Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dumper's Remorse

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Dumper's Remorse"? Of course you haven't. I made it up a couple of years ago. I was reminded of this great term this past weekend and it is pretty much me at my creative best.

Dumper's Remorse (noun) - the feeling you get after you take a dump when you realize that you ended too soon and immediately need to sit back on the bowl to finish the job the right way

I have the same feeling watching the Redskins right now. No matter how bad things are and that things can't get any worse, there's Antwaan Randle Cockbreath fielding a punt with his facemask.

Now, most of you got to watch the Redskins for the first time tonight. Pretty fucking bad, huh? Jason Campbell is scared shitless every time he drops back. None of our starting offensive linemen could play for any other team. Chris Cooley got hurt. Clinton Portis aged two decades over the past few months. The defense actually played pretty well but that could have been because Donovan McNabb was usual terrible self. It's a pretty bad scene as you already knew.

The only bad part about this season is that I can't just sit back on the john for another 5 minutes and end it. Nope. I'm stuck with this weekly Remorse for the next 2+ months.

The 2009 Washington Redskins: 16 weeks of Dumper's Remorse. No matter what happens, there is always more shit.


Grumpy said...

First time I had seen them. That's one bad football team. At least I only have to endure the RedHawks. I feel your pain.

rstiles said...

Campbell needs to get a new pair of panties

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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