Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mangini Still Sucks And Other Things That We Know...

(He's going across the country right now to look for new acts to sign to his label. Next stop is St. Louis. Then he'll come back through Chicago on his way to Detroit.) Someone please get that reference when looking at this pic. It will make my day.

OK, enough Redskins talk. After that previous mention, we will not be discussing them for the rest of the week. Deal? Because honestly, they deserve no more words. And who I root for has no impact on my ability to watch other team's play football. I mean, sure, I hate the Cowboys but it wouldn't matter who I cheered for, I would still hate them. Anyway, we're three weeks into the season now and I think it's safe to say that about eight to ten teams have already been eliminated from the playoffs. It is also OK to start generalizing who teams are and what we should be expecting over the next 3-4 months. So I just want to take a little time today to discuss some things that I've noticed over the first three games.

*The Jets are annoying. Someone needs to put these queers back in their place. When you combine Mike Greenberg, Rex Ryan being a loudmouth asshole, and everyone sucking Mark Sanchez's cock, this team is so fucking hateable. I will be rooting against them every week. The worst thing to happen to this league was rookie QB's being good. I hate it. They should all suck like Brady Quinn and need to go to another team to potentially salvage their career. They shouldn't be starting playoff games.

*Something is off about the Pats. They have no fucking rhythm on offense. It's fucking mind-boggling. Is Moss finally showing his age? Is there any reason why Joey Galloway still has a job? Why is Brady subconsciously being a pussy? Quit fucking with my G$FL team, goatfucker!!!

*This whole Vick thing is not going to end well. Seriously, he told James Brown that he envisioned himself starting by now? He shouldn't have been a starter BEFORE he went to prison. And now he is dropping hints that the wildcat is a gimmick and not his style? Dude, you are lucky to be a free man let alone a millionaire. They gave you a fucking chance and an offensive set that you should thrive in. Quit your bithin'. The Eagles may win the NFC, but I have a strong feeling that it will have next to nothing to do with Dogkiller.

*Great organizations tend to produce great teams. Seems simple, doesn't it. The Giants, Eagles, Colts, Ravens, etc.: all great and viable Super Bowl contenders. The Raiders, Browns, that team in DC: fucking terrible.

*By the way, the Ravens are fucking awesome. Look out. They are going to beat the Pats by double digits in Foxboro this weekend. Willis McGahee is this year's DeAngelo Williams.

*The Browns need to start over again. This team has now lost 9 in a row in which they have scored less than 5 td's in those games. Their coach now has grievances filed against him by his players. The owner cares more about his Euro soccer league team. This franchise is terrible from top to bottom. What in the hell can you do though? This is, at the least, a 4 year rebuild. I may have been too generous when I said that they will win 1 game.

*It's about catching breaks. The NFL is cool in that the line between wins and losses is so razor thin. Examples: the Bengals are a fluke tip away from being 3-0. The Steelers are two missed Bironas chippy's from being 0-3. I'm not selling on the Stillers yet, but those WR have GOT to start catching the ball. I never realized how valuable Head and Shoulders Polamalu was either because that defense without him is just a bit better than average. As far as the Bengals go, let's see how they do in Cleveland this weekend. The old Bengals would choke this game away.

*Who's your three week MVP: Brees or Peyton? I probably lean toward the guy without the face mole right now.

*I still hate Brett Favre. When you admit that you had no idea who it was that you were throwing to, go fuck yourself. Ruined my day even more seeing coach Brown Eye walk away from that a loser. My 49ers should be 3-0!!! I will admit though, I am looking forward to the MIN/GB MNF game next week.

*The Broncos suck. Fortunately, none of you are dumb enough to believe in these guys. They should kick all the teams west of the Rockies (other than the Niners) out of the NFL.

Add whatever you want in the comments. I'm too tired to come up with a conclusion.


Anonymous said...

That would be Chris Farley explaining Mr. Bigg's limo ride on Wayne's World if I remember correctly just before walking backstage to see Alice Cooper... The Browns aren't worthy, the Browns aren't worthy, they're scum, they suck!


Anonymous said...

I think that picture was from when a reporter said, "Raise your hand if you're a douchebag."

If you want a good read, go to cbssportsline and read Gregg Doyle's article yesterday on Mangini...not sure I've ever read a more scathing piece on a coach.


GMoney said...

I couldn't believe that Doyel went as far as he did. He himself is an asshole but calling Mangini a "horse's ass of a coach" was priceless.

Grumpy said...

To put it in terms you understand, it's a little early to start sucking the Ravens cock when you look at who they have beaten. Only the Chargers are above average. And they still have to play the Steelers twice.

Dustin said...

I hope CBS columbus starts playing other games besides the browns. I can't watch this garbage the rest of the year. Especially when both of my fantasy teams are the best in the league!

MuDawgFan said...

If McNabb takes his time getting back to form and Kolb continues to start over Vick - watch the Black Advocacy groups surround the greater Philly area.

Vick apologists are everywhere. Complete 7 out of 23 passes in a home loss? Not his fault, horrible weapons, no talent at WR.

Rest assured, by the end of the season, the Eagles franchise and coaching staff will be labled racists.

GMoney said...

That would be nothing new for Eagles fans.

You know how 97.1 stopped airing Indians games a few months ago because they suck? Take fucking notes, CBS. At least the Bengals are somewhat fun to watch.

Tony B. said...

Well, if the Browns had fans as awesome as the Raiders, they wouldn't sell out home games, so at least half of the games would get blacked out/replaced. We had Chargers/Dolphins instead of Raiders/Broncos this past weekend due to the blackout.

Mr. Ace said...

I've said all along that Vick wouldn't play a large role with the Eagles this year because it simply isn't needed. Also, I don't think he has said anything wrong. Him running the wildcat is a gimmick. I'm sure he did expect to at least have the opportunity to compete for a starting position when he was released...he isn't saying that he thought he would be starting for the Eagles. I would have loved to see him get a series or two in the 4th quarter but the Eagles don't want to open Pandora's box quite yet.

I'm with you on the Ravens. They are scary. And they are actually 2 point underdogs against the Pats.

I want a prediction on the Bucs/ that DC teams game next week...-14 to -13?