Monday, November 02, 2009

Almost There, Boys...

One more. One more fucking win for title #27. Game 3 was great. Game 4 was even better. Notes:

*Why in the hell were both catchers going through signs with no one on base? Annoying as fuck. And Damman brought up a good point to me...Jorge going to the mound on what seemed like every other pitch in the first inning was a pain in the ass.

*CC was strong again. Three days rest? Who cares. I'd take that outing any day over Chad Gaudin's best. The guy is a fucking beast. Other than Chase Utley, the rest of the Phils are hitting about .029 against him.

*Home plate umpire Mike Evearitt was rotten. His strike zone was inconsistent and apparently Ryan Howard doesn't need to touch home plate to be called safe. I learned something today.

*Yeah, Joba gave up a dinger but his stuff was fucking nasty tonight.

*When did Damaso Marte become unhittable? I'm liking this.

*I fucking loathe Jimmy Rollins. Everything about this loser pisses me off. You hit .250 this year and were under .200 for a good chunk of it. You aren't good.

*Johnny Damon's at-bat in the 9th was amazing. The guy may swing like a grandmother, but he is a stud. Not many players would have stolen second and third at the same time. Unbelievable play. Of course, THE GREAT ALEX RODRIGUEZ came through in the clutch. The man is great. You wish that you were as great as he is. Baseball Jesus can save your soul if you want it to be.

*Brad Lidge is fucking dumpster fire. He has now blown three saves to the Yankees THIS YEAR. That guy is awful. Just fucking terrible. He is to closing like Seal is to commenting...a complete bitch.

It ends tomorrow. Stiff Lee will not be able to stop the bleeding. The Phillies know it. The Philly fans know it. It's going to happen. Embrace it. Embrace your inner-Yankees fan that is just dying to come out. Enjoy it.


Grumpy said...

What fun it will be to watch the Yanks blow a 3-1 lead.

GMoney said...

Why you got to be like that? Rooting for the Phillies is like rooting for the Taliban or the even less popular "Tali-bum".

Anonymous said...

Johnny Damon is a stud???? You are a fucking joke.


GMoney said...

No, Seal, I'm a few hours away from being a champion.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I love the fantasy world you live in - but I guess a short, fat, un-athletic, readheaded, freckled douschebag would have to sit around all day wishing and dreaming he was actually part of a professional sports team. You have dreamed of it so much you actually believe you are going to get a ring with them haven't you??


GMoney said...

Seal is too inbred to pick up on sarcasm, I see. Years and years of cousins reproducing will do that to you.

VicLady said...

I loved the sound of silence when Damon stole second and third. How quickly he took the crowd out of the game. I'm not sure why Jorge thought he could go for two with his hit in the ninth. Would have been good to have kept the inning going.