Monday, October 19, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Schadenfreude

"Schadenfreude" is defined as enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others. Well, the shittiness of both my college and pro teams aside, nothing made me happier this weekend on the gridiron more than Ohio State losing to the college equivalent of the Washington Redskins. You guys suck.

How fucking bad is Terrelle Pryor? They should have benched his sorry ass. He is just putrid. As an athlete, he's pretty good. As a quarterback, he is Spurgeon Wynn's son. That is about as big of an insult as I could think of. Drew, do you still stupidly think that Michigan would kill to have this loser? Sure, they would, 'tard. It's going to be great watching him chuck up 4 picks in a loss at Ann Arbor next month. Yeah, I'm calling it. Dickie is going to stick it up your ass.

But in all serious, thank you, Purdue. I was beginning to get the feeling that Ohio State may run the table and ruin bowl season again. Mission accomplished. BOILER UP!!!

And for those of you who disagreed with my Friday assessment that college football is not very interesting this year, tell me I'm wrong now. This season sucks. Much like Terrelle Pryor.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do still think Michigan would kill to have Pryor. He's perfect for Dick Rod's offense, because he can run and not throw. Why do you think he keeps going to that abortion of a passer known as Denard Robinson? Because, his dream offense is having a fast black kid that can pitch and run...see Pat White.

We will not lose to Michigan, because we don't lose to Michigan.

As for the Purdue game....there is no defending that awful performance. It was pathetic, our OL was pathetic and Pryor's third quarter was maybe the worst quarter I've ever seen from a QB...reminded me of watching Joey Harrington play for the Lions and I thought I had successfully buried those memories.


Anonymous said...

Yeah we sucked. Pryor is lost and we have a terrible offensive line for the 10th year in a row. Seriously, when was the last time Ohio St had a good offensive line. When Coop was the coacc? We have a bunch of fat, slow white guys up front and its killing us.

That being said, we are not losing to Michigan. We own them. Ain't gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

Drew I think Damman agrees with the fact that OSU would rather have Forcier than Pryor.

Naptown Wolverine

Anonymous said...

NW, that was a text sent in the heat of the moment of drunkedness and frustration on Saturday. I ask that you not hold me to that. I would still rather have Pryor, I mean he has to get better at some point, right? He can't get any worse.


GMoney said...

What's the old line that your drunken words are usually truths. YOU ENVY MICHIGAN!!!

Anonymous said...

You better hope he can get better


jessegscott said...

I think this may be the year they beat OSU.. They are just a better team. I hate both programs.

Anonymous said...

They are just a better team? That's a pretty bold statement I would say.