Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Terrelle Pryor Loves Convicted Felons

Jesus Christ. I respect Terrelle Pryor the athlete. For as big of a scumbag as I think he is (and always has been), you can not deny the talent. Of course, he proved me correct on Saturday afternoon with his lovely tribute to a murderer. The overall response from Buckeye fans that I've talked to about this has been a roll of the eyes with a "you've got to be kidding me" sigh. This kid is a loser. Period. This just another poor decision that he's made. A feather in his cap, one might say. Let's go to the quotes for more proof:

"I know what happened with him and, I mean, I don't want to talk much. I'm just going to be very short and sweet with it," Pryor said yesterday. "But I just feel he made his mistake and I think he just needs more support.
--Support, fine. I disagree but I'm not a young black man. Making a statement with it on a day in which you are playing against the damn Naval Academy? Wrong ass time, asshole. This weekend was sportsmanship week for the NCAA and here TP is honoring a felon. Well done, shitbird. Should we prepare you a cell next to Mo Clarett yet?

"Not everybody is the perfect person in the world. Everyone does -- kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me. I just feel that people need to give him a chance."
--Thank you for a lesson on perfection, genius. Are you a Rhodes scholar? Where did you get your law degree anyway? No, Terrelle, not everyone KILLS PEOPLE and steals shit. Thank you, also, for trying to tell me how I should treat people. You are wise, sack of shit.

"I always looked up to Mike Vick and I always will, because I still think he is one of the best quarterbacks," Pryor said. "I love Mike Vick."
--Awwwww, this faggot is in love. How sweet. It's always nice to see a QB who makes poor decisions find another QB who makes poor decisions. Did they find each other on eHarmony.com? It is obvious that Pryor knows nothing about football if he thinks that Vick was once one of the best QB's. HE WAS NEVER MORE THAN MEDIOCRE!!!

Asked for his thoughts on Pryor's choice of names on his eye-black patches, coach Jim Tressel said he never noticed.
"No thoughts," Tressel said. "Didn't know it."
--Hey, looky here! Mr. Boring is trying to tell everyone that he never looked his starting QB in the eyes! Nice fucking lie, dick. You saw it. You told yourself to make him take it off. But when it came down to it, you don't run the team anymore. You let your QB be the boss. You put on this big charade about how anOSU is YOUR program but it really isn't. Between this and doing virtually nothing to those who break the law (a drunk driver is currently a captain), you have officially lost control. And that is the most sad thing. Pryor is stupid. He has proven it time and time again. It is YOUR job, Jim, to keep him in check. Unfortunately, you don't have the stones to do that anymore.

So what do I take from this glaring lack of judgment?
--Pryor will cost Ohio State at least two games this season based on questionable decision-making and he will never win a national title.
--If you don't think that this is a big deal, you are an awful person. No, seriously, you are.
--I like to think that "MIKA" was a shout out to PBA bowler, Mika Koivuniemi.
--Terrelle Pryor is a diva. He is T.O. If he breaks his leg this year, party at the Money Mansion.
--For all of those who hate Tim Tebow, at least he preaches bible verses under his eyes. Pryor gives shout-outs to dogfighters. Maybe you need to re-direct your hate.
--We can all agree that Ohio State football is universally hated nationwide. Well, you can officially take the crown as theeeee most hated program in football. You are now the ultimate villain. With one eye strip, you can accomplish a lot. Well done, Terrelle. If it was your goal to alienate yourself and your teammates with all of white America/people who have morals, atta boy!

Not to go all Joe Buck here, but I really do find this disgusting. I don't necessarily expect everyone to feel the same as I do, but you should not just shrug your shoulders and say "oh well, he can run fast!" Don't be like Jim Tressel. Take a stand for once, OSU fans. This is not acceptable. It would have been sweet, sweet justice for a team filled with honor and integrity to beat a QB that has shown none.

/end rant


Anonymous said...

