Thursday, October 01, 2009

Good and Bad News For Brady

(Who wears their own football jersey to a baseball game? What an asshole.)

Cleveland sure is the center of the sports headline universe this week, eh? We've got Eric Wedge gone, Delonte West disappearing and going AWOL, and now we have another Browns QB controversy. At least this time Eric Mangini announced the starter. I'm sure that Marvin Lewis is relieved that he doesn't have to prepare for both Derek Anderson AND Brady Quinn. There is only so much time in the day!

So Derek Anderson is once again the starter for the Browns. I have to admit, he was impressive with his 3 interceptions last Sunday. This is technically the third time that DA has beaten out Quinn for the QB job with the Raiders of the Midwest. Did you realize that? Charlie Weis' fuck-doll has lost QB battles to DA/Charlie Frye for three straight seasons. That tells me something right there.

Sure, Mangini is a pompous ass. But this is now the second coaching regime who felt that DA gave the Browns a better chance to win than Quinn. Is it possible that maybe Brady just isn't that good? That he is nothing more than a career back-up in the league? A more flamboyant and less awesome version of The Golden Arm of Todd Collins? I mean, when he was drafted, he went 22nd. 21 teams, including the Browns, passed on him. Anyone could have traded up to get him in the first round if they wanted to. No one did. Only one team was willing to give Quinn a chance to be a franchise QB. Clearly we were all brainwashed by ESPN to think that Quinn was a Greek God while every personnel man in the NFL saw nothing special.

But then again, he hasn't really had enough time on the field to prove his mettle. My rule is, if your team sucks with a veteran, get the young guy in there. Veterans are supposed to lead and if they are leading you to losses, well, losing with rookies is better. They haven't really allowed him time to show his stuff in games. Well, it's not the team's fault that he gets hurt when given the chance and can't throw the ball further than 8 feet.

Brady and Jason Campbell are in the same boat (in my opinion). They are doomed in their current situations with their current teams. They both need to go somewhere else and get a fresh start. Go to organizations that have solid foundations and don't change coaching philosophies every other year. I think that both can end up having Kerry Collins-esque careers in the league, but not in DC or on Lake Erie. If I was Quinn's handsome and heterosexual agent, I would ask that the Browns release him in the offseason.

It's not all bad news for Brady though. Hell, this may cause him to sign an extension in Cleveland. The 2014 Gay Games are coming to Cleveland!!! All that campaigning that Quinn and Sizemore did to get this event has finally paid off. I expect Brady to take home the gold in the "javelin swallow" event while Sizemore should win the "dick-scus and shot-spit". Homos.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it...the Browns are going to go with DA the rest of the way, to save millions on playing time incentive bonuses that Quinn would have gotten.

G$...What do you make of the fact that they say the Yankees are probably going to take the series schedule that comes with the extra day off...which means the Tigers don't have to throw a fourth starter out there and can roll with the big three? I think it's pretty stupid, but I'll gladly take it.


GMoney said...

Big three? In case you haven't noticed, the Yanks only have 3 starters, too, and they are better than what you have. Although I just heard that they may not take the extra day series.

Anonymous said...

Verlander is going to dominate C.C.


GMoney said...

This is baseball we're talking about, not a Mountain Dew chugging contest.

Anonymous said...

If it was a Diet Mountain Dew contest Verlander would definitely win...I'm sure C.C. would kill him in anything sugar related though.


Kerry Collins said...

You have just slapped me in the face with that terrible comparison. You sir, are a moron.

Anonymous said...

Mangini hates quinn. Quinn needs to ask for a trade. HE and Campbell are in the same boat. Although Quinn has much more talent and potential. Quinn has not had enough time. They have no one around him. That being said. there first 3 games were brutal. and now the schedule gets a little lighter. That being said Had DA been named starter for game one. He would have been benched and Quiin would now be taking over ( for the lighter part of the schedule now).> Whatever it is. Quinn needs to get away from Cleveland and do so Quickly. Drew Brees was once nothing in SD now look at him..

Tony B. said...

Drew Brees was a savage his last year in SD (2005), and might have re-signed had he not hurt his shoulder. He then had shoulder surgery and was still able to attract a nice contract from the Saints. Quinn needs to show that he's good before getting compared to Drew Brees.

Drew Brees said...

jessegscott, you dolt. Don't you ever mention me and Brady Quinn in the same sentence again.

Anonymous said...

Watch what you say about Sizemore 'cause "your" Yankees are going to be sucking his dick in a few years to get him in pinstripes when his contract is up. I promise you that.