Thursday, October 29, 2009


Pretty shitty night at the Money Mansion last night. Between the Yankees looking like a fecal plumb, the CBJ losing at home to a terrible Phoenix team, and the Cavs dropping to 0-2 with a piss-poor performance north of the border, there were not many smiles coming from this blogger last night. Notes:

*He's good, but I hate Cliff Lee. Fucking redneck. People with an "aww shucks" demeanor about them should be castrated.

*Dear CC, throwing fastballs right down the gut to Chase "Mac's Boyfriend" Utley is an awful idea. Just awful. But even with less than pinpoint control last night, the big man still pitched very well.

*Phil Hughes needs to stop getting put into close games. I am getting sick of his nightly implosions.

*The Cavs were -23 in points when Shaq was on the floor last night. Can we trade this guy yet?

*Nick Swisher is still awful.

*God dammit, 24. Why do you insist on bringing back Kim Bauer? She is fucking awful. And thanks for completely ruining the "cliff hanger" that Jack was dead. Nice touch though by bringing in The Shield's David Acevada.

*How dare the Yankees disappoint their #1 fan (this postseason) in Kurt Russell.

*It's one game and it made Clifton Lee a $20 million dollar man next year, but tonight is a must win. I take solace knowing that AJ Burnett takes the bump to stop the bleeding. Dear God, we're going to be down 0-2 tonight. Nah, fuck that. Fuck Pedro. This isn't over.


Anonymous said...

That was good TV last night. Seeing Cy Lee dominate like that was a thing of beauty.

Lebron is already packing his bags for NY.


GMoney said...

It probably felt even better seeing Ben Francisco start in a World Series game, didn't it? Shut your mouth.

Anonymous said...

G$'s week thus far...

Monday -- Redskins Lose
Tuesday -- Cavs Lose
Wednesday -- Yankees, CPJ, Cavs all lose.



Grumpy said...

Shaq didn't go over the hill slowly, he dropped like a rock.

Mr. Ace said...

The stage is set for the Phils to sweep, this is going to be great. They just need to get 5 decent innings out of Pedro and then let their bullpen take over...Lee pitching a complete game was huge. Remember when you said it was impossible to get A-Rod out in the playoffs? And then he went 0-4 with 3 K's!!!

But the real story of last night had to be the dominating performance of the Spurs...can we just fast forward to the Celtics/Spurs Final already.

Anonymous said...

Another is Cliff Lee going to be a $ 20 M man next year, when the Phillies have a $ 9 M option on him?


GMoney said...

If they want to resign him, it will cost them well over 100+ million. And I doubt that they want him on the open market.

The stage is set for a sweep? Because they won the first game and have average pitchers going the next 3 games? Put your head back up Roger's ass, homo.

Tony B. said...

Instead of watching sports, G$, you should just go on Ouch My Balls and save yourself time.