Monday, August 31, 2009

I Heart Donald Brown

Well, my fantasy drafts are officially over and there are two things that I made perfectly clear for this season:
1. I wanted and got a stud QB.
2. Donald Brown has a stalker in central Ohio. I now own Donnie in all 3 of my leagues. He will likely blow out his knee on his first carry. Sorry, DB.

I had two auctions draft this past weekend for the GFL and the D(Dut)FL. Both leagues have a $200 salary cap. Let's dissect my rosters and feel free to tell me that I suck (I already know that team "Nicole Brown Simpson" will not be good in the DFL). Let's start with my GFL roster first and I will include the dollar amount in parentheses with projected starters in bold..

QB - Brees (75), T. Edwards (2), Rosenfels (1)
RB - R.Rice (4-keeper from last year), D. Brown (8), Thomas Jones (5), McCoy (2), McGahee(1)...we only start two
WR - C.Henry (2-keeper), Colston (42), Ochocinco (24), T.O. (26), O.Daniels (1), Earl Bennett (1), Burleson (1)...start 4
K - Crosby (2), J.Brown (1)
DEF - 49ers, Texans
Notes - I wanted Brees bad and I got him. Love having Colston with him, too. Look at the lack of character in my WR stable...impressive!!! In my opinion, this is a playoff team as long as either Addai or Westbrook get hurt (which they will).

QB - Cutler (20), Roethlisberger (10)
RB - Chris Johnson (44), Larry Johnson (21), D. Brown (12), Felix Jones (7), Coffee (5)...start 2 with flex option
WR - Boldin (35), Roddy White (39), Earl Bennett again (1), Bess (1), and TE Z. Miller (1)...start 3 with the option for flex which I will never use on a WR
K - Crosby (2), J.Reed (1)
DEF - Packers
Notes - I hate this team the more that I look at it. Fuck Jay Cutler. He was a steal for $20, but still...he's a homo. If Felix Jones is going to be used as much as I keep hearing, that could end up being huge. This is probably a borderline playoff team. I freaking love Rowdy Roddy White though.

Am I delusional? Are these playoff teams? Let me know. Since many of you drafted with me in these two leagues, unleash your teams onto the world if you want to. I will say this, auction drafts are the best. If you have never done one, you really should. Eat shit.


Grumpy said...

Fantasy Football is for weenies.

GMoney said...

Grumpy, get with the times, you old fuck. Fantasy football makes regular football fifty times better.

Mr. Ace said...

G$, how could you not write in giant bold letters that you drafted TWO FUCKING KICKERS IN THE DFL!!! One of which you paid 2$ for.

But at least your didn't draft a roster full of browns and are fucking awful Dut.

GMoney said...

Ace, after looking at who was left, a second kicker is better to have than god damn Chaz Schilens or Brian Hartline.

Soulja Roy has the best team.

Dustin said...

Peyton will throw 50 tds, mjd will have 25 tds, and I will win it all without getting a point from those other worthless bums. I think the bengals offense will be good this year, so suck on my chocolate salty balls.

I think ill have to be more prepared for the draft next year since I also had to run the auction. My first step will be to not party till 8 in the mornin' the night before.

G$- I expected more out of you.

GMoney said...

Yeah, I don't know what was going on but I was out of rhythm all day. I wasn't expecting all of the rookies to be so aggressive. It threw me off. I've got some talent though. And since my team logo is Nicole Brown Simpson laying in a pool of blood, I'll always have a chance.

Dustin said...

I was speechless when I saw your logo. That might be the most awful thing I've ever seen you do, and that's saying A LOT!

GMoney said...

Spieth isn't in the league so I've got to bring it strong this year in his honor.

stonybrown said...

G$ and I are in the same division in the GFL and he will agree I have the worst team in the best division.

Any team forced to turn to DMcNabb is in some serious hurt.

Congrats to me on my 4th place finish in the division and in the league.