Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ron Mexihomo

OMG!!! Michael Vick had a fucking drink at an airport bar! Oh the humanity! Won't someone please think of the children!!! Look, the guy is a scumbag, but he isn't Leonard Little. He never killed anyone while drunk driving. His problem was (obviously) killing dogs which had nothing to do with booze.

"Michael, you can't do that," Tony Dungy said to SI.com.

Can't do what, Captain Fraud? Live a normal fucking life? Have an adult beverage with friends? Has anyone in the history of the world not had a drink before getting on a flight? Oh, wait, I know why Dungy is pissed.

Vick ordered a Grey Goose and pineapple juice. Were they out of Parrot Bay and cum? Dungy doesn't like the gays and, as his mentor, is trying to ween Vick off of the queer drinks. After all, James Dungy used to drink sperm milkshakes on a daily basis. I managed to contact the iffeminite uncle of one of our commenters for his take on Vick's drink choice:

G$: Your thoughts on Mike Vick throwing back a Goose and pineapple juice?
Uncle: What a fag.

Exactly. Live it up, Mikey. You're a free man. There is nothing wrong with ordering just a beer though. But stay away from the Miller Lite's...those are about as gay as it gets.

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Mr. Ace said...

This is the biggest non-story in the fucking world.

I'm going to defend his choice of drink based on size alone. A grey goose and pineapple is what, 5 ounces. Can you imagine if somebody would have saw him tippin back a tall boy. Heavens no.