Listen, I don't agree with what he did. He is obviously an immature kid. You can tell in all his interviews that he has a long way to go to being polished as a person (i.e. he sounds like an idiot). A lot of the things he says make me cringe. But, he is the QB of my team and I am going to support him and chalk it up to being an immature kid, hopefully he will grow out of doing and saying stupid things.

G$, I think you are going a little overboard on this. I am not going to check your archives, but I don't recall you being this upset when the Eagles signed Vick and I don't recall you being this upset over any part of the Vick situation, including at Vick himself. But you jump on Pryor for doing this. Could it be that it is because Pryor plays for Ohio State? I'm going to say that it probably plays a big part your anger.

By the way, you can probably drop the Doug Worthington DUI thing now. After the 100th time you bring something up, it kind of loses its power.


GMoney said...

I'm OK with Vick getting a second chance. I really am. And don't bother checking the archives because I never wrote about it anyway.


I am not going overboard on this. If anything, you are going...underboard(?) by treating him with kid gloves. This kid embarrasses all of you but it's OK because he could be the next Vince Young.

Seriously, he makes all of you alums look bad.

Your captain got a DUI. The more that I mention it, the truth still remains. Jim Tressel has lost control.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about Worthington getting a DUI over a year ago (one where he blew like a pedestrian 0.12) and getting voted as a Captain by his teammates this year.

I wish TP didn't have a Vick eye black on, but is it what it is. Troy Smith showed up to Fall Camp his Sophomore year with a huge jacket that had pictures of famous mobsters and gangsters that were dead. He later became a walking Jim Tressel with his responses to the media...TP will get there too.


Mr. Ace said...

I've said it all along, the next Mo Clarett. He may not end up driving an SUV loaded with rifles down the freeway, but there will be a point where he fucks up big time. Taking money, raping coeds, fighting police, I don't know, but he will fuck up. He's a fucking moron.

Will the fuckeyes stay within 17 of USC?

Nate B. said...

If it were on any other day, I probably wouldn't care. But seeing how the theme of the game was a tribute to servicemen, and TP puts the name of that asshole on his face, I think he's an idiot for doing it. His post game interview made everything 10 times worse.

I think he'll have a Troy Smith type revelation sometime while he's here. But as of today, he's a dumbass for doing this.

To be fair, had he written something about the troops on his eye blacks, I know I'd be rubbing it in the faces of OSU detractors. I think it's a two way road when he supports Michael Vick.

Dustin said...

Ace- you only say he's another clarett because you're still bitter that he didn't go to Michigan. Also, didn't you write a long ass article about how you support vick?

I really don't care about this issue. Now score me some fucking touchdowns and beat USC!

GMoney said...

Ace, I just hope he takes down the program with him when he does have his colossal fuck-up.

By the way, Damman, OF COURSE this has everything to do with him playing at Ohio State. If The U's Jacory Harris had done the same thing, I would not have cared. But when you all's idol comes out as a guy who strangled Lassie, that is big news here.

Read "5 Thoughts" over at collegefootballnews to see I'm not the only one who is attacking Pryor for being the piece of shit that he is.

rstiles said...

Jim Tressel has no balls...he should have told Pryor to take that shit off...but he didn't want to disturb Pryor because the whole season depends on Pryor...

Pryor could do whatever he wants and Tressel will not do one thing to discipline him...

Look at what Tressel did with Clarett...he let Clarett do whatever he wanted because Clarett was the man who was going to get Tressel that National Title...

Anonymous said...

People are always saying that Dick Rod has no class, mostly OSU fans, but ne never did anything like this. Any other coach in the big ten would have made him take those off. Hell, the falcons got rid of 2 players because they where wearing shirts to support Vick. Being immature is not an excuse to be an idiot.

But as we have learned from the past, as long as he plays for OSU he will be praised for all that he does and they will continue to make excuses for him no matter what he does. TP made the right choice with going to OSU, because he new that no other coach would except this kind of crap. Enjoy having him for the next to years, because as long as he wins you OSU fans dont care what he does.

Naptown Wolverine

Mr. Ace said...

