatest team ever, but now richrod just doesn't have his players and needs more time. Got anymore excuses, ace?

Mr. Ace said...

I love getting all the Fuckeye panties bunched.

I've already said Michigan is a shit show this year...I think I made that pretty clear.

The Fuckeyes are "one of the great programs in college football"...and yet all your comparisons are to Michigan. What have you fags done against the REAL great college football programs? Got your fucking shit kicked.

You queers can't even defend your program without creating some incredible fallacy to "prove" your points.

Drew, I don't care what you give a fuck about and neither does anybody commenting here.

Dut, I refuse to argue sports with you for the same reason G$ doesn't let you post on here...you're a retart.

Anonymous said...

Dut...Don't give Ace stats...he doesn't like stats. Also, they have 1 B10 win...you are right..but they have also haven't win a game against a Division 1 team since September.

I found Mr. Ace's post from September...this was his final paragraph...so funny...

And what's next for the mighty Wolverines? Honestly, I don't have a clue. All I know is I am more confident than ever in Michigan's ability to just win games. All of the sudden the games on our schedule look a lot more winnable, especially the two big home games left against Penn State and the Fuckeyes. All of the sudden 10 wins looks reasonable. Are we going to win a National Title this year? Probably not. Do we have just as good of a chance as any other team in the Big Ten? Fuck yes. The Rich Rodriguez era has officially begun, and Tate Forcier will be your captain for the next four years. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Michigan is back, bitches.

GMoney said...

Jesus Christ, I hate it when you fags get all faggy like this.

Dut, no.

Actually, to all of you, no. Even if you didn't ask a question, no. You all suck.

Pryor also has more losses than Tebow. Don't forget that.

I like how Iowa is without their QB this week which will diminish OSU's win over them. That makes me feel good. Cincinnati would beat anOSU, by the way.

How bad is the Big Ten when Pryor is the preseason player of the year and will probably end up being the actualy POY, too. Just awful.

Dustin said...

Oh that ace post from week 4 couldn't be better. The richrod era begins now!!!! 10 wins!!!!!! But now richrod just doesn't have his players. Give him more time. He's playing freshmen and walk ons.

Anonymous said...


*I know Pryor has more losses than Tebow...that doesn't diminish the fact that Tebow shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Big Apple that weekend. I guess Krenzel should have been there in 2002 too, for not having any losses and mediocre stats.

*John Clay will win B10 OPOY, as he rightfully should. I'm sure he will cement that with 300 yds or so against Michigan this weekend.

*Cincy would not beat OSU. Our DL would absolutely maul their OL.


Jeff said...

Enough of all this bullshit. Michigan does suck, but college football is very mediocre this year and the heisman will be in McCoy's hands as he has put up decent enough stats and probably should have won it last year. I'm a huge Ohio State fan too, but we won one fucking game in which we played like we thought we should have all year. That's our first win vs. a team ranked higher than us in 5 yrs. Winning the big ten is nice and all, but without being able to beat the pac 10 champ out in the rose bowl, this season will be a letdown.

GMoney said...

If 2002 Krenzel played in the 2009 college football season, he would be the unanimous Heisman winner. That is how fucking putrid this season has been.


Mr. Ace said...

Jeff, finally a fuckeye that's makes some sense.

Nate B. said...

At any rate, OSU will face the PAC-10 champ out west, likely Oregon. Given how our defense showed up against Clark & Royster, I'm feeling pretty good about how we match up against the Oregon offense.

You've got to give credit where credit is due - Pryor's performance at Happy Valley has shown he can take the pressure, so the home field advantage in Pasadena would be minimal.

No question OSU gets the long awaited BCS victory.

Ace - what exactly do you do during bowl season when your team isn't allowed to participate?

Anonymous said...

I think that everyday should be an Osu vs Michigan debate amongst the commentors. Isn't that what you really want G$? By the way, OSU bball is averaging 100 pts per game!


Anonymous said...

This is how you know when you have gotten to Ace: When his rebuttals only make fun of the people who made the argument, rather than actually rebut the point, you know you got to him.

-Lil' Strut

P.S. Ace, may the Forcier be with you...

GMoney said...

Nate, Oregon would beat Penn State by 20 points. And if not, Blount would knock JoePa's fucking teeth out.

Anonymous said...
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