Monday, August 17, 2009

Hide Your Beagle, Vick's With the E-A-G-L-E -S EAGLES!

Perspective. That is the word of the day. That's all I want out of you fucking lunatics. Perspective. Let's put Vick's actions into perspective before we proclaim him the Hitler of the canine world.

I love animals. I love dogs. Hell, I cry like a Catholic choir boy at the end of Turner & Hooch every time. What Vick did to the pitbull's he owned and fought was disgusting. I can't imagine having the ability to hold a dog under water until it died. I can't imagine blowing a dogs brains out after it lost a fight and lost me a couple thousand dollars. His actions were repulsive and he fully deserved to be punished for his actions.

And guess what, he did. So get the fuck over it. The guy spent two years in the slammer for his involvement in dog fighting, he has paid his debt to society...and then some. He has lost hundreds of millions of dollars, he's bankrupt, and he is going to be hounded(get it?) by morons(PETA) for the rest of his career. What more do you want from the guy? He is going to do the work within the community to help stop dog fighting--and take a bite out of crime-- because that is what he has to do to win over public opinion. But I'm pretty sure you won't find "become the next Steve fucking Irwin" anywhere on his probation papers.

Perspective. It's not like Vick went out and murdered somebody...ahem, Ray Lewis. It's not like he tried to gun a guy down outside his own club and then hired a hitman to finish the job...Marvin Harrison. It's not like he was down in South Beach smokin' some trees and pounding some Patron before he jumped behind the wheel and killed a man...Donte Stallworth...Leonard Little. So I don't want to here any shit about him not deserving a second chance.

As far as the Eagles go, unless Vick learned how to play middle linebacker or free safety during his time as Leavonworth I don't think his addition means all that much. The Eagles may have just stumbled upon the best backup QB in the NFL and the perfect fit for the Wildcat formation, but who knows, maybe all the reach arounds he had to give in the pen destroyed his throwing arm. It's kind of crazy to think that Vick just signed for $1.6 mil and he probably won't see the field til week 6. But the Bengals offered him a deal worth around $2 mil so I guess the Eagles got him on the cheap. I bet Kevin Kolb is sweating like a fag eating a corndog thinking about Vick taking his spot on the depth chart. But Kolb looks like the kind of guy who likes fags and corndogs so maybe that's not so abnormal for him.

Either way Michael Vick is a Philadelphia Eagle, get over it. I've already got my jersey on order. Ron Mexico is back.


Grumpy said...

I was grudgingly going to agree until I saw the post was written by Mr. Ace. I'll never forgive that fucker for wasting 2 weeks of my life.

GMoney said...

First of all, Ray Lewis only WATCHED someone get murdered!!!

If PETA wants to protest outside of The Linc, I hope they are prepared to get destroyed by drunken Eagles fans. He is at the perfect place if you would like to see PETA killed off.

He wasn't a good QB two years ago so I'm not sure why the media pundits think he will be just as good after two years in prison.

Don't expect the Eagles to have any balls bounce their way this season. I now fully expect them to finish 8-8 for employing this felon.

Mr. Ace said...

I think Goodell really wants to see Vick succeed. I expect him to pave the way for us to a 19-0 season.

Dustin said...

Vick is a terrible person. At least stallworth didn't have intent to kill.