Friday, September 18, 2009

The Drought Will End TOMORROW!

I make it no secret that my Miami RedHawks are the worst team in college football. Allow me to embellish for a minute:

-Currently #1 in ESPN's Bottom 10 rankings
-Sagarin ranking in the 150's...there are 119 teams in D1. Yeah, we are worse than at least 30 FCS teams.
-Have been outscored 90-0 in the first two games this year
-Our best WR is now out for the season (I think he's faking it just so he doesn't have to suffer through an 0-12 season)
-We feature the worst QB of all time in Daniel Raudabaugh (pictured doing something terrible) yet he has started games for us each of the past three years. He has sucked in every single game.

But I will say this...tomorrow in Kalamazoo...WE WILL SCORE! Granted, we have no shot of beating the 17 point spread, but we will find the endzone. I'd settle for a FG at this point. Since we are talking spreads today, do yourself and START TAKING MY ADVICE ON THIS.

Bet against the RedHawks every week. Even on weekdays, I would bet against them in practice. See you all on Monday. Ace and Little Strut are coming at you in the morning. Well, they will if they ever finish eating each other's assholes.


Grumpy said...

I say they will remain scoreless through the first 6 games.

GMoney said...

Just 6? I don't want to see it happen, but it would be really funny if they didn't score all season.