Friday, October 16, 2009

Smooth Jimmy's Lock Of The Week

For once, I am actually going to help you out for this week I (not the mediocre Mr. Ace) will give you the most rock solid lock in the history of football. Ask Damman, I always give him quality NFL advice (except for taking the Panthers last week, but I did tell you to take the Colts and Vikings though). And considering that we're got some brand new online betting friends (888 sport) here, why the heck not?

Kansas City +7 over Washington

Take the points now. The Skins should not be favored by more than a field goal to most college teams. This team is a freaking mess. They have 3 new offensive linemen this week. Pretty much every former Redskin still alive is declaring the organization a nuclear testing site. There is nothing positive coming out of DC. The Chiefs, while terrible, at least they have a pulse and they playe hard. They should have beaten the Cowboys last Sunday. Lock this one up and make some money.

Also, if any of you are degenerate enough to bet on cricket, you can also get your cricket ashes on over at 888 sport as well. I have no idea what that even means. What can I say...I'm a corporate shill.


Anonymous said...

Here is a sneak preview of my gambling prowess. Take these to the bank:

Arkansas (+25) at Florida - This is a classic hangover game for the Gators and Arkansas can score.

Texas Tech (+10.5) at Nebraska - Tech can score points by the boatload and I'm not sold on Nebraska.

Kansas (-10) at Colorado - Colorado is really bad.

G$ is pretty solid in his NFL advice. Betting against the Lions, Rams and Raiders every week has worked quite well for me.


Mr. Ace said...

I must admit Damman, I like the card. I'm not willing to go against Nebraska though, but their QB play is shaky enough for TTU to cover.

The fucking Packers are a lock! Calvin Johnson is still hobbling.

Dustin said...

I really like those picks, damman. I like them so much I'm taking them all!

I will never listen to g$s gambling advice if it involves one of his teams. He was going to give the cy young to rivera for fuck sake! And he told me to take the panthers last week. What an idiot.

Are you getting paid for that advertisement in this post??

GMoney said...


I am literally hitting about 80% on my NFL picks by the way. College is between 50-60% though.

Betting with Damman is usually a bad decision. Proceed with caution.

Anonymous said...

I have actually done quite well on my college picks so far this, about a 70% clip. But, fair warining, I could be due to come crashing down to earth.


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