Wednesday, August 12, 2009


No chance...that's what you got.

Oh man, I feel like I just took a ten pound (or Couric's) dump. It feels that good to be me right now.

I was already preparing myself for the worst. I had just assumed that the dipshit duo of Snyder and Cerrato would be backing up a Brinks truck full of pitbulls and pot to get Michael Vick to play for my beloved Redskins. I have spent the past month talking myself into Ron Mexico being a herpes-ridden Skin and how it was a good move for the organization. It was extremely difficult. After all, we already have a black QB that is nothing more than an average passer (so far).

Thankfully, though, Vick's agent (who may have the worst job on the planet) says that there is "no chance" that Mike stays near his home in DC to play for my once great organization.

It feels weird to say this, but---thanks Dan Snyder and Fetusface Cerrato. I haven't been this proud of them since they gave The Golden Arm of Todd Collins 9 million dollars last offseason. Ugh, I feel dirty just typing that.


Tony B. said...

Does it have more to do with the Redskins making a good decision, or Vick's agent looking out for his other client, Jason Campbell?

rstiles said...

Fuck Vick...why does everyone feel this turd is entitled to another chance...

GMoney said...

Tony, you just blew my mind.

Mr. Ace said...

Very good point Tony B.

Fuck the Redskins.

How doesn't Vick deserve a second chance? If teams are willing to sign him then who gives a shit.