Dustin, I'm honestly fine with not getting TP. I don't think he can be controlled or coached and that's not the type of player I want to bring in the RichRod era.

But can you imagine if TP were on Michigan when he did this? The media shitstorm would be outrageous. But because he's a fuckeye and espn is mega-hyping the usc/fuckeye game there is no mention.

But seriously, will the fuckeyes keep it within 17?

GMoney said...

Welcome back, Michigan fans. It's nice to have you back and talking smack again. For awhile there, it was lonely fighting the good, anti-anOSU fight. That being said, Notre Dame is going to win by double digits this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you G$, how that should be said about USC over OSU.

Naptown Wolverine

Jeff said...

I agree that Tressel has lost control over Pryor, but he does know that he is his only chance at winning it all anytime soon. And also he let Pryor go for it on 4th and 2 instead of kicking a field goal late in the game which almost turned out very costly. Ohio State will keep the game close. Night games at the shoe are always close, not that Ohio State has pulled any out lately(i.e Texas and Penn State), but they will keep it close. G$, u will be paid in cash or jager bombs if you choose. The Irish will win by more than the condoms.

Dustin said...

You're right Ace. Richrod only recruits players with perfect records. Just ask justin feagin.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ace you are so full of shit. You are not "honestly fine" with not getting TP. That decision set the Michigan program back years on it's own.

Your "I honestly don't think he can be controlled or coached" opinion is high comedy. He sure has done a lot of diva-like stuff during games and on the sidelines hasn't he?


J Beanie said...

"With Terrelle Pryor in my corner, everyone will forgive me! Thank you Terrelle. I owe you one!"

-Mike Vick-

Yeah, this is exactly what Vick has needed.

Mr. Ace said...

Hey Drew, you fucking moron, just about everybody on here agrees in some way that tressel can't control TP.

If M had TP last year we might have made a bowl game. If we had him this year we might get to 9 wins as opposed to 6-8 this year. But we were never going to win a title with TP, and neither will you.

RichRod is having a hard enough time fighting off the press as it is, he doesn't need some ego maniacal fucktard as the leader of his team.

Anonymous said...

By the way Rod did kick feagin off the team.

Naptown Wolverine

Anonymous said...

Ace...you fucking doucher...so, because he had a Vick eye black on then Tress can't control TP? I'm still waiting for other examples to support this and what TP has done that has been so "ego-maniac" in his little over one season in Columbus.

Also, there is an article in the L.A. Times today where Steve Clarkson, private QB Coach to Clausen, Leinart and Barkley speaks of how much he has loved working with TP because of his desire to learn/be coached. I think he's a better judge of if TP can be coached then the horrible blogger known as Mr. Ace.


Mr. Ace said...

I don't have a huge problem with him wearing the eye black. It was his stupid fucking comments that not even mental defective like you would make.

So Steve Clarkson is endorsing one of his own clients? Holy shit!!! Pryor must be a fucking saint and a genius football mind. Give him the heisman now... I'm willing to bet that Clarkson has never said a bad word about any player he has worked with. I'm done with you.

Upstate Underdog said...

WTF!? As if people needed another reason to root against Ohio St.

Grumpy said...

G$ once again stands for all that is good about America. Tressel actually said, "I'm not tall enough to see his eyes". What a dickhead.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a dog in this fight...


Anonymous said...

Any one of you commenters would love to have this guy quarterback your college team. Enough of this taking the high moral road crap. You are all full of shit. End of story.


GMoney said...

No, eventhough my team is the worst in division one, I wouldn't want him. He's a fucking loser and we would have no idea how to use him anyway.

I'm fucking pissed that no one has given me props on the Major Mika reference yet.

Anonymous said...

If shoe lace Robinson did thison his debut we'd all be calling him a nog right now,including Michigan fans. Let's take this for what it is worth. The phrase you can take the bro out of the ghetto.......
Comes to mind.

- Jon Saul

Anonymous said...


I give you mad props for the "Major Mika" reference.....only those of us who enjoy watching the PBA on TV, could appreciate such fine comedy fodder...