Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still Your Daddy

(This is what a shithead looks like.)

Words really can not describe how much I hate Pedro Martinez. I spent over an hour tonight trying to decide if I hated him more than Schilling. What came out of it was me giving She$ the Jim Brown treatment. A few notes on game 2:

*Pedro was awful. You can say what you want to but the guy sucked. How do I know this? Fucker got the loss. No gray area with me on Pedro. He's a loser and he always has been. FUCK THIS GUY.

*On the other side, it was nice to finally find out what AJ stands for...Awesome Juice. And he was fucking awesome tonight. That is why he gets paid the big bucks. Burnett has some of the nastiest, filthiest shit in baseball when he is on. And he was fucking on tonight with the exception of a couple of cheap hits.

*Hey, it was a Grady Little sighting! Why in the hell did the country-fried manager leave Pedro in for the 7th? The guy is 80 years old! Very Girardi-ian move right there.

*Chan Ho Park = child molester

*Chase Utley's hair = really awful

*The Yankees are starting to hit now (STOP STRIKING OUT, ASSHOLES). A couple of pitchers coming up who pitch to contact...I expect at worst a split over the next two games.

*After the second inning, I took the game in my hands. The Yankees were playing like shit when I was sober. By God, it was up to me to change the momentum and after 7 beers...victory. Looks like I'm getting shitfaced for the rest of this series. Because I'm a superstitious sumbitch, you see.

Hamels/Pettitte? I like those odds.


Anonymous said...

*If there is no gray area when there is a loss, then how did "the big guy" pitch well on Wednesday night?

*A-Rod is 0-8 with 6 k's this series...Baseball Jesus he is not...Pujols wouldn't have 6 k's in an entire series.


GMoney said...

A-Rod doesn't get to feast off of shitty Tigers pitching though.

There is no gray area because I am completely biased and you should know this.

Dustin said...

I think arod did get to feast on "shitty tigers pitching" in 06! Did he even get a hit!? All I remember was joel zumaya painting 103 mph fastballs on the corner then comin back with a wicked snap dragon that buckled arods knees for strike 3. 6 Ks hahahahahahaha.

The umps were at it again last night helpin the yanks out. Wtf is going on?

GMoney said...

Are you serious, fagbait? That line drive that they said Howard caught cost the Yankees AT LEAST one run.