Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quarterback Wanted

So, in the past three weeks, I have climbed from 11th place in the G$FL all the way up to third (technically, fourth, but I already beat Dut once and he has only scored one more point than me this year and thus I am better). It is no coincidence that the domination of Tom Brady has led to this resurgence. But, alas, Tawwwwwmmy has a bye this week yet I need to keep the ball rolling and continue my string of success. Initially, my backup was Kerry Collins. But that drunk fuck is now going to at least be splitting time with Suicide Young. So it is time to scour the waiver wire. And I play Dut again this week...and he must go down again. My options on the open market:

Jake Delhomme
PRO - My league does not penalize for turnovers
CON - Sucks, plays the Cardinals again, really sucks

Alex Smith
PRO - looked good last week, has pretty solid weapons with Davis and Crabtree
CON - plays at Indy, also sort of sucks, SMALL HANDS!!!

Matthew Stafford
PRO - plays the Rams, plays at home
CON - is Megatron playing?, fat face, plays for the Lions

Marc Bulger
PRO - plays the Lions, was a good QB 7 years ago
CON - sucks, always in jeopardy of getting hurt, has no decent wide receivers

As you can see, none of these options are desirable. But for a one week band-aid, one of them will have to do. I guess my question is, what would you do in my spot? Well, other than eat a bacon sandwich and then kill yourself.


Anonymous said...

Those are some very unappealing options, but I would have to go with Alex Smith. They are probably going to be down early so he will have to throw and, like you said he has some decent weapons.

But then again, this advice is coming from the team currently in 14th out of 14 teams (even though I have gotten screwed the last two weeks). So take it with a grain of salt.

I am still continuing my domination of G$FL. They should rename that league after me.


GMoney said...

You beat Ide by one point last week. Domination? No. That reeks of luck.

Mr. Ace said...

Josh Freeman.


Dustin said...

You might as well save yourself the roster move. The redheaded duts are firin on all cylinders. You could pick up and start 3 of these guys and you would still lose.

Maybe I should pick up all of the available qbs so you're stuck with nothing?

I think we have the 2 best teams in the league.. Lucky for me half your team is golfing this week!

GMoney said...

If you want to burn all your pick-ups for one game, then so be it. I kind of like Stafford though.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Damman on this one. Smith will be forced to throw alot, especially if the Colts score early and often.....and his receiving core, is the best of the bunch.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

i have the same deal goin on this week with brady. i picked up smith.