Monday, October 12, 2009

Sending The Metrodome Out In Style!!!

Go home, you poor bastards. You did not belong here. Playoff baseball is for those that make plays and, you know, don't implode. A-ROD IS BACK, HOMOS!!! Bring on the Angels. It's time to lay the smack down on that perennial loser, Bobby "Sweet Pea" Abreu. Oh, and fuck Carl Pavano. Nice loss tonight, ya handjob.


rstiles said...

Perfect day - we beat Carl Pavano and Papelbon blows the lead for Boston!!!

Anonymous said...

"lay the smack down????" Is this a fucking WCW wrestling blog you queer???


Dustin said...

The umps beat the twins, not the yankees.

GMoney said...

Dut, you disappoint me.

My apologies, Seal, for you probably have no idea what winning baseball looks like.

By the way, if TBS insists on putting their strike zone up for every pitch, can they make sure that it is actually legit? Half of the balls called during the series were in their strike zone.