Monday, August 24, 2009

Team Big 'Uns

So the G$FL Draft has came and went and I know that all of you are clammoring to find out about my roster? What was my game plan? What does a genius do with the fifth pick anyway? Well, I will tell you what a smart owner does in a league where all td's are worth 6 picks. The first four picks were chalk with Purple Jesus, Mo-Jo, Turner, and Forte. Then it came to your old buddy G$. He doesn't believe that you HAVE to take a RB in the first round. And this is why he settled on (happily I might add):

Thomas E. Brady, Jr. Yeah, I've already punched my ticket to the playoffs after round one. The rest of the team looks like this:

Brian Westbrook (it was between he and Portis and it killed me to pass on Sheriff Gonna Getcha but the fact is, the Eagles are going to find the endzone more)
Roddy White STUD
Wes Welker STUD (love having he and Brady together)
Knowshon Moreno (best RB available)
Vincent Jackson
Cedric Benson (you don't pass on starting RB's on teams that will score a lot in the 7th round)
Donald Brown (I have a good feeling about this kid)
Tim Hightower (Beanie is a pussy)
Chris Henry (looks better than ever)
Ricky Williams (eh, why not?)
Jeremy Shockey (again, eh?)
Mario Manningham (will likely be the first guy cut from my roster
Mason Crosby
Devin Thomas (had to get a Redskin)
Bear defense
Kerry Collins (whatever, I only need him for one week)
Chris Baker (Brady's redzone target and Shockey insurance)

I go into week one with this lineup:
Brady, R. White, Welker, V, Jackson, Westbrook, Moreno, Benson, Shockey, Crosby, Bears D

Someone please try and convince me how this isn't a playoff team? Eat shit, rest of the G$FL, you are looking at the champion. Tom Brady will not let me down.


Anonymous said...

What an awful team.


GMoney said...

You've got to be kidding me. I am no "Marge Schott's Queef" though. A great team name like that deserved a better roster.

Anonymous said...

Division 2 of the G$FL is where all the powerhouse teams are located. Come on, you have weak teams like the Redheaded Duts with you in Division 1...don't you want to challenge yourself G$?

Also, I'm surprised the Divisions do not have names? Dut's league has surpassed you on that one!!


Dustin said...

You guys have to admit that the redheaded duts have the best team in the league. Kickers score more than anyone but the qb... And who has the best kicker!?

You are extremely thin at running back. Especially when westbrook goes down in week 1.

The duts have the #1 kicker, defense, and te.. That alone gets us to the playoffs. Division 1 is ours!

Mr. Ace said...

G$, I have to agree with Dut, you are thin at RB. How did you not get LeSean McCoy to handcuff Westbrook if he is your number one?

I like Brees just as much as Brady this year.

Dustin said...

McCoy went really early for some reason. Are the eagles an offensive juggernaut this year or something?

GMoney said...

I may look thin (first time I've ever said that) at RB, but:

Westbrook at 19 was a fucking steal.
Moreno doesn't play for Shanahan.
Benson has no competition eventhough he sucks.
Donald Brown is better than Addai and will eventually be the starter this year.
Hightower has no one since Beanie Wells is a pussy.
Ricky Williams is a decent risk pick.

I only HAVE to start 2 of these 6. I'm pretty sure that I'll be alright. Keep in mind, I'm the guy who drafted Portis, Chris Johnson, Forte, and Slaton last year. My eye for RB's is without question.

Dut, you can brag about all those one pointers that you get from your kicker. I'll take the 6 from that QB.

I didn't set the divisions. They were set up based on when people registered with the league. I wasn't able to name them either.

Mr. Ace, agreeing with Dut is why you fail at life.

Mr. Ace said...

G$, I realized after posting that I backed up an argument from Dustin...fuck me.

So you drafted all those rb's last year and didn't get a single one of them this year? You're WR are stacked but if Westbrook goes down it will get dicey.

J Beanie said...

I hope the "Beanie is a pussy" wasn't directed to me. I mean, I know I am but still uncalled for.

rstiles said...

You team sucks!!