Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hall of Fame? You BET Your Ass He's Not.

Obviously, I have been away for awhile but the world kept spinning while I was gone. One story that I wanted to comment on last week but held off was that of Pete Rose. Hank Aaron's confused ass said that Gamblor should be in The Hall. C. Montgomery Selig said that the case will be reviewed again. You know what? I'll make it really easy for everyone. That fucking lowlife scumbag will NEVER get into Cooperstown. Ever. Let me state my case*.

*I will state first that I only know of Pete Rose after his playing days were over. I was too young to remember him playing so take that for what it's worth.

First things first, trying to tie this situation in with the steroids guys is about as retarded as Sloth from The Goonies. These two quandries are completely unrelated. For some reason, steroids were not banned in baseball eventhough they are illegal in this country. I don't get it either. There are signs, and they have been hanging in clubhouses since the Black Sox scandal in 1919, stating that gambling on baseball is not allowed at all with punishment of a lifetime BAN. Period. At least there is somewhat of a gray area when it comes to PED's. Gambling is a black and white issue in baseball. If you do it, fuck you. You're done.

Anyway, when the hell did Pete Rose become such a sympathetic figure? Why are people going to bat for him now? What has changed? He is still a liar. He is still a guy that held onto these lies for almost two decades. He is still the guy that only told the truth once he was broke and wanted to sell a book. He is still the same loser that went to federal prison as a convicted felon. He is still the same guy with the weirdest haircut of all time. And he is still the guy that allowed himself to be photographed in a paisley Speedo. So, why now?

As far as his claims that he never bet against the Reds, I can believe that. I really can. He seems like one of those guys who was so into his team, that he would kill hookers after losses. Hell, this bag of vulvas laid out a catcher in an all-star game (total dick move, by the way). But here is where his logic is flawed. Rose has said that he didn't bet on every Reds game. So...in essence, he may not have been betting on the Reds to win on certain days because he had more than just a feeling that they would lose that night. If he truly believed in his team, he would have bet on them every night. By not wagering on select nights, he's indirectly telling his bookie and close friends to bet against the Reds that night. See now?

Look, no one defends the baseball hall of fame more than I do. It's really freaking tough to get into as well it should be. The football and basketball halls are a fucking joke. They reward the "very good" and not just the elite as they should. Sure, Rose's numbers are more than deserving to be included into Cooperstown. But you know what? Fuck him. He broke the rules. He knew that he broke the rules (unless he can't read...which may be true). He knew that it came with a lifetime ban. He carried on his "innocence" lie for twenty years. He gained clairvoyance for more money. No. Fuck no. You're done. I don't feel sorry for him at all. You can sit in your Florida home for the rest of your life and think that this is not that big of a deal all you want. It was and it still is. You dug your grave now lie in it.

And for those of you that want to use the argument of "letting him into the Hall but keeping the ban on him from baseball", what exactly does that mean? Rose is getting old and what organization would bring in a liar, gambler, and convicted felon in to help shape young players? That is retarded. Be a man and make a fucking stand.

Basically, Pete Rose is a scumbag who is only beloved by a city chock full o' people that should be living in Kentucky. Stop bringing his name up. Stop worry about him. Pete Rose's name would be a bigger cancer in Cooperstown than melanoma in Jim Johnson's body(too soon?). Now go sell some more of your autographs on QVC, homo.


Anonymous said...

G$ - I would like your opinion on this... What do you think is worse, what Pete Rose did or what Michael Vick did?


Grumpy said...

As long as you continue to defend cheaters like A-Rod, you have no credibility on this issue. She$ figure out you're gay yet?

Mr. Ace said...

Come on, you can't drop the Jim Johnson line and attach him to a fuck like Pete Rose. Despicable.

GMoney said...

Seal, Vick and it isn't close.

Grumpy, I have very little credibility on any issue.

GMoney said...

I thought the Johnson line was great. By the way, how did he not jump in your call with 21? He's got to be in Hell, too, right?

rstiles said...

Uhhh, I take it that you may have lost some money on the Reds while Pete was the manager...

Anonymous said...

Exactly my point - If Vick can get reinstated, and everyone saying he is because "he served his time", dont you think that Rose being away from the game for 20 years has served his time? Vick committed a phelony and is back 3 years later! I understand they are different sports, but isnt it the same idea here? Pete Rose is agruably the greatest baseball player of all time - for christ sake the guy is the leader on the all time hit list by 1,000 hits! Just put the guy in the hall of fame already.


GMoney said...

He was aware when he was doing that gambling on baseball carried a lifetime ban. Fuck him. Maybe Goodell will attach a lifetime ban to dogfighting now.

Stiles, I wasn't betting on baseball when I was 8.

Tony B. said...

Is it true that he was offered a deal to get into the Hall many years ago, but he wouldn't accept it because he wanted full reinstatement (he wanted to manage again)? I could give a shit if they let him in the Hall (there's already tons of Pete Rose memorabilia in there), but letting him manage again would be putting a recovering addict to work in a crackhouse.

Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?

kelly divine