Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baseball Is Still Being Played

Just in case some of you have tuned out, the MLB playoffs are, in fact, still going on right now. It's true, I just checked. And as it should be, we've got 4 big market teams left. No one really wants to see a Cinderella, do they? Of course not. You want to see the best playing the best. Four people watched the Rays in the Series last year. That's it. But we shouldn't have that problem this time.

Anyway, other than the Yankees/Twins series, I don't think I watched more than 5 minutes combined of the other three series. It was boring baseball and you knew after game 1 of each series who was going to win them. It also didn't help that the TBS broadcast teams were awful. Really, TBS, Dick Stockton? That guy has been dead for 8 years. But he couldn't have been as bad as Chip Caray and Ron Darling AKA the number one broadcast team for Turner. Holy shit, those two are taint bombs. If I had to hear Chip butcher a big play or Darling tell the exact same story about A-Rod getting days off to rest, I was going to shit on Skip Caray's grave while drinking a case of Harry's Old Style's. Oh, and Darling is currently being investigated by the IRS for tax evasion. What a terrific team.

But TBS wasn't all that bad. I mean, they were still bad, but they had their moments.
Good - starting games at 6pm (as a Yankees fan who is used to games taking 4 hours, this was awesome) and that's about it
Bad - constantly telling me how far a baserunner is leading off, unnecessary dugout cut-aways to an awkward Craig Sager, millions of stupid George Lopez commercials, no nudity

I never thought that I would say this, but I am looking forward to listening to Joe Buck and Tim McShitstack the rest of the way. Now, normal people would never say this, but this just goes to show how bad Chip and Ron were. As far as my predictions for the last round, I went 2-2. Oh well. I'm not going to cry about missing the Red Sox as any time that they suck, it's glorious. Suck on that, Grogan!!! Here are this round's poor picks:

NLCS - Dodgers over Phillies in 6
The Phillies have the better offense and starting pitching. The Dodgers have home-field, the better manager, and the much better bullpen. Plus, the Dodgers are seeking revenge for getting sent home by the Phils last year. Ken Rosenthal wrote earlier this week that no closer is hotter right now than Brad Lidge because he has saved a whole TWO games in a row. Is this the biggest lie ever written. Lidge is fucking terrible. His hayseed manager wouldn't even let him start the ninth inning in those two games! Oh, congrats on getting a few outs against a team that would have been under .500 in the AL this year. Well fucking done. Wait, did I just pick the Dodgers to win this? They are starting Randy Wolf and Vicente Fishtaco for at least 3 games, right? Eh, fuck it. I don't care. I'm not going to watch much of this anyway. National League baseball is for those who have given up on life AKA Cubs fans.

ALCS - Yankees over Angels in 5
I had the misfortune of listening to The Herd yesterday and he was talking about how everyone is picking the Yanks to run away with this series. That's news to me. Everyone is picking this to go 6-7 games and the winner has been split. Typical Cowherd though, the only things he is qualified to talk about are Pete Carroll's anus and Trey Wingo's anus. I'm usually nervous when it comes to playing the Halos but I'm really not this time around. Sure, they have the whole Nick Adenhart thing working for them, but believe me, I know from experience that the dead teammate can only take you so far. The offenses are virtually the same. I give the Yanks the edge in the rotation since the Angels don't really have an ace and CC is probably going to pitch 3 of these games. The Yankees are FAR better in the bullpen (I still think that Fuentes blows). Scioscia is a better manager but Girardi is used to being the worse manager on the field. The pundits keep talking about how the Angels like to run. Well, go ahead. The Yanks will be starting lefties in 5 of the 7 games and the other two games they will have to deal with Jose Molina's fucking cannon arm. I don't see this being that big of a deal. Bobby Abreu was terrible in the postseason with us so I assume that he will continue to play like shit in New York during October.

It just feels like this Yankees team has "it" this year. In the first round, all of the questions were answered. A-Rod, Teix, CC, AJ, Joba in the 'pen, Girardi...they all worked. And worked well. They all exorcised their postseason demons. I just get the sense that they win this series.

I picked Yankees/Dodgers before the season began and I'm sticking by my guns. And to use a quote that McCarver will probably use tomorrow night, "The New York Yankees are a baseball team that plays good baseball"...and then he will explain to everyone what a fastball is. You know, maybe he isn't better than Chip and Ron.


Anonymous said...

How about a prediction on tonight's South Florida/Cincy game?


GMoney said...

No one cares about the Big East. That good enough for you?

Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than reading a Yankee blowjob fest.

Anonymous said...

Phillies in 6, Yankees in 7.

Although I think the Yankees might be distracted at the thought of losing the great Tony Pena when he leaves to manage the Indians.

Ace, nice pick once again last night. What are you, like 3-20 this year on your picks? I think it's time for a new gambling "expert" on this site. That's right I am laying down a challenge for next week, Ace vs myself, winner take all. Some ground rules will have to be established, but the ball is your court.


rstiles said...

I LOVED the 6:00 starts!!!!

The other thing that TBS did that was positive was that little graph on the right side of the screen that showed the pitch location...that was cool to see...

Now back to those fucking 8:00 starts!!!!

Jeff said...

Thanks for the shout out G$. I feel like a real part of this blog now and I'm sure you feel A-rod is a real yankee now for getting his thumb out of his ass in the playoffs. I think both these series are toss-ups with all teams have very scrappy line-ups with timely hitting, except for the yankees who just hit bombs. If the Angels pitching can avoid walking guys and only give up solo shots this will be a great series.

GMoney said...

Ooooh, an Ace/Damman throwdown!!! I can moderate this. How about this, we will do it like Fox and I'll give you something like 5 games that you both pick, you make one upset pick, and then one "wild card" which is your guarantee of the week?

Winner writes a weekly gambling post. Loser eats a bowl of dick salad.

Mr. Ace said...

Maybe this is just what I needed to get my gambling swagger back. I'm game for whatever challenge you want...unless it is cum chugging, then Damman will dominate me.

Mr. Ace said...

But seriously, who the fuck would have taken Tulsa last night? They got dominated the entire game but Boise is just too fucking stupid to throw a play action pass in the second half. Just terrible.

Anonymous said...

I may have to think twice about this. I have been using Ace's picks as a guide on who not to pick and have made some money this way. Maybe I shouldn't mess with a good thing...but then again a guy thinks Chris Berman is funny needs to be put in his place (I have no idea if that is true but Ace seems like the kind of guy that enjoys Chris Berman)


Upstate Underdog said...

Take Cinci and lay the points tonight, but then again I also liked Boise St last night.

Tony B. said...

As much as I would hope for an all LA series where the town rips itself apart due to Rodney King-like riots, I do think it will be Dodgers/Yankees in the WS. That Jim Thome pick up might come in handy when the Dodgers need a DH.

Dustin said...

I would let them both pick their own games so that there are no excuses. Ace and I did that last year and I murdered him!

Mr. Ace said...

I love Chris Berman.

I am very afraid of South Florida. B.J. Daniels is the real deal. But it is hard to go against Kelly when he has extra time to prepare.

Dustin, I'm tired of you saying that gay shit. I owned you.

Also, NFL is more my thing. But I will dominate any gambling challenge put in front of me.

Mr. Ace said...

Taking South Florida and the Under for if you take cincy and the Over you are pretty much guaranteed to cash.

GMoney said...

I did take UC even before I knew you were going USF. Because I make good bets.