Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Defense Of Pete Carroll

I didn't see one highlight of the USC/Washington game this past Saturday as I was inebriated at a wedding, but we all know that they were a lesser team...from the rotten Pac-10. Petey Carroll is starting to get some heat nationally for his repeated lapses in focus. On another site, Damman even had the nerve to say this:

He is a good coach, not a great one. Great coaches don't continually lose to far inferior teams every year. It's not a coincidence that it happens every year.

Now I don't want to come off like a fag (Colin Cowherd), but I'm going to defend Carroll today. First of all, other than Urban Meyer, there is no one else even close to being in Pete's league as a coach (maybe Saban, I guess). Second, you can criticize his inability to run the table, which he is apparently expected to do EVERY year now, but that is it. Blah, blah, blah Reggie Bush--who cares. If it didn't bother the NCAA, then it shouldn't bother you either. But back to the loss in Seattle a few days ago, it really was the perfect storm. I didn't personally think that would happen, but I am not surprised. Why?

*USC was without it's starting QB
-You can think what you want to about Ramblin' Matt Barkley's performance in Columbus, but there is a reason why Pete started a true freshman this year. And that reason is that Aaron Corp sucks.
*USC was without it's best player, and likely top 5 draft pick, in Taylor Mays
-The same thing happened to the Steelers this weekend. You go without your stud safety, you lose on the road to an inferior team by 3 points
*USC gets every team's best shot every single freaking week
-I don't think that we can stress this enough. The Trojans get every team's best each weekend. Every team works a little harder when they see USC on the schedule. It can't be easy to have it brought at you every week.
*Steve Sarkisian knows the tendencies and personnel
-Speaks for itself, doesn't it? If Ty Willingham is still coaching the Huskies, USC rolls by 30.
*USC is really freaking inexperienced outside of the trenches
*Carroll's staff turns over every season as many of them leave for promotions

-No one has had more coordinators promoted than Carroll. No one. Hell, compare that to Jim Tressel's staff. None of those guys even get interviewed other than Dicknose Dantonio.
*Coming off of a big road win the week prior, a letdown is human nature
*By losing to a team that went winless last year, that only makes Ohio State look worse

-You wonder why the Buckeyes won by 38 points this week and dropped two spots in the polls? This is why. Ohio State lost to a team who lost to a team that went 0-12 last year.

Look, I realize that Pete Carroll doesn't need a loser blogger like me to validate his career, but I will anyway. You want to argue that he should have 3-4 titles right now? OK. Let me ask you this: how many teams go undefeated every year? Maybe 1 every 2 or 3 years, right? So Carroll stumbles once during the year like everyone else does. He can't do anything about his shitty conference not getting him enough BCS points. USC doesn't have the rest of the SEC helping an average at best, 2 loss LSU team back into an easy title. And instead of whooping up on the SEC, he has to settle for a home win over an incredibly bad Big Ten team in the Rose Bowl. So don't give me that shit. The last 2 national champs all had help to get into the title game while Carroll never gets any. Apparently, the critics believe that this is his fault.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go give myself a swirlie for being on the same side of an argument as Cowherd. I feel so dirty...even before shoving my head in a toilet full of feces. Which is basically what they should rename The Herd. "Toilet Full Of Feces" sounds much better.


Anonymous said...

Posts like this are exactly why i hate you. there is no way you honestly feel this way, you have to be writing this just to piss people off. (Skip Bayless)


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that I backtracked on my statement that PC was not a great coach.

I just think he wrongly gets a free pass for continually losing games that he has no business losing because the national media and douchebag bloggers are constantly fondling his balls. Nobody calls this guy out for failing to have his team ready play every week. Any coach can get his team up for the big games.

Say what you want about Jim Tressel, but he never loses to Purdue, Minnesota or Indiana.


GMoney said...

Well, would you rather win all of your big games with one slip-up on the schedule every year or lose every big game (mostly embarrassing losses) and beat the shit teams???

Clearly, any coach can not just get his teams up for the big games.

Remember, Tress does own embarrassing recent losses, too. HOME to Ron Zook and Northwestern spring to mind.

Nate B. said...

These are nothing but weak excuses for USC. If you're going to rip OSU fans for making excuses, let's be objective. We can't compare this game to any loss on OSU's end, because OSU doesn't lose to teams this pathetic. Had OSU lost to say, Indiana this year I doubt you'd be so sympathetic regardless of the reasons.

And yes, Tressel has lost several notable assistants and coordinators to hiring elsewhere:

-Mark Dantonio (MSU)

-Mark Snyder (Marshall head coach)

-Tim Beckman (Okie State, now @ Toledo)

-Mel Tucker (to Cleveland Browns, now @ Jacksonville)

Daniel said...

Steve Tovar - LB coach at Army

Joe Rudolph - TE's Coach at Wisconsin

GMoney said...

They are definitely excuses but I don't see weaknesses in the arguments. Nothing that I said there was false.

Now that you assbags are done telling me about the LB coach at Army, how about looking up USC's past coaches that moved on to bigger and better things (maybe the DB coach at Army!!!).

Mr. Ace said...

I don't know what to think. I agree with G$ on one hand that PC is absolutely one of the top 3 coaches in the nation. But I agree with the others that there is no excuse to be losing to a middle-bottom PAC 10 team every year.

This is certainly isn't as bad as the last couple. Yes, UW lost every game last year, but Sarkisian clearly already has them ready to compete. And going in without your most important player, starting QB, and your best player, Taylor Mays, is a tough situation.

But remember, Florida did this last year. Hell, they lost at the swamp. Ole Miss was a good team last year, but not that good. Probably not that much better than Oregon State. But Florida gets the chance to go in and knock off top tier competition week in and week out so they can recover, plus they have a conference championship game...which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Nate B, those assistants suck and you know it. Don't even try to compare those clowns to who Pete Carroll loses. Your fags go to Marshall, Toledo, and Sparty while Carrolls go to UW, Tenn/Raiders, and wherever the hell Norm Chow is at now.

Anonymous said...

All games that you lose count the same. A loss is a loss.

I guess it depends on what your definition of an embarrassing loss is. Losing to teams that have more talent and are better teams (LSU in 2007, USC in 2008, Texas in the bowl game) or losing to teams that are nowhere near your level (Stanford, Washington, UCLA).

Granted, the USC loss last year and the Florida loss in '06 would qualify as embarrassing, but I would say Ohio St. had the inferior team in every one of these high profile games except maybe USC this year and even that is debatable.

USC always has the best team on the field and they find a way to not show up for at least one game a year and then they bitch and moan how they should be playing for the title.


Anonymous said...

G$....Does 2004 qualify as recent to you? Because that's when OSU lost to Northwestern. That Illini loss was bad, but Illinois did go to the Rose Bowl that year. The last time that Tressel lost to a team that didn't make a BCS bowl game was Purdue in 2004....that's a long fucking time of not losing to a shit head...and I think Ohio State falls into the "they always get everyone's best" category.

Let's not forget Petey's god awful loss to a horrible UCLA team that kept them from a national championship game. That was very Cooper-Esque.


GMoney said...

All games that you lose count the same. A loss is a loss.--No, they don't. A loss to the Browns would mean a hell of a lot more than a loss to the Steelers.

Cooper-esque...great new word!

Dustin said...

So Ohio state drops because the team that beat them lost to Washington who was 0 and 12 last year...

How do you explain Oklahoma jumping 2 spots? The team that beat them got DESTROYED by unranked Florida state at home.

Anonymous said...

"A loss to the Browns would mean a hell of a lot more than a loss to the Steelers."

Thank you for proving my point. The Buckeyes lose to the Steelers type teams and USC loses to Browns type teams. Therefore, USC and PC should be getting a lot more shit for their losses then they do.


GMoney said...

I was just remarking on your dumbass football cliche. Sounds like something Herm Edwards would say.

MUDawgfan said...

Well, would you rather win all of your big games with one slip-up on the schedule every year or lose every big game (mostly embarrassing losses) and beat the shit teams???

Helloooo Bob Stoops!

Anonymous said...

This is meant to be an honest question and not argumentative. Which is more embarassing? Losing to a 41 pt. underdog at home by 1 or getting throttled by a top 5 team?

-Lil' Strut

Cecilio's Scribe said...

You leave Herm alone!

/Jets fan snickering in amusement

GMoney said...

Let's not get too far here from my original point here. While PC has had issues with maintaining his team's focus, this past weekend was really the perfect storm for an upset and should not be lumped in with last year's Oregon State loss and the Stanford game.

LS, personally, I would call them equal. You never want to be embarrassed/overrated.