Thursday, October 01, 2009

The End Of The Grind Era

(Not often do people get celebratory whipped cream pies to the face after getting fired...this man is the exception)

If you look at the past 6 months or so (since the Cavs were beaten by the Magic in the ECF), has anything went right in Cleveland? In any aspect of life (other than my bachelor party)? The city is depressing and rabid with unemployment and foreclosed homes. Sports are supposed to help people forget about their problems, not increase them. It takes quite a shitty sporting landscape to make a Clevelander want to think about their lives over their football/baseball team.

Hold your head high today though as one of the city's biggest scapegoats is officially gone. Well, in 4 days he is. Who gets fired for gross incometence yet is allowed to work for 4 more days? Strange.

So Eric Wedge is gone after seven subpar seasons. It's been a long time coming. This guy has been nothing more than a boring excuse machine for the better part of a decade. He had to go two years ago. He finally leaves on Sunday instead. Whatever. What's done is done. Bye bye, Wedgie.

You know, for as much as Indians fans hate this guy as a game manager, maybe his punishment should have been a contract extension. I mean, this franchise is going to suck for at least 3 more years. It's kind of like those parents who catch their kid smoking a cigarette and then make him finish the whole pack in front of them. Wedge has done such a poor job, and the team is going to be bad anyway, that he should be forced to endure all the losses. And then when the rebuilding project is starting to bear fruit, then you cut him loose. Seems fitting to me.

I guess my big problem with this is why now? Why do it with less than a week left in the season? They could have done it any day over the past year and a half but instead they wait until before game 158? What a terrible organization from top to bottom. This team sucks more dick than Grady Sizemore...and he has the purple lips of a pole-smoking champion. But you've got to keep grinding.


Anonymous said...

It was a great day for Indians fans yesterday. Although the team and organization has many problems getting rid of the "Grindmaster Flash" is step 1 to getting this team back to respectability.

Why he would want to stay and finish the season is beyond me.

Supposedly Bruce Drennan has a source in Atlanta that says the Braves want Wedge to succeed Bobby Cox there. I fell over laughing when I heard this.


Dustin said...

On the bright side, the tigers are going to clinch today!! Thanks for the choke text on Tuesday, Damman. Bring on the Yankees dammit!!!

GMoney said...

Bruce Drennan's only source is Gene Winters. His other friends are behind bars still.

Dut, cards tonight or was your house's call for a bi-weekly poker game a crock of shit?

Dustin said...

Were going to have to postpone cards this week.. Grant is gone, and the rest of the roommates will be out poppin bottles of champagne celebratin an Al central title.

GMoney said...

It's been postponed for the past month due to extreme faggotry. You guys suck.