Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Don't Know Anything About Football

I'm bored at work yesterday and decide to dig into my own archives just to cringe at my writing in the early stages of this site. I stumbled onto an NFL-related post from December 2006 and my thoughts/predictions were SOOOO awful, I figured that I would share the worst of the worst with you all so we can have a good chuckle. Again, I said this shit almost 3 years ago:

**Jason Campbell is going to be fine.
-No, he really isn't.

**I hope Bruce Gradkowski enjoyed his last snap ever in the NFL.
-Damn, shitty 2008 Browns ruined this prediction. Although I respect Brucey for shaving points at Toled-ah.

**Reggie Bush is the second most exciting player in the league and he's only a rookie.
-Jesus Christ. Apparently, everything gets me excited. Reggie Bush is fucking horrible.

**Tom Coughlin is the worst coach in the NFL since Marty Morningwood.
-I still don't think that Coughlin is that great, but I never would have guessed that someone would have dusted off Wade Phillips again.

**Torry Holt is the best WR in the NFL. Period.
-Look at how adamant I am about this! I can't remember Holt's 2006 season but I'm willing to bet that this statement is extremely overexaggerated.

**Vince Young is the real deal and Tennessee will unseat the Colts in the South within the next 3 years.
-Wow. Good for you, G$. Dumbers words have never been muttered. Apparently, "real deal" means "suicidal queef".

**Jay Cutler was the right decision.
-What a very "Peter King" thing to say. Short, vague, and wrong...I should write for Sports Illustrated.

Maybe I should just write about what I know (televised bowling) and leave the NFL to the experts (everyone else not named G$). Embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

You know a lot about giving guys rim jobs too.


Jeff said...

Way to man up for bold predictions G$! You unleashing the ones you were right about tomorrow? Or are there any?

GMoney said...

There aren't many. Got something else lined up instead. Sort of a guest post.

rstiles said...

You're stupid...

BTW, thanks for the pic of K2 showing off that fine ass of hers...

Anonymous said...

I can't see the picure, so I assume there is a picture of Kim Kardashian and not Kellen Winslow Jr. I could be wrong though.