Monday, August 10, 2009


HA!!! Fuck those pink hat wearing, bandwagon jumping, man chowder slurping, walking labias!

With the completion of a four game sweep tonight over those jokes from Beantown, the Yankees now:

-have a 6.5/8 game lead over the Sux and the Rays in the East
-have showcased their dominant starting pitching and bullpen
-have flexed their muscles offensively against some of the game's best arms
-have, BY FAR, the best record in baseball
-have, BY FAR, the best team ever assembled

I said it before and I'll say it again...WORLD SERIES, BITCHES. This team has no weaknesses unless "being too awesome" is a weakness.

It is not. I suffer from it, too, and it hasn't hurt me.


Anonymous said...

"See you in the playoffs bitch" -- Justin Verlander

GMoney said...

Aren't you the same guy who can't beat Carl Pavano? In fact, your team is 0-4 against him this